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The Purpose of This Site.

September 10, 2016
I received instructions from the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts instructing the District Judge in my civil matter to explain his ruling denying certain issues in my civil case against the Correctional officers there. The First Circuit also denied the defendants (correctional officers) appeal of the District Judges ruling allowing the excessive force claim to move forward on the ground they have appealed it on. So, this is good information for me because the judge did not base his denial on any law or give any form of reason for his denial. It’s as if he did not review my argument prior to denying certain claims. I presented evidence that’s (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

September 9, 2016
I hope all is well with you all out there in the free world. I’m writing you from Solano State Prison. I mentioned to you that I’m now in a level 3 prison and as such I’m afforded more freedom than I have had in the 25 + years I have been incarcerated. I’ve also come to the realization that this is the first time I’ve been around people who are short to the house. You see, I’ve only been around lifers or those who have so much time that they have come to the realization that they will never be released. I also see how unprepared people are to leave these places to the free world.
The fact is lifers take things more seriously. We know that these (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

July 27,2016
Hello everybody, I hope and pray all is well out there in the free
world. It’s been a while since I’ve post on the blog but so much
has Happened since the last time.
I am no longer at Salinas Valley State prison. On July 21.2016 I transferred
to Solano State prison in Vacaville California. This is a level three
prison and its the first time in twenty five years I’ve been at a
level III prison. I’ve truly never had it this good since I’ve been
in prison. You see when I went before the Director of California Department
of Corrections and rehabilitation CDCr in January 2015 in the SHU. He
told me (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

June 13,2016
Ramadan Bubarak!! I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and if I explained myself correctly. I don’t know what I am so concerned about making sure I’m getting my message across. You see, I know I’m missing a lot of my communications skills due to being in here. I’m very limited in who I can really have a intellectual conversation with. Also being single cell limits the amount of conversation I have period. I’m not trying to put anyone down or trying to make myself better then anyone else. I’m just point out my own weaknesses and (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

June 12, 2016
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been working on a lot of things and I’ve been feeling kind of funny about posting on my site. I’ve been wondering is this worth it but I had to remind myself this is for me. Last week a prisoner was killed out on the yard here. He was stabbed by other white prisoners. I know it sounds very racist when I speak of things in terms as of there race but that’s the way it is in here and that’s the only way I can explain it to you. Please don’ think I think only in terms of race because I truly don’t care what color a person is but the reality of where I’m at is everything here from who you are celled with to who you bring into your circle is racial. Well they killed him and it was terrible as far as what I heard. They stabbed him for (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

March 17th 2016
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I have been very busy with a lot of legal matters as well as just staying out of the way from the madness. Today there was a riot between the Africans and the others. The others consist of the Asians, Islanders, and other races instead of Mexicans or Whites. I was in Law Library when it occurred and I’m glad I did not get caught up in this stupid stuff. I just found out what it was about and it’s petty and stupid as always. It’s a shame the way people keep making the same mistakes and no one is being held accountable. In these places when you let different races participate in this such as gambling or even play sports with each other you open doors for incidents to happen. It can never be a one on one situation. These people always pull everyone else into there problems. I’m so sick of this stuff! Well, I’ll be on lock down for a while and I’m not mad at that because (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

November 28th 2015

Respects to everyone. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I have been in the cell since last Saturday due to an injury to my ankle. I hurt my ankle playing basketball and it was very bad. It still hurts and is very swollen. I have crutches and I am taking codine 3 pills for the pain. There is a lot of people doing worse so I am not complaining one bit. I am so angry at what occurred in France. It’s a shame because I feel I have to always stress these things that so called Muslims are doing is not Islam! These groups such as ISSIS or ISSAL or whatever they want to be called are nothing but terrorist groups! I sure wish I could (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

November 2, 2015

I decided to enclose more blog due to the fact that I forgot to mail this out last night. I spoke to my mom yesterday and she was not feeling well. It seems she has a stomach virus. I worry about her so much. Every time I hear of someone passing away I pray for my mom and just thinking about not having her scares me. My neighbor has cancer. I found out he had not ate in several days. You see, I am in C-section and he is in B-section Its a door between my cell (123) and his cell (122) so I (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

November 1, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve written you all. We are presently off lockdown and we came to an agreement with the Bulldogs so that situation we had (riots) are over. There has been a lot of changes in the law in reference to the gang validation process here in California. The California Department of Corrections settled the main law suit that the SHU gang validated prisoners brought against them. The can no longer put us in the SHU for being a validated gang member. The can only put (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

Sep 6, 2015 I hope you all are doing better then me. Well, you should
since your free and I’m not. The last time I posted I told you all
about the riot between the Blacks and the Mexicans here. Well they
ran a normal yard on 8-27-15 and there was another riot which I was
in due to my tier being on the yard at the time.
This riot has to do with a’fight that broke out between a Crip and
a Bulldog. As a result the whole yard started fighting since the Crip
was Black and the Bulldog was Mexican. Now, the Blacks agreed that
this thing (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

August 26.2015 Peace and blessings be upon you all ! Its been a while
since I’ve posted on the Blog. I’ve been working on a lot of things
in the Courts. The main thing I’m working on now is an appeal to the
Ninth Circuit Court of appeals. My validation Law suit was dismissed
by the District Court due to failure to State a claim. I’m sure that
the Ninth circuit will over turn the District Courts ruling. I’ve been
really preparing (more…)

The Purpose of This Site.

June 2, 2015 I hope all is well with everyone. I am writing to inform
you that I am posting the transcripts of the court proceedings of the
hearing on the motion to dismiss the Massachusetts charges that was
held on September 17,2013.
In these transcripts you will see that the District Attorney convened
a Grand Jury on September 10,2010 and told the Grand Jury that I had
a prior conviction of Rape which was a lie ! She admit that this information
was given and that it was incorrect yet she argues that the Grand Jury
may not have seen it and all other kinds of things that really don’t
make any since. I just want you all to be able to read the transcripts
of the hearing as well as the Courts ruling denying my motion to dismiss
the charges. I am having the transcripts posted as an exhibit so please
go and read them. I’m sure you will see that its no way these charges
should not have been dismissed.
I am also blacking out the victims name because I feel she has a right
to not have her identification known. Hey, I am not saying that she
is not a victim but I did not do this crime and I am going to use this
platform to show that fact !
The thing is the Asst District Attorney did not want to go before the
Grand Jury and say they have a DNA match for a crime that happened
over twenty three years ago and that’s it! Therese a good chance she
would not got the indictment with just that information. So, she told
them prejudicial information to obtain the indictment. The standard
is I most show that it was knowingly done for the purpose of obtaining
the indictment. I most also show that this information caused the indictment
to be given. I represented myself and I’m sure I met the burden. Please
read the hearing and let me know what you think. A Lawyer reviewed
these transcripts and told me this issue really need to be brought before
the Appeals court. He stated that my argument was very strong.
I found out that the chain of custody documents is not on the Site.
I wrote my Appeals Lawyer and asked him to send me a copy of them so
I can post them so you all can see that the chain of custody of the

DNA evidence was broken twice. Once for seven years the evidence is
unaccounted for and the Detective who submitted it to the Lab for analysis
which resulted in the alleged match with me never states where he got
the evidence from.
The whole damn case was based on the DNA match and and the Jury did
not get to see that the chain of custody was broken. So as I see it
now they knew damn well this case should not have went to trial and
I keep reminding myself that back then when this case happened they
had a suspect who just so happened to be a Police Officer who just
so happened to be a mile from the place that the Kidnapping accused.
This suspect just so happen to be in prison for rape and Murder. I
have the interview of the FBI agent who interviewed this Police ( David
Middleton ) family. This is the FBI Agent that I asked the Court to
have Subpoena so he can testify and was denied. As soon as I get, the
chain of custody documents I will post them. I received the letter
from a specific person requesting I post those documents.
I also submitted a motion to the Victorville Superior Court requesting
transcripts of my sentence in the California case. I am going to ask
for other transcripts of the information I pointed out on the Site.
I have to see if they are going to grant me these and then I’ll request
certain hearings. I am also going to have my family contact those two
Jurors who contacted my trial Lawyer about not feeling comfortable
with the verdict. Remember I told you all that the Court denied my
Lawyer the Jurors addresses and told me that we could not interview
them without the Courts approval. I want to see if that alone with
other information could meet the standard for an actual innocent brief
to get me in the Federal Court. I’m not giving up !I
Well I’m going to end this for now. So cheek out the transcripts and
then read the Courts ruling denying my motion to dismiss the charges.
I hope I hear from some of you soon. You can e-mail me or write me
here directly. Take care God Bless you all !!!

June 3,2015. I wanted to point out a few things before I mail off the
transcripts to be posted. I wanted to point out that I am also addressing
the court about the document that was supposed to have came with me
from Pelican Bay that was used to justify the enhanced security measures
they used against me. As you will see the Court mentions all the Sheriff
Deputies present in the Court house. You will also hear the Deputies ask
the court to leave me in the waist chains and they keep the black box on me.
As you will see they go on and keep the waist chain on me and take off
the black box. After I argue the motion to dismiss we address the security
issues and the document that they said came from Pelican Bay State prison
that Pelican Bay State prison said was not generated at PBSP or any other
California Department Of Correction Institution. I do have that document
in the exhibits alone with the formal response by Pelican Bay State prison.
Keep in mind that I’ve since found out that this document has been placed
in my prison file here in California after they admitted they don’t know
where it was generated at. I learned this at the Department Review Board
DRB at Pelican Bay on January 22, 2015 that resulted in me being released
from the Security Housing Unit SHU and transferred here. I have appealed
this document now being placed in my prison file and that’s at the appeals
Directors level in Sacramento California.
Remember when I went to trial they kept me in ankle chains and they kept
about eight Deputies and three court Officers in the courtroom against
my objection. This is also an issue I will address on appeal. You will
be able to hear their argument justifying their security measures in
this hearing. Keep in mind the court never tells the D.A. to answer my
motion asking where they got this document from ? I tell you the more
I look back on all of this the more it stinks !! I just wanted to let
you know this stuff prior to you reading the transcripts. Take care 11
June 5,2005 I wanted you all to know I received the chain of custody
documents from my Lawyer and I am posting them at this time. Please
examine them and you will see what I’ve been saying all alone. Keep
in mind that the DNA evidence was the only evidence they allegedly stated
connected me to this crime. Now you can see that they can’t assure anyone

that the evidence was secured.

that the evidence was secured and reliable. The thing is the Jury should
have been able to see this evidence and I was not allowed to snow them.
At the time I did not know that and the motion I submitted to suppress
the evidence was not the right way to go yet I still should have been
able to show the breaks in the chain of evidence to the jury.
So I am posting the motion to suppress I submitted while the trial was
still going on. This motion was asking the court to suppress the DNA
evidence. It was submitted with the chain of custody forms to support
the motion.
I am also submitting the chain of custody document and the evidence
examination request form. Now on the chain of custody form you can see
that this Detective name Phillip Russell on 6-10-88 took possession
of the evidence from analyst Susan Garabrant. The next time we see the
evidence is on the evidence examination request form when Detective
Philip Russell on 7-30-96 gives the evidence to analyst Susan Wittney.
Now keep in mind when you look at these form Susan Garabrant, Susan
Wittney, Susan Faith are the same person. She was married several times
over the years. I want you to also look at the chain of custody form
and see that a Detective C. Gilroy on 1-8-09 has possession of the
evidence and do not show where he got the evidence from? Who gave him
the evidence? He states he gave the evidence to Bill Wallace to be submitted
for DNA re submission in Massachusetts. This was the lab that said the
submitted the evidence into CODIS and got a match to me. Now I found
out from other documents that Bill Wallace never signed his name as
Bill Wallace but William Wallace. I had testimony on this topic but
the court allowed the Assistant District Attorney to have two Detectives
stay in the court during the trial and they would always prepare the
witnesses to what was coming. I did object to that and will address
it on appeal.
What I want is for all of you to see this and tell me what you think
of it? I do not want you to believe what I am saying without evidence
to support it. I will be placing more transcripts and documents as I
see fit. Thank you and you all have a good day. May Allah grant you

The Purpose of This Site.

May 2,2015. I sent my family an update of the website. Hopefully they
have made the changes to the site for me. I don’t have access to
a computer or anything like that to see the site. So, I really have
to rely on what others say. My concern is that I am missing things
that are very important. I just found out that the document showing
that the DNA chain of evidence may not even be posted. Its so important
because it snows the only evidence they used against me “disappeared”
for several years according to the chain of custody forms. It also
snows that the Detective who submitted it to the Lab to be examined
don’t tell where he got it from. The main thing is this evidence
was not shown to the jury ! The D.A. and Judge got in some kind of
an argument which resulted in me not being able to call these two
Detectives to answer to where they got the DNA evidence from ? The Jury
have got to see this since this was the only evidence they had.
I am going to try to make sure you all get to see everything so please
be patient. My Nephew is keeping my Site and he works and raises
is Kids. So, I really have to just wait until these things can be
done.. I was told by the Muslim brother who use to handle my Site
along time ago that he had placed the chain of custody document on
the Site but its obvious that he did not. My Lawyer will give it to my
Nephew to post.
Well, I am still at Salinas Valley State prison. The : situation I am in
is, its better then the Pelican Bay SHU. But, this place really don’t
run a program. They always shutting the program down. They really don’t
care about the Muslims here. They mess over our services and its basically
because the Imam (State Employer) is new and he don’t know how to represent
us to make sure we get our services. I kaimarte not had limumMain in a Month.
I only had it one time since I’ve been here.
You see, the Courts has ruled that Jumah is one of the main tenets of
Islam and that the Officials has to give it to us unless its reasonably
related to a Penological interest. The reason why they deny us must
be. But, the Imam says we get Jumah once every week because he has four
yards and can’t do Jumah on all of them every Friday. They said the
last Imam did it but this one says ne can’t. Once they take Jumah which
Allan says is mandatory upon the Muslim, they can take anything. Prisons
usually always give us Jummah. When they are not taking Jummah they are

not running anything here. They almost never run yard. Its always something

that causes them to not run program. Its obvious that they don’t care and I’ll be damn if I
am going to make an issue about it. You know, all someone has to do
is address it on an grievance and then move forward because they don’t
give us the medium amount of yard time which is ten(10) hours per week.
If they give us the amount of yard time they have scheduled per week
it don’t come out to the ten (10) hours they are required to give
I just have to remember that If I make an issue out of things y addressing
them legally. They will only retaliate against me and then things will
be the same when my ass is locked back down with a bunch of lies that
I can’t defend. So. I’m just staying out of everyone’s way. It’s a shame
because as a Muslim I don’t suppose to do nothing when a wrong is occurring
but I can’t defend people who wont defend themselves. The are just
getting frustrated from the lack of program. Like I said, I am just staying
out of the way. It is what it is feel me ?
I’ve been able to drink some hot coffee. They let me by a hot pot and
I’ve been cooking meals with all this cell time. I ordered a CD player
and I am getting ready to order the Quran in Arabic s o I can use it to
work on my tajweed (pronunciation). I am going to to buy some sounds
(music) to listen too. I’m just trying to be patient. You see, in the
SHU everything is on Schedule. Here nothings really on schedule, every
thing keeps changing for the worst. It’s not constant.
I’ve been able to use the phone to speak to some of my family and that’s
been a blessing. I have been getting Law Library access lately so I am
working on my Legal issues. I just submitted a motion for transcripts
of my sentencing in the 1991 California case. They will help me not
only with the defamation claim with the book but also I am appealing
the $10.000 restitution fine I was illegally accessed.
I also submitted a response to the District Court pertaining to my Civil
Rights case and the Validation suit pending. I am waiting for responses
to my Motions. I am keeping busy wit n my Legal issues and I am watching

as many Sports as I can. I’m not studying as much as I use too. I realize
being locked down the last seven plus years and then coming out here
that I have been affected. I find its hard to focus and my sleep is
not normal. I just don’t feel comfortable right now. Well I figured
everything I’ve been through I shouldn’t feel comfortable. I have to
make sure I’m tolerable of others. People out here do things such as
make noise when they shouldn’t and just things that could be disrespectful.
So, I can’t take it personal because its not.
I’m working out whenever I get to go outside. I’m not in the best of
shape. I am having problems doing exercise routines that I use to do
so easy. I’m trying to get back in shape but its harder then its ever
been. Maybe its because I am not getting to workout daily. Its like I
don’t workout in the cell since I’ve been able to workout in the sun
whenever they do run yard. But its not enough to get back in the kind
of conditioning I’m use to. It might be I am just getting old. Boy I
hate to say that ! People tell me I am in good shape but I don’t feel it.
So now its Baltimore. It really don’t surprise me because this has been
going on in our society period ! I was surprised that the States Attorney
responded so fast the way she did. Now the Police Union is going to
go after her. They had the opportunity to say let the Law run its course
but they went on the attack against the States Attorney who usually
supports them in the majority of the situations. Its frustration on
so many levels out their as well as in these places. People just can’t
care for each other. People are always using their positions to oppress
people for one reason or the other.
A lot of it goes to the way the wealth is divided in this country. Just
think the top one percent has eighty percent of the wealth being generated.
That really makes no damn sense that people are struggling to make ends
meet while others has so much for doing less. The thing is they want more.
They are attacking the social programs they are out sourcing the jobs
to other country’s to save money. They are not caring about the society
as a whole because the think most people don’t care not knowing that
people are just responding to their situations. They are a product of

their environments. Just look at the way the mother responded when her
son was throwing rocks. She has six kids and no job and she’s out their
trying her best to fight the environment that’s pulling her son into
the cycle that destroyed so many kids.
You called her a_hero, for doing what mothers are out their doing every
day. Shes going to loose the war like so many have. Her son will most
likely be in jail in a couple of years and it wont be because of the
mother. Its a damn shame because I see them in here everyday. So many
of these kids in here are from the environments of despair. Then they
come in here and are just housed until they can get out and continue
the same old snit that got them in here. There’s no learning in these
places so ignore that rehabilitation word in CDCR. They use to give
the prisoners a status called AlA when they went to school for their
GED. That way they could get more yard and be able to purchase more
canteen. I found out they stopped all that, they don’t give them nothing
anymore. They really don’t care whether they are educating themselves
or not. They want you in these cells as much as possible. As far as
Baltimore is concern, I know Baltimore real good and its straight up
Ghetto in most areas.
I was once in love with this girl name Sherry who lived in Baltimore.
Her brother was a Baltimore Police officer. I think of her some times
and I sure regret a lot. She was very special and sweet and country-and
a Women. I think of her allot and they are always thoughts of regret.
I don’t know why I mentioned that but I did. I hope she is okay.
They gave me a urinalysis test last week. I laugh at that kind of stuff
because I don’t do no drugs period ! I got to smoke me a cigarette the
other day and I enjoyed that. It was the first cigarette I had in years.
I can’t belief I still enjoy smoking after all these years but it made
me relax. Its not like I’m thinking about the next one but I enjoyed
it while I had it. But, that’s as far as it goes when it comes to putting
things in my system. Now to be truthful to you I really don’t think
there is nothing wrong with weed. I just stopped it in 2005 and really
don’t miss it. Now it getting ready to be legal everywhere.

Floyd Mayweather against Manny Pacquio.. Let it be known I got Mayweather
to win in the tenth-round. I also got the _Capitals beating New York in
the NHL playoffs and I got the Wizards beating Atlanta in six games
in the NBA playoffs. Yes I am always going for the Washington teams.
I really think we are going to beat these playoff series. I just want
Mayweather to win since everyone all a sudden want to see him loose.
I’ve been keeping up with the presidential race. I laughed when I found
out that Hillary Clinton is separating herself from a lot of the policies
that Bill started as president as far as the prison system (Laws) that
has directly affected the minority population. I found out along time
ago that Bill did a lot of things that affected the African Americans.
His passing of the PLRA and the affects on inmates law suits and on top
of that the sentencing disparities between crimes and drugs used by
the Blacks compared to the crimes and drugs used by the whites. Yeah
Bill had a lot of Black people fooled. Don’t take me wrong he was the
less of two evils but he was not all that when it came to the policies
he pushed. I laugh when they say he was the first Black president.
Now I do hope Hillary win but they all are just saying what people
want to hear. She said she is going to work for the lower and middle
income. I think we heard all that before. Then they want to talk about
taking all the money out of the races. At the present pace spending
will be over four (4) Billion dollars in the 20016 race. Come on who
are they fooling. They even got the Koch brothers talking about changing
the prison system. They are talking about the laws and how they unfairly
affect certain people. I even read where the Koch brothers stated they
will no longer ask applicants in their company’s if they have ever been
incarcerated prior to the interviews, Wow !
As far as Hillary and the donations to the Clinton’s organizations.
Its doing what everyone else do. She sure did make sure no one got
to see her e-mail sever. The Clinton’s are very smart and they know
how to play the system and the Republicans can’t stand that ! I’m glad
to see them get played because they are bought and paid for just as
Hillary is with all the money Billionaire Tow Steyer and others give

I’ll be damn if I’m going to be one of them who just say the Republicans
are the only ones bought and paid for. Its all about who pumps their
money into someones race to get the favors at the end. Most of the
money is coming from that one percent so who do you think they are
going to look out for ? Its just the system that’s broke but everyone
already know this but what can be done ?
May 4,2015. Well Its Monday morning and I found out yesterday that my
family did get the changes for the website and will be updating it soon.
I am glad to hear about that and hopefully it will assist those who are
viewing the Site and will get interest in my Legal matters. I am preparing
several letters to organizations to have them review the Site. I really
need to get more interest in whats happening: That’s the main purpose
of the site. I think I need to do a better job. Hopefully you all will
send me your ideas because as I told you I don’t get to see the site
since I don’t have internet access.
Well, Mayweather beat Pacquio. I heard it was not a good fight from the
spectators point of view. The Wizards beat the Hawks and the Capitols
are up two games to one against New York. People find it hard to believe
that I enjoy Hockey and other Sport like Golf. I know they say that because
I am Black and people don’t see those as being Sports tailored towards
Blacks. I don’ t know about all that but I like those Sorts and I keep
up with them as much as I can. I just like all sports and I really appreciate
the hard work put into them.
you know I received a letter from someone and they express their surprise
in me putting these things on the internet due to their topics and me
being in prison. I understand what they were talking about. But, I want
the truth out their and I’ll be damn if I am going to worry about what
me trying to get the truth can cause me due to where I’m at. I did not
kill them !! That’s what this is about !! I’ve been in here going on
twenty four years for a crime that I did not do and I am not capable
of doing.!! So. I don’t give a damn about all the other stuff !! I want
to know where is the truth at ? You can paint me as a monster and all
that but where is the truth ! I just want the truth that’s all and people
has said and done things that are wrong and I want them to be held

accountable too. How would you fell if you found out someone wrote a
book about you saying you was convicted of rape and murder when you
was not ? How would you feel ? I mean this is bullshit and its like
everything is alright because he’s a convicted murder ! Come on man,
you started off with a lie and it lead to a series of lies ! Where is
the damn truth !!
You know, I never make myself out to be some kind of victim. A man
and I feel its not in me to be weak. But, some nights I’m up in the
middle of the night and I question God. I’m hurting and the one person
I can go to I question. I’m not an animal l I’ve always been one who
truly hurts for others more then myself. If people knew my heart then
they will know what I could and couldn’t have done . So, that’s why
I’m doing this. Someone has to bear witness to the truth !!
I found out that not only have the writer of that book lied and defamed
me but, there was a brief submitted by the victim mother in a suit
against the Marine Core that also lied and said I was convicted of
Murder and rape and further lied about me being questioned in 1991
for a rape and all kinds of lies. How in the hell can people just say
anything ! I always make sure I don’t speak ill of people and here
it is People are just saying anything about me without it being addressed.
I know without a doubt that the writer of this book also had her hand
in the mother of the victims submitting a brief full of incorrect info.
She stated she became close friends with the victim mother so I don’t
put it past her. Now did she know what she was saying was wrong 7 I
don’t know but it seems like you should at least know what a person
was convicted of if your writing a book on them pertaining to there
I don’t think I would be the person I am under these conditions if
I did not have a way of putting the truth out there. I caught myself
becoming bitter and thinking of giving them a reason for all these
years they’ve taken from me. I use to wake up sweating coming out of
a nightmare and the things in those nightmares was nothing nice. I
had to increase my prayers and I begged Allah for relief !! I was scared

for the first time in my life for what I was becoming. Yet I kept telling
myself or reminding myself that God tells the believers that its through
our test in this life that brings us closer to Allah and we must continue
to believe and work righteousness. I use to get on myself because its no
way I could be righteous ! I’ve done a lot of wrong in life so how could
I be righteous. But I learned we all can be righteous if we work at
doing what God tells us to do and abstain from what he tells us not
to do. That and having this out let has made me continue to be a good
man. I am going to end this for now. I hope you all understand what
I am saying. Take care of yourselves. I hope to hear from you soon.
May Allah or whatever name you call him guide your actions towards peace
and understanding and love !!

The Purpose of This Site.

June 23,2015. I am on my sixth day of fasting during the month of Ramadan.
I am enjoying my fast and I am loving the increased forms of worshiping
Allah. We are being allowed to go over to the Chapel (Masjid) every evening
at 6:3U pm until 7:45 pm and we are reading Quran and helping others learn
to memorize the prayers in Arabic. Its only a few of us since the other
side of the yard (lower yard) has been on locked down. You see, at this prison
they have buildings 1,2,3 and 4 on the lower yard. Building 5 and 6 are
medical (mental Health) buildings. They don’t program with no one else. Then
buildings 7 and 8 are the upper yard. Now the Blacks on the upper yard
can program with the inmates on the lower yard but the Mexicans (Bulldogs)
on the upper yard can not be around the Mexicans(Northern & Southern) on
the lower yard. They have been having a war between them for years and
if they get to each other they get into it. The only place off limits is
the visiting room. There’s an unwritten rule that the visiting room is off
limits during all wars.
So, I nave been fasting and reading the Quran and studying a lot more during
the month of Ramadan. I have not had any coffee in six days and I’ve been
sleeping a lot better. I get up at 3:15 am and eat and drink my water and
then perform my morning prayer (Fajr) and then begin my fast until 8:27
pm when Magrib prayer comes in. I am looking forward to loosing some weight
during this month too. They give us a meal in the evening and its really
bad the way they are treating us with the food. I am the person who is
passing the food out to the Muslims every evening and its bad. But, I am
not going to let that mess with my fast. I have food in my cell so I am
not worried about it.
I’ve been seeing the news about the murders of the people in church in
South Carolina. Its a shame that someone would got in the church and kill
those people during worship. Its a damn shame that that Sate continues
to hold on to the things that symbolize Slavery and white supremacy. You
have that Kind of environment and then people wonder why people do the
things that they do? Now, they want to address the Confederate Flag flying
over their State Capitol. There’s a lot of things they need to address
like the statue of John Calhoun who was a very strong defender of slavery

that’s not far where these murders occurred. That whole state is full of statues

and symbols that remind people of the views of South Carolina’s
support and battles for slavery. I went boot camp in South Carolina and
I remember seeing all kinds of things in that State. Now they want to
ask way this twenty one year old kid could have the views he have towards
Black people.
Did you all notice he actually had some black friends? Yeah, I saw two
black young men speak about him being there friend and not seeing these
things in aim. Yeah, I see a lot of that that snows people be hating people
and giving off a complete different view. I am telling you a lot of people
who people think is good people don’t like Black people period !! Its
like they have been saying. Its in the DNA of this country. Its a shame
that this country don’t realize the dept it owes to the Black people.
Yet, they continue to oppress us in one form or another with there we
are all equal bullshit !
You know what really bottlers me and a lot of you wont like what I am going
to say. The way we Black people are damn quick to forgive !! Before they
catch him we are already forgiving him. When have we been forgiven for
anything? They continue to ling ways to keep us oppressed. Just look at
the unemployment rate for Blacks which is at 10% right now. I remember
when it was nationally 84 people was ready to crucify the president for
such a high unemployment rate. But, with the African American rate at
104 the economy is doing good. I don’t even like using the word African
American any more because to be American is to be European (White) and
its impossible to be African European !
I am not speaking as a person who don’t like Waite people. Its against
my beliefs and my heart to hate any group of people because of there race
but I’ll be a damn fool not to call it what it is ! This country was made
on the blood of Black slaves and every since then the Black man has not
been given his share of the proceeds that his blood earned. He was taught
an education that continues to limit him. He_was given a religion that promote
Obeying your Master and turn the other cheek and love your enemies and all
the other things that is against human nature. I see more from this cell
that most people see and its a shame. We are already forgiving them before
they are held accountable ! Why in the hell will they change if they are the

beneficiaries of the conditions if they are allowed to continue to
do the things that they have benefited from ? We really expect society
to all a sudden change to benefit all people. Some of us expect them to
give Black people and stand up. Its not going to happen ! Everything that’s
happened has happened before and it has stayed the way it is. Do you realize
that not so long ago a Police shot a Black man in the back several times
and then was caught putting his taser by his body as well as the other
Police reports reflect something totally different then what happened.
Yes, he was indicted for murder but if this was not caught on tape what
do you think would have happened ? This incident happened in Charleston
South Carolina too. They are not lieing when they say racism is in the
DNA of this country.
I hope you all got to see the DNA chain of custody forms and the transcripts
I posted on the Massachusetts case. Please go check them out and see for
yourself what happened. It really upsets me when I sit back and think
of now I was taken to a place I have never been and given a case. This
whole system can kiss my kiss my you know what !! I can’t say what I really
want to say because I’m fasting and I am not trying to let the anger nave
such a place in me. When I think of these things I don’t sleep right and
I become so irritated and frustrated that it really affects me. I just
can’t see this thing holding up but, I’ve been in prison for over twenty
four years for a crime I did not do so what the hell do I know ?
I sent several letters to Lawyers about filing a suit for Libel on the
Publishers and the Author of that book. I’m waiting for someone to get
back at me. I’m going to send out several other ones when I get some more
addresses to local Lawyers. I just need someone to come see me so I can
explain everything to them because the case is very strong. The law says
defense against Libel is the truth and they lied so that’s not a defense.
I just nave to meet the time restraints and I think they apply only when
I’m aware of the published materials. These things been out since 2002
but I just learned of them in 20013. That book is still out their so it
is still affecting me. I just hope one of these Lawyer contact me.

June 24,2015. I just spoke to my Mom on the phone and I am so blessed
to nave her as my Mom. I truly feel I don’t care about the things that
can go wrong in these places as long as she is alright I am all right.
You know, if it was not for her I don’t think I could be as peaceful a
person as I am. What I mean is I remember when they convicted me of the
murders here in California. I really thought about giving these people
two murders so I’ll be in here for something I did. I remember this very
clear. It was in 1998 and I was at Corcoran State prison. I was going
around contemplating who I was going to kill. I remember when I spoke
to my Mom on the phone and she told me not to let this change who I am.
She went on to talk about faith and never giving up and she told me she
was proud of me. I couldn’t do it !! She has been my rock!
I understand that sounds crazy here I was going around with those thoughts
with a knife on me. But you would not know what it is to be told you are
going to be in prison for the rest of your life for a crime you did not
do. Not only that but the crime itself was something I am not capable
of doing ! I love my Mom and when I speak to her its like everything is
going to be okay because she is okay !! I learned she will always be there
for me. My wife took off on me and other too but Mom has always been there
for me and sties my number one girl ! Mats what I always tell her. Smile !
I an listening to this CD called old school slow jams. I don’t usually
listen to music during Ramadan but this music is good for the soul. It
is not anything negative or anything that could affect my fast. My sister
just told me she would buy me some CD’s for my next package. You see,
we are allowed to get a thirty pound package every three months from vendors
that the prison allows us to use. My sister always look out for me i
I need something. I_nave some money out their but her and my Mom always
make sure I get what I need. I always tell them to use the money I nave
but they do what they want which is pay for it themselves. Its cool because
I know I appreciate it and don’t take then for granted. My little money
is running out anyway. I’m blessed to have them and I thank them and God
for them daily.
My fast is going real good. I ate two Apples and a Peanut butter and Jelly
sandwiches and drank five cups of water for my morning Sahor meal at

3:30am and I am feeling good. I did a sit up routine and a leg routine
today and I feel stronger than I’ve been feeling during my fast. You know
I truly realize now I don’t need all the food I’ve been use to eating.
I’m going to make even further changes in my eating habits. This year
I really stopped eating a lot of junk food. I’ve been eating alot of sea
foods and soups. I’m now cutting down on eating breads and red meats. I
am truly going to be more aware of everything that go’s into my body.
I just know I can feel better then I have been feeling. I know I am not
the young person I was before I went to the SHU but I can’t except the
fact that running and other exercises are so much harder then they was
in 2008. I’m going to get mines back !! Its just going to take a lot of
June 25,2015. Today I heard about the Boston Marathon Bomber being sentenced
to Death. Now let me state that I know without a doubt that what he did
was wrong and not justified in any manner Islamically ! But, I heard him
apologize to the victims knowing that his apology will not spare him
the death penalty because its mandatory that the Judge sentenced him to
death under Federal law once the Jury give you the death penalty. But he
also affected his Appeal do to him admitting that he was guilty during
his apology. I heard now he said he heard the victims and he was sorry
and how he caused the pain and so on. Then I heard the victims respond
and I heard one person except his apology. The rest of them did not care
about his apology and one of them even said she did not want to hear any
of that Allah stuff. They cut her off before she could elaborate any further.
Now I am not saying they should except his apology. What I am saying is
he apologized with nothing to gain in this world but everything to loose.
Yet, when this kid go’s in and killed those people praying in South Carolina
they was forgiving him before the bodies was cold. Why is Black people so
forgiven ? Over two hundred years of slavery, ninety years of Jim Crow and
thirty years of red lining and we are still apologizing.
My mom is a Christian as well as my brothers and sister. I love them but
I know without a doubt that Christianity was given to us as Slaves to keep
us oppressed. It teaches to obey your master, turn the other cheek, Love
thy enemy and other things that go’s against human nature. This religion

which is no longer being taught in its correct form due to the alterations
of the Bible has hampered us as a whole. They nave preachers who claim
to be Gods teachers telling their congregation that they need millions
if dollars to buy a new jet, and once he’s called on this gets up their
and try to justify it. Don’t take me wrong the Bible is Gods book but
it has been altered from its original form. Its so much a part of the Black
people that its a food on out throat, keeping us down!
Ask the Jews when are they going to start forgiving ? They will look at
you like your crazy ! They have prosecuted people over ninety years old
for being a part of the Nazis and they ain’t forgiving nobody ! Wily in the
nail do we always forgive ? Yeah,racism is in the DNA of this country and
we as Black people are still suffering from the psychosis of that slavery.
You know its a shame when I speak about the reality of whats going on in
this world I even feel like I am a racist for speaking the truth. That’s
why the Black people who are aware of the conditions and the reasons for
these conditions are so hesitant to speak out on the truth. They are trying
to be politically correct instead of getting to the truth of the matter.
The thing is if we are not willing to get to the truth of it then who is
going to ?
They made a issue about the president saying “nigger” in his weekly address
on the radio. You know, I don’t use that word period. But the context he
used it in was correct. I strongly feel he has been putting a lot of attention
into not looking like the angry Black man that so many in society think
we are, that he has been very reserve when it comes to race. I remember
the first time he spoke out about the police arresting the professor name
Gates they (white,people) ate him up for that. Now that he is at the end
of his presidency he is addressing a lot of issues he would not touch before.
I heard the first lady speak to a graduating class at a Black University
and I was so proud of her to keep it real. She is very sharp and I wish
we could hear her speak more.
Well I am going to end this so I can send it out to be posted. I hope some
of you take the time to tell me what you think of what I am saying. You
can e-mail me and they will be forwarded to me. I hope you all can assist
me in anyway you feel I need it. Once I get more of the transcripts posted

I am going to contact several organizations and nave the go to the site
so they can see the evidence of my innocents. If any of you have any ideas
please let me know. I’m really trying my best to get this out their so
people can see for themselves. Well, you all take it easy and may Allah
(God) grant you success in all your good actions.

The Purpose of This Site.


1. I was a good friend of one of the victims (Rosy) for some time.

2. She had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend yet we enjoyed each other’s company when it was convenient.

3. Our relationship was basically about getting drunk and having fun which many times included having sex when we both felt like it.

4. I was at a club called Club Max. I left to go visit Rosy since the club was not too active. ( note: the women who worked the door at the club testified that I left and came back).

5. When I got to Rosie’s I began to party with her and messing around sexually.

6. When her friend Mandy came over they were laughing and things and I became aware that she knew me and Rosy were messing around. She joined us in the partying.

7. Afterwards, I went clubbing back at Club Max and left with this other Marine and these two women (all who testified).

8. I later went to a friends apartment and the victim Mandy was in bed with a guy name Toney Teo. I laughed (Note: Toney Teo testified to this).

9. Later that morning when I came through to Rosy’s apartment I found both Rosy and Mandy dead. Mandy’s hands were tied behind her back, with her back facing me. I reached around to take her pulse. My hand entered a void where her throat had been cut.

10. It scared me and I jumped back and hit the wall in anger out of fustration.

11. (note: The people in the adjoining apartment said they heard one hard bang on the wall after 10am).

12. I left and went over to the payphone where I was wondering what I should do.

13. I did not call the police. I ws in the Marine Core and did not want to get involved.

14. I then saw the friend I was dating (Orlanda) and her two boys in her car driving down the street.

15. She gave me a ride back to the base where I went into the guard booth and signed her and myself in on base.

16. Later that day I left to go play a basketball game at Norton Air Force Base which was a several hours drive.

17. Note: Orlanda testified that she picked me up and took me to the base. We also had the records showing when I signed on and off the base.

18. Note: The palm of my left hand was cut during field day (cleaning) two days prior to the murders. I cut it in the trash can on a razor. The detectives went and searched my barracks and found the razors which was missing one. They also fund the trash can I describe the paint pealing.

19. This is how my blood got on the wall at the victims apartment when I ht the wall after touching Mandy’s throat.

20. Note: During the trial these very high standing citizens who owned a basketball card memorabilia business testified they saw my cut in the middle of my hand on the day of their ” Grand Opening” when I was holding the cards by the edges  I was selling. They had asked me about the cut and offered me cream for my hand. Their Grand Opening was the day before the murders!!

21. After getting to Morton Air Force base I could not play ball because my left hand could not hold the ball right. I was sent to the base medical who told me they wanted to send me to a hand specialist.

22. I was taken to Balboa Medical Hospital in San Diego California.

23. After being examined I went to the base housing to sleep.

24. I was awakened by Military personal and a San Bernardino California Sheriff Detective.

25. I was taken to a building on base and interviewed by Sheriff Detectives Neely and Palacios for about two hours. During this interview I did not admit to finding the victims dead.

26. Note: During a pretrial hearing Detective Palacios testified I was mirandized and under arrest prior to this interview. The D.A. called a recess. Afterwards Palacios change his testimony which was allowed by Judge Yent.

27. We filed a motion to dismiss being that the Sheriff Detectives did not have the authority to make the arrest due to the Balboa Marine Base being a Federal Reservation. Motion was denied by Judge Yent.

28. On the way back fro Balboa Detective Neely and Palacios stopped at a hospital who took my blood. They had my blood drawn by the hospital nurse.

29. During a haring the nurse who took my blood testified that they only take blood at the detective’s request if the subject is under arrest or in custody.

30. The form at the hospital was changed from “under arrest” to “not under arrest” by detective Neely.

31. During a hearing it was found that the blood samples (tubes) were logged three (3) days after the blood work was taken by the hospital.

32. Detective Neely testified to taking the blood home and keeping it in his refrigerator over the weekend next to the beer.

33. Filed a motion that the blood was illegally taken and the blood was tainted evidence due to the fact that Sheriff Detective Neely testified  to taking the blood home and keeping it in the refrigerator over the weekend. (This motion was denied by Judge Yent).

34. Once we left the hospital I was taken to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s department where I was once again interviewed where I requested a lawyer fifty three (53) times before I finally told them I found the victims earlier in the day as well as how I found them.

35. We filed a motion to dismiss the case due to my Miranda rights being violated 53 times when I requested a lawyer 53 times. This motion was denied by Judge Yent.

36. Note: The court ordered me when I testified at trial not to mention anything about this interview! He stated it was to prejudicial for th Jury to hear and if  I mentioned this interview it would cause a mistrial.

37. As a result of the judge’s order the Jury only heard the interview taken at Balboa where  I denied finding the victims dead and not the interview when I explained how I found them and my movements justifying the evidence that was at the crime scene.

38. The jury was polled after the trial revealing that they had only heard me lie during the interview. That they would have wanted to hear the second interview when I told them I was at the crime scene and found the bodies.

39. My first appointed lawyer was removed fro conflict of interest. He had represented one of the victims mothers  in a prior criminal matter.

40. My family hired Attorney Garret Zellen with a $50,000 retainer fee plus about $50 per diem (travel, hotel, etc.)

41. We were before Judge Stevens in Barstow Superior Court when we received an anonymous phone call telling us that Judge Stevens clerk (Katie Yent) was showing (disclosing) our confidentially sealed documents to the district attorney’s office.

42. Mr Zellen filed a complaint to the court requesting a hearing on that matter.

43. On the day of the hearing we were moved in front of Judge Yent who was Katie Yent’s husband. He was now assigned as the sitting Judge on the case.

44. We requested he remove himself since the allegations was against his wife. He refused!

45. We went before the head judge name Kennedy to address the conflict with Judge Yent.

46. The case was moved to the courthouse in Ranch Cucamonga, California. We went before a new judge and used our challenge on this judge and had him removed.

47. We then was moved before this circuit judge name Judge Law. The District Attorney filed to have this Judge removed and the appeals court would not remove him. The D.A. then went to the California Supreme Court who removed Judge Law.

48. We then was moved back to Victorville Superior Court before Judge Rufus Yent who refused to remove himself and was the Judge presiding over the case until the end.

49. We filed two years of pre trial motions and Judge Yent denied everyone of them.

50.Before trial my paid lawyer Mr Zellen quit my case for no reason and no notice or refund of retainer.

51. A public defender name John Hardy was then assigned to my case.

52. During the trial the prosecutions witness a Marine name Trenton Draper testified to having sex with both victims. Note: He also testified that he thought Amanda was of similar age to Rosy, 19-20 years old. He was also given immunity for statutory rape charges. He did not incriminate me at all. This was to justify the DNA samples found in the victims.

53. I took the stand and testified on my defense. Under the instructions not to mention anything pertaining to the interview in San Bernardino Sheriff’s department.

54. The D.A. asked me several questions that I could only answer using the interview. I would sit there and then he would say “Oh” and change his line of questioning.

55. We presented a time line showing it was impossible for me to have the time to commit the crime. We showed the bank ATM photo and me signing in on and off the base, as well as a phone call to a cab company and other evidence.

56. Judge Yent gave the Jury instructions that they did not have to decide the time of death.

57. During the trial three (3) crime scene investigators testified there was a conflict in there testimonies. They each testified that they found this same single drop of my blood being in 3 different places within the crime scene. Note: This was after the detective Neely testifying that he took the blood home for the weekend.

58. After being found guilty of two counts of murder by a Jury trial two members of the jury contacted my lawyer and said they didn’t agree with the verdict and felt pressure to return a guilty verdict.

59. Mr Hardy explained to me that he had to request permission from the court to interview these jury members pertaining to their addresses from the court.

60. Judge Yent denied our request to interview these jurors.

61. The court appointed an appeals lawyer name Kimberly Grove from El Cajon, California.

62. My family hired and attorney Mr Jordan to file appeals on my behalf. He addressed certain issues up to the California Supreme Court.

63. We ran out of money.

64. About five years later we contacted him to move forward due to having the monies. He informed us that we was barred to further the action due to the one year time restraints pursuant to the Anti-terrorist and Effective death penalty (AEDPA) act.

65. I did not know anything about the law back then and now the only way I can get into the federal courts is to file an actual innocent brief with evidence that was not know at the time of the trial. I am looking at a couple of issues including the two juror who felt they were pressured into the guilty verdicts. I just found both of their names.

The Purpose of This Site.

March 5, 2015 I hope and pray this letter finds you all in the best health. As I sit here in this cell and write on this blog it’s important that my opinion don’t offend anyone yet I want to relay what I think and support it with as many facts as I can.
I realize the topics I most speak on relates to religion and social issues dealing with race. The true purpose of this Blog was to let people know the situations I’ve been subjected too and my attempts to find truth. It was not to criticize people because who in the hell am I to criticize someone! Yet I feel people are not seeing things that I see due to the many responsibilities you a11 have we in here don’t. I feel you are so much in to it that you don’t see it. So, I find myself wanting to share things with you that hopefully can help you see things from a different view.
As I sit in hear I’m really trying to continue to learn. I have a hunger that unfortunately I did not have when I was not in these places. As a Muslim I’ve learned that knowledge is my property that I don’t have to ask for it. It is mines for the taking so I strive to learn more beginning with myself and my responsibility to Allah. It’s through this that I’m learning my responsibilities in all aspects of my life. My goal is to be pleasing to Allah (God) knowing that if I am pleasing to him I am successful in this life and the next life!
You know, when I came to prison and realized these places function on racism due to the gang environments as well as the people who run these places. I made sure that I would not become a part of the environment as far as the Gangs go. I did not know nothing about Bloods and Crips or none of the other Gangs in prison. Being born and raised in Washington D.C. during my generation these things did not exist. So I made sure I did not become a part of any of that. I was very hesitant to become a Muslim due to the fact that it would make me have to become a part of something. But Allah is the best of planners and the Deen touched my Heart and Soul and truly answered all the questions that were never answered before. I had no choice when it came to Islam. So all my perspectives come from an Islamic view, or they should come from n Islamic view. I’m still learning daily and it’s a process that’s changing me for the better.
I’m missing my sister Collete. I caught myself thinking about writing her a letter the other day. I use to always write her once and awhile to just say I love you to her. She would always write me back and tell me what she had going on. I’ve lost my Grandma and my father and two sisters since I’ve been in prison. Someone in here lost his Mother yesterday and the thought brought tears to my eyes. I really could not sleep well last night thinking about that. You know, Islam has made me such compassionate person. I feel so much for others that I really don’t understand how people who say they are Muslim can do some of the things they are doing. That’s why I am always defending Islam because I’ve learned how truly beautiful and loving it is. There have been a lot of things being said about the president not using the term “Islamic extremist” I’ve even caught myself using the term to describe terrible things that people was doing who claim to be Muslims. The thing is anyone that is applying Islam in its extreme would be the example of the Prophet (BPUH). They would not do the things such as behead people or be human bombs and all the other things that are not Islamic that some would want you to think. Using this term would do just what those who are doing these things are trying to promote. The President knows this and that’s why he refuses to use that term. As far as the people some of who has been congressmen who think we can’t fight an enemy without first identifying them. We need to identify them by there acts not by what they claim justify their acts. Islam does not justify their acts! I’ve also been keeping up on the situation with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu breaking protocol addressing the Congress on the negotiations between the U.S. and Iran. It’s obvious that this is nothing but certain Congress members (Boehner) using him to exploit the partisan environment in this country. Also it’s Netanyahu who wants to take this opportunity to further his agenda of fear mongering and attempting to cause a war. Everyone knows Netanyahu has problems with President Obama. Obama refuses to be his puppet in ways that all other past presidents have been. When he made the statement that their needs to be a little space between the U.S and Israel, that comment was unheard of coming from any President of the U.S.
Don’t take me wrong the president has no choice but to continue to support Israel. But he has not let them dictate his policies when dealing with the negotiations with Iran. He notices that there have been some changes in Iran with this new president they have. This president has shown that he has the support of the religious leaders in Iran while speaking very liberal about their relationship with the United States and the rest of the world. Israel doesn’t want to hear none of that!
You know, I have to give Israel allot of credit on the approach they have taken since the Holocaust. They have owned that and used it and have never let it go! They will never let themselves or t heir people or others forget about the Holocaust. The Holocaust has been the central foundation of Israel. They have used that energy to get away with things that no other people could get away with. All the time receiving and demanding sympathy. They have never and will never let their kids forget about this. You see, that’s what we as African Americans failed to do. We have forgotten about slavery. We don’t want to remember that! We have either tried to convert to the ways of others who has an identity (culture) which do not fit who we are. Many of us function purely on feelings (emotions) bringing everything from that which results in violence rooted in self hatred. We don’t see ourselves as a victim who has been wronged. We just accept it as being apart of history not realizing that its his-story and not ours that has affected us and continue to affect us! We have not held on to it as the Jews have. You have to give the Jews their props when it comes to the way they have used the Holocaust. Remember when the Jews accepted the apologies from the Germans they made them pay financial restitution before establishing diplomatic relations. Right now Germany shows all kinds of support for Israel. They actually has regret for the things they subjected the Jews too. This was due to the Jews never letting anyone forget what they was subjected too. It’s been very effective and a tool used to further their agenda. They will tell you they will never walk freely to the gas chambers again! There’s a saying that’s commonly known by the Jews that “never again will Jews go like lambs to the slaughter “. I am not being condescending when I point this out. They have used it to benefit them. Just listen to the conversation of the Jewish people. They always lead the conversation to the Holocaust mixed with the fact that they are surrounded by their enemies. Why have we forgotten what this country subjected us to for hundreds of years? We even tricked ourselves into thinking that the North helped end slavery. All the time forgetting that many of the fifty five great gentlemen who created that great document called the United States Constitution was actually slave owners at the time they wrote it. When are we going to ask for restitution or reparations for the things that obviously continue to affect us as people? When are we going to admit that we do have a problem and stop biting into the impression that everyone has a chance for the American dream? Hey just now the Correctional office handed me a letter of my blog that I mailed January 23 to be posted March 5, 2015 and it’s just coming back stating that it has an unknown address on it. That’s bull because I know my Nephews address by memory. It’s these people playing with my mail. So, now I have to resend it with this information to be posted. Here I am thinking you all been seen this information and now I am finding out its not even posted. I’ll end this for now. There’s nothing I can do. Take care and I’m not going to post anything until I’ve left this place. I just can’t stand to be subjected to things like this for no other reason other than they can do it and get away with it.

God Bless You all!

The Purpose of This Site.

January 26th, 2015
Today I found out that a friend who went to college with me name Jerry Isler died in a car accident. I received a letter from my Mom who told me my college coach Nixon called her to let me know. Let me tell you all something about Jerry. You ever meet someone who is just good to the core? That was Jerry! I met him in Clarendon Jr College. Here it is I was this guy from Washington D.C. and Jerry was this guy from a very small town in New Mexico. He was my best friend! This dude was special and I learned why when I met his family. Mr and Mrs Isler is the most kindest people I had ever met. I use to tell Jerry how special he was to have a family like them. I use to go home with him and they treated me like family. They taught me how to rope cattle and brand them. They taught me how good people who was so different then me can be.

Jerry was white and I am black. He was short and I am tall. He was financially better off than me. He was raised by a mother and father which I was not. None of this mattered to him or me. He was just good to the core!! I cried when I read this letter and learned that he died. I never kept in touch with Jerry after college but I always thought of him and his family over the years. I pray that God grant them relief.

Love you Jerry!

The Purpose of This Site.

January 25,2015
On 1-22-2015 I went before the Department Review Board (DRB) which was chaired by the Director of the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (CDCR) ; to see if I qualify to be released from SHU. They released me from the SHU and put me up for transfer to a facility where I will be housed as a General Population Prisoner. The transfer won’t go through for about three to four months so I’ll be housed here until the bus come.I was very surprised by the Director. I am not saying this because he let me out but he seemed to be a straight up person. He really let me talk and address certain issues. I also did not feel he was looking down at me. I got the feeling that he is in a situation where he has to correct a lot of things that was done wrong over the years. Not once did he try to justify the validation. I truly think he knew my validation was bull yet he had to go through the process which he was good at. I really think this man is doing whats right for a lot of people that was done wrong. He gave me some advice and I heard him loud and clear. He told me he has no biases against religion and then suggested I be careful how I associate with others as far as my religion. I can’t remember word for word but he said it very respectfully and an understandable way. In other words I heard him loud and clear. He was speaking from what he saw in my prison file. You see, if I stay out of any kind of situation for one year I’ll be transferred to a level three facility. I have never been to a level three prison and up until last year or so prisoners with life without possibility of parole could not go to level three institutions. The thing is I know how to stay out of trouble. My disciplinary history shows that I stay out of things but I’m even going to have to be even out of the way. I really don’t get involved in the prison politics or any of that stuff. Its straight up stupid and it don’t benefit
no one. That’s not who I am. I don’t want to hear nothing about no one period, and can’t no one make me in no way be apart of whats going on. Some people don’t have a life and that how they do their time. I am always doing something constructive. I am either working out or reading or studying. The thing is I am going to have to be a lot more on my own. I am not going to except any kind of position in the Muslim comm unity. You see, In Islam you are obligated to form a community to worship as well as establish the responsibilities of those on the Majalis committee. There is no way I am going to do any of that and I am going to shoot that down real quick if they come at me with that. Its not happening , period! The last time I wrote I think I spoke about the incidents that’s common between the Blacks and Whites when it comes to the police. I was addressing it since all a sudden it has raised some attention. The thing I hope I stressed is its very understandable due to the perceptions that has been formed due to the history of this country. This is not an attack on the White man. Its addressing the fact that his perceptions has been formed as well as the Black mans perceptions has been formed in part through the history of this country. Now there is always exceptions of the rule. We are individuals yet one can conclude that not only has the conditions of over two hundred years of slavery affected the African Americans of today but it has also affected the White Americans as well. The result of these affects has lead this country to where it is today. The thing is this can not be seen as I’m trying to justify the actions
of all African Americans. What I want you to consider is that the African Americans in this country do not have a culture. When you are in a society such as America you are faced with the White American European culture. Now this don’t apply to other races such as the Asians, Spanish, or other races that’s in this country. You see, the conditions that brought them here allowed them to bring their culture with them. That is not the case with the African Americans. Slavery took our culture and our identities. We don’t even identify with the Africans that come here from Africa with their culture. That’s due to our perceptions that formed as a result of affects of the environments and teaching rather conscious or unconscious we was subjected to. How was Africa presented to us in this society as slaves? How was it presented to us during the Jim crow days? How is it presented to us today? So not only do we not have a culture we don’t identify with the culture of our ancestors. Lets look at the education system here since I am referring to the way we were taught and is being taught. First we have to face the fact that as slaves we were not allowed to learn. We not only was not allowed to use our language during the early slavery days but we were not allowed to learn to read or write as slaves. Then years later after slavery we was in conditions that segregation was the law. During this time the conditions of the schools was different between the Blacks and the Whites with the Whites receiving better of everything. Then along came Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954. Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote ” We conclude that in the field of public education, the separate but equal has no place”. Keep in mind that the Whites at that time began to attempt to appear to be bringing
the Black schools up to the level of the White schools in the South prior to the court reviewing the Brown case. Now Warren wrote To the effect of segregation itself, to separate Black children from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their states in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone. ” I Read this case and right here he is talking about the Black kids being conditioned due to the inferiority of the environment and resulting in a permanent state that affects their harts and minds! Now the Court also go’s on to state Education was perhaps the most important function of the State and local governments. ” This allowed them to push the implementation of the law to the District courts and two years after the Brown ruling not one Black kid attended school with White children in most of the former confederate States including Alabama. Now after all this that resulted in the integration of the educational system. What are we being taught? Are we being taught in ways that benefit us or shall I say the best ways that’s benefiting us as African Americans? The African Americans are presently being taught an Anglo Saxton education which furthers the cultural genocide of the African Americans. The fact is the White race had historically oppressed, exploited and killed Black people all in the name of Jesus Christ and with the sanction of their churches. The reason I’m pointing this out is not only was this legal but it was morally and spiritually acceptable. So, how and why should we learn from the Anglo perspective ? This is the reason the African American has been alienated from their culture and history eventually loosing their since of purpose and which comes from the African world view and conceptual framework, self worth and direction. Where is the African American education which comes from the African worldview and conceptual framework which is our culture. The Aglo Saxton interpretation of history as well as the way they teach clashes with the African culture that has eluded us as a people. The African American science of teaching comes from the East African origins of Cush, Nubia, Nile Valley civilization to the West African is its maintenance of a cultural world view. Read this book by Diop called “Cultural unity of Black Africa”. Moving from Segregation to Integration in the development of this country from the roots of slavery was a necessary and good thing but it was not and is not the solution to developing a society that all people are equals and judged as equals. It has damaged and continues to damage the African American. It like the best of two evils. Yes, we have progressed as people from slavery to where we are today. But,
we are still suffering not only due to slavery but due to the conditions we are presently in. When a person is sick the first thing a doctor do is examine him by looking at the symptoms. With the flu he ask him questions about how he is feeling? There’s a lot of symptoms that he can discover such
as his temperature, redness of the throat on his own. When he attacks the virus after getting his diagnosis he goes after it at the root as well as attacking the obvious symptoms. This country has seen the sicknesses that African Americans are suffering from. There are some very visible ones. Just look at the black on black crime, poverty, prison population, unemployment and other symptoms that is disproportionately affecting the African Americans in this country. We know there is something wrong. There is a sickness. So, we must look for the root of this problem so we can cure it.
This country has not done that. They have tried to repair the damage by doing things like affirmative actions for the Jobs, affordable housing, welfare and other social programs to address the obvious symptoms. Yet, they have not addressed the root of the sickness and that must be addressed or their will be a continuation of the same sickness. I truly believe we have a right and this country has a responsibility to assist the African Americans in being taught their true African American culture from childhood. Not only will this be attacking the problem at the root to discontinue the cycle of oppression but all of society will benefit from the African American learning from an African perspective. This is not about the Black teacher who has been taught the Anglo way of teaching to teach African Americans. That has not and will not work. This is about finding a way of getting those qualified to teach the African Americans education in the public schools to teach the children through all ages of development. This is the only way
we can truly begin to attack the root of the problem African Americans. Later I’ll discuss the differences in the teaching of the Anglo education and the African education. Pointing out that the Anglo Western society targets the development and maintenance of the left hemisphere of the brain
(the intellectual, logical, articulate, concrete brain) This is the brain that differentiates between things separating wholes in to parts, analyzing and enabling us to deal only with sequential phenomena such as mathematics and logic. Yet, the right hemisphere of the brain (historically facilitated and heavily relied upon for the educational development of our African ancestors) mediates spiritual, abstract, creative, aesthetic,artistic, athletic and rhythmic phenomena. This is the brain that notes similarities between things and relates them to each other and the whole. They are two different methods that directly affect one’s learning. Before I close this I wanted to stress that I never wanted to be perceived like I am attacking anyone’s race, religion or ideas. I have my beliefs yet I respect others beliefs. I am not a racist! I can’t stand people who lump people of a group together and claim hatred for that group. I am in prison and racism is very strong in these places. I refuse to become a product of this environment. I always remind myself that I go before my lord (Allah) at least five times a day in prayer and beg for his compassion. How can I not show compassion? So I hope no one feels something I said is an attack on them. Take care and I’ll always continue to ask God’s will to be done.

Take Care

The Purpose of This Site.

January 8, 2015
I wanted to speak about what happened yesterday in Paris France. I just
heard about the killings done by alleged Muslims. There was several people
murdered for the information they prented in the news paper pertaining
to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). They say these killings was
done because of some cartoons that made disrespectful depictions of the
Prophet (PBUH). Let me start by saying the Prophet (PBUH) is the example
of all Muslims. We love him as we love all of Allahs Prophets. Yet, we
have a deeper Love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) do to him being the seal
of the Prophets and the one who received the holy Quran from Angel Gabriel
who we believe sent revelations to all the Prophets of Allah. So our
Love for the Prophet comes through knowing him because to know him is
to Love him. So it do bother me when I hear someone say something bad
about the Prophet (PBUH). But, to kill someone for saying something
terrible about the Prophet is not only wrong but is not Islam !!!
What the Hell are these people reading to think that such actions are
Islamic? The Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) do not support
doing this kind of thing. They can not know the Prophet to do such a
thing. The thing is the Prophet is one of the most Loving and respectful
people I’ve ever known. He did not reserve his compassion for only Muslims.
He showed compassion to all of mankind. For anyone to say they follow
the example of the Prophet and Allah words (Quran) and do such things
is a lie!! I hate to see stuff like this because people really believe
that’s part of our faith.

Islam has made me so much more Loving. My Love for Allah
and the Prophet (PBUH) has made me first and foremost change myself to
be pleasing to Allah. It has also made me love humanity as well as the
animals and all other aspects of Allah creations. It has made me be
aware of all that I say, do, think. Don’t take me wrong. There is things
that people do that is against Islam that I don’t agree with. But, I
beg for compassion daily in prayer so how can I not show compassion.
Hey, Islam also don’t tell me to be anyone’s victim. I will not turn the
other cheek! Oppression is worst the slaughter! So I am not to be
oppressed,but the Sunnah (Path) shows me how to conduct myself under
any circumstance. But my rights are no special then others rights.
I just hate the way people do these things and then try to justify them
by using Islam. I said a prayer for the people who were killed and for
those who did it shall meet Allah on the day of judgement.

I just hope no one attacks us again because there’s a lot of animosity
towards this country because of our unconditional support of Israel.
That’s a fact and we need to be aware of that fact. I do not think
these acts that we have been subjected to was because of others
religious beliefs. Islam teaches religious tolerance. Its not because
of the social acceptable practices that go against the Islamic teachings.
They see this country as being in the role of attacking Islam due to
the support we have given Israel when they have done things that where
clearly wrong. Then they see things like the torturing we’ve done that
they further use to support their belief that we Ore attacking Islam.
This country was always perceived as being on the high road. We are not
seen that way anymore. Take care. may Allah (GOD) bless you all!!

The Purpose of This Site.

January 7,2015
First let me send the peace and blessing of Allah (GOD) to everyone
out there. Its been a while since I’ve been able to post on the
Slog due to me not having access to a typewriter. I was sending
my Blogg to my family member and he was typing the information for
me. He works and have a family and kids and is very active in their
lives so I did not feel comfortable asking him to do that for me.
But, now we are allowed to have typewriters in the Security Housing
Unit (SHU) and I just purchased one so I’ll be able to be more consistant
with my posting.

On November 6,2014 I was moved from Administrative Segregation Unit
(ASU) to tne SHU. So now I am housed in the SHU and my address is
Valentine Underwood K84486 Pelican Bay State Prison P.O. Box 7500
Cresent City, Calif 95532. Oh yeah, my cell is C7- 110 So please
feel free to write me directly if you want. I want to also tell
you all who has emailed me I’ll be geting back at you once I receive
tne emails from my Nephew. I was told in his last letter that I
nave some and he will be forwarding them as soon as he have something
repaired on his computer. Please don’t think I am not going to respond.

I’ve been doing a lot of exercising and putting my weight back on.
I am up to around 270 lbs. I was at 250 when I got here from Massachusetts.
We are allowed to buy more canteen items since the last time I was
in the SHU. You see, there was a hunger stike throughout all the
California prisons to contest the conditions of the SHU’s and the
manner they were implementing the prison validation process on the
inmates resulting in being housed in the SHU for no less then six
years and as long as fourty years for some inmates. One of the changes
was the canteen we are allowed to purchase. We are only allowed
to spend $55.00 a month but if you purchase the right items (Soups,
Rice) and other high Carbohydrates items alone with a lot or fish
and Makeral for protein you can actually put on some weight,with a good
workout routine.

I informed you all that I am going to be reviewed by the DRB Department
Review Board. They are the people who decide if your going to be
released from the SHU. You see, the Courts ruled that they must
review everyone and since that ruling they have released over five
hundred inmates from the SHU. I have already went through the steps by
being reviewed by the Institutional Gang Investigation (IGI)
and the Office Of Correctional Safety (OCS) and they have signed
off on me being released from the SHU but the DRB makes the final
call. I am not really worried about it to be honest with you. I don’t
care if they keep me here or let me out. The reason I feel this
way is I never should have been it cne SHU in the first plac. I
am not and have never been a gang member. Once they let you out
of the SHU they can put you back in for just about anything. I am
placing my trust in the Courts that has my suit against the process
used to validate me. Its been pending in Federal District Court
for a few years now and have a very strong claim that it was done
for retaliatory purposes. So I am going to go forward on that if
they let me out of the SHU or keep me in. It is what it is as far
as what they are going to do when they see me.
I have been doing alot of reading. I read this one book called
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and it was a hell of a book.
It takes place in India and its very knowlegable on the Indian language
and culture. Its so well written you start identifying with the characters.
The main character (Lindsey) who’s given the name
Shantaram had escape from a prison in Australia and ends up in Bombay.
Its based on a true story yet he state there is some fiction included
in the book. Please check this book out! Its so good and keeps
you wondering what going to happen next. You really learn so much
about the people of India as well the mixure of people in Bombay.
I also read this called wild seed by Octavia E Butler. Its a wild
book on several topics but it covers the relationship between a
man and a women. They can’t die and they meet up to each other. This
book takes you on so many turns and it’s so hard to explain but
its so entertaining. I also read The faithful Triangle, The United
States, Israel and the Palestinians by Noam Chemesky who is a very
known writer and activist. Its speaking on some very tough topics
pertaining to the conflicts between the Israel and the Palestinians.
I do not consider myself anti nothing when it comes to the Isreal
(Jews) and the Palistinians (Arabs). You might think I would lean
towards Arabs because I’m Muslim but being a Muslim do not have
anything to do with being a Arab!! I am not an Arab. I am a Muslim.
This way of life (Islam) is for all! Allah tells us in the Quran
” We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran so you may learn wisdom”.
The benefits of the Language as well as the people who was in worst
need of the final revelation was the Arabs. But, its not about being
an Arab. With that being said if you will take a look at the history of
whats going on between the Palestinians and the Jews it a damn shame
that we have supported the Jewish people. The thing is I have read a lot about
the history on how the U.S. utilized the Israeli people to do a lot of things
over there that was just wrong. If the people knew the extent
of the damage that the Palestinians has been subjected too while being
labeled terrorist, we would really demand that the U.S. stop their support
of the Jews.

The thing is our people are so damn naive and lack knowledge and information
about the situation over there. We place our trust in our Government
policies without knowing what we are supporting. The thing is the Jews
took that land and they are taking more and more of it. They feel the
Palestinians are squatters or Occupiers of that land and have no Rights.
So, with this being the basis of their position they feel they can do what
ever and be justified. The Land have religous significance to Muslims
and the Jews. When you look at the history of Jerusalem and all the wars
that has occured over many generations, you get lost in who’s right and
who’s wrong. But, the war that’s going on over there now which began
with the six day war when the Jewish people took Isreal by force has
become so much worst then war. Those people are unable to defend them
selves and we have set back and supported it. Just read some of the
Talmud which is the Jewish faith religous book that states ” God is
very sorry that he created the Ishmaelites and that the Gentiles are a
people like a donkey-“or their belief that you Must totally_conquer
people, and how they must serve their Jewish conquerers and be degraded
and low and must not raise their heads in Isreal and must be in complete
submission.The thing is to disagree with whats going over their do not
make you anti-semitic. The fact is the Arabs are just as semitic as the
Jews. We have been on the wrong end of this conflict. We should use our
influence and demand a end to this conflict by re-establishing the agreed
upon boarders and a two State solution!! The Jewish people has been
victims of victims of oppression before, so why are they now oppressing
the Palestinians?

I also read some materials by the Sankor which is an Institute of Islamic
African studies. The piece I read is on the Islamic slave revolts of
Bahia, Brazil. Its by Abu Alfa Muhammad Shereef bin Farid. It speaks
of the revolts of 1807, 1809, 1814, 1822 and 1835. You see, I knew that
the slaves that was brought to this country was practicing Muslims. I’v
read several books and articles on this topic. I know that the areas that
the slaves was taken from (West Africa) was and is the home of Muslims,
during the time from when the Portuguese took slaves until several years
later when slaves was brought here. This is something that has been kept
a secret from the African Americans. Hey I am not one who dwells on being
the product of slaves but we need to realize allot of the problems we
are having as a society is rooted in the fact that that do exist when
you look at our history as African Americans.

Lets talk about whats in the media right now with the deaths of Michael
Brown and Eric Gardner. lets first agree that a DA can get an indictment
on just about anyone for any allegation. That’s a fact! Look at the case
they gave me in Massachusetts. The Grand Jury indicted me on a case that
I had never been to Massachusetts and the only evidence presented was
an allege DNA match on a case that was over twenty two years old at the
time. Now she did lie and say I had prior conviction that I did not
have but she got the indictment. For someone to not be able to get indicted
for straight out choking someone on video is a shame. But I do understand
this. We (black people) are not perceived as equals to white people!
When you look at the fact that we have only been out of being enslaved since 1865,
you tend to understand why we view ourselves the way we do and why many white
people view us the way they do. Come on people Jim Crow times was right around the corner.
It was during my life time. Lets keep it real, you can’t blame white
police officers who are working in the most crime affected areas for being
prejudice against Blacks who dominate those areas. But, that don’t mean
you don’t hold them accountable for their actions when they react on
those understandable prejudices. Not knowing some group rather its race,
religion or whatever causes prejudice. You put that in the context that
most African Americans has adopted certain characteristic that viewed
as aggressive to none black people. Its understandable to see why these
facts as well as the affects of slavery on the black as slaves and whites
as slave owners can cause certain conscious and unconscious prejudices.
Whats wrong is the way the society has excepted these prejudices and
has excepted them as being the norm. But to say we don’t understand why
our society is prejudice against Blacks is a lie.
Think of it this way and check the numbers if you think I am wrong.
Blacks was in slavery for over 250. We was then subjected to 90 years
of Jim Crow. Then we was subjected to 60 years of separate but equal.
Then came 35 years of State sanctioned redlining. What do you expect
when you are by-products to all these forms of legally allowed oppression.
Remember, this all was legal.
This country has to first realize that the ” freedom ” and ” Democracy ”
that this country was built on came from the rewards of slavery of the
black people. The fact is we can look at the 1860’s and understand that
its been estimated that the assets gained from slavery was more than all
other productive forms of generating assets in the United States. I mean
more than all the manufacturing, railroads an all other means used to
generate monies that this country was built on. Not only was all these
forms of oppression legal and acceptable but done with a justification
that’s never been address.The worst thing is that slavery and the implementation
of slavery affected the family of Blacks that has continued due to the affects (psychosis)
of over two hundred years of slavery. Dividing the family was a tool
that was used doing the sale of people as property. It was very common
to take and sell off the kids to different families as well as the spouses.
Just sit back and imagine that for a minute then you will understand why
the African American families are in the state they are in today. Hey,
This is not about disliking white people. That’s stupid because there
is good in all races of people but, to not face the facts of our history
and the affects of our history on where we are today is to not be ignorant
but to be in a state of ignorance. Until the debts are paid America will
never heal and be complete. Some say it needs to be paid in reparations
and some claim the educational changes will repair the damages. Who knows
where to begin but this country must first acknowledge the problems with
the cause of the problem. Until then there’s going to keep on being incident:
that result in the conditions we are now confronted with. The Brown
and Garner incidents happen every day in this world. I crack up laughing
when I see people who is surprised by these acts and the lack of justice.

I’ve been working on several legal issues. I just finish preparing an
Opposition to a Motion to dismiss filed by one of the Defendants in the
Massachusetts law suit. They have this big time Legal firm representing
them and they must really think I am not prepared. The thing I got in
my favor is the truth and I know that don’t always win but I am prepared
to present it. _I am also working on the California criminal conviction.
The case law I was giving showing the AEDPA time restraints don’t apply
to me was wrong. I am confronted with the only avenue to the courts being
an actual innocent petition. So, I am doing the research on that. I am
staying busy and I am staying positive. I refuse to sit in here an be stagnant
and just exist. I am going to keep on growing and Loving Allah (God) and
striving to be better in all aspects of myself! I am spending a lot of time
on me because I am the one thing that I can change in any given situation.
Sometimes we have the tendency to focus on others and not look at ourselves
and I am not being one of them. I still got Love in my heart and I beg
God to help the world. I’m going to end this for now. I hope hear from
you all real soon. Take care and God Bless!!

The Purpose of This Site.

Today is 10-26-14. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged something. I sent 3 pictures to be posted. Two of them were taken in 1991 prior to being incarcerated. As you can see tight shorts was in style in 1991 smile!

I’m still housed in Administrative Segregation here at Pelican Bay state prison (PBSP). Remember I was telling you all I was trying or waiting to get my legal materials that was shipped here from Donald Wyatt Detention Center (DWDC) in Rhode Island. Well, I kept writing all the mail departments in here (mailroom, property room, receiving and release (R&R) and no one knew nothing about my legal materials. I submitted a grievance trying to get assistance. The counselor called DWDC (more…)

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It is 8/7/14 and I’m back at Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City California which is just a few miles from the Oregon boarder. It took us 10 hours to get here on the bus from DVI not the 6 hours I thought it would.

I’m presently in Administrative Segregation (ad-seg) since there’s not any open cell in the Security Housing Unit (SHU). I can already tell there have been a lot of changes here for the best. It’s almost like I’m at a different place. You see during the months of July 2011, July 2012, and July 2013 there were hunger strikes. The July 2013 hunger strike was the largest in United States history. It started off with 60,000 inmates (more…)

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Hello, I hope and pray all is well with you all. At 3:30am on 7/18/14 while housed at MCI Cedar Junction Walpole, the c/o’s came to my cell in their riot gear plus a video camera. They had me strip and took me down stairs with only my boxer shorts and shower shoes on. They then notified me I was being transported back to California. I was taken to Providence Rhode Island (Donald Wyatt Correctional facility) and turned over to them until the bus came. While sitting at Wyatt this Major came to the holding cell I was in and told the c/o to open the door. He came in and sat down right (more…)

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In a letter dated 5-27-14 Valentine Underwood stated the following:

“On May 19,2014 I was found guilty of all charges. (more…)

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In a letter dated 5-2-14 Valentine Underwood stated the following:

“April 25,2014 First I want to say hello to everyone who takes the time to view my site. I understand you all might not agree with me or even like me for that fact and I can respect that too. (more…)

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Valentine Underwood recently stated in a letter dated 2-1-14:

February 1,2014 well I finally got sick. I have not been sick in a lot of years, but now I have a cold. (more…)

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Valentine Underwood stated in a recent letter dated 1-22-14:

“January 22,2014 today I want to let you all know on 1-17-14 court denied my motion to compel a response to my motion submited asking the district attorney to tell me where she got the document that was identified in there discovery order 1 item 16 which was this document I have placed on my cite as an exhibit. This is the document that they used when I submited a motion on the atypical security mesures they have been using against me in the court room as well as in prison here in massachusetts. I am intitled to know where all discovery comes from pursuant to the rules of discovery, and -this judge denied me. The prosecutor said that the way they are treating me is due to my conduct not this document. Yet, I pointed out that this document is the only thing they used during the hearing as evidence and the judge ruling specificialy stated “due to the evidence presented” he was allowing them to use the security measures. Now they want to not tell me where this document came from that is full of lies and has been printed in several news papers and sometimes verbatim. Some damn body made up this stuff and they don’t want me to bring it to the surface. I have never heard of a case where the court denied someone the right to know where the chain of custody lies for any and all evidence! Well, i am going to appeal it to the supreme judicial court via interloc appeal.

I also found out the judge denied my motion to dismiss. Now, I have a copy of it in my exhibits on my website. Go and look at this motion and it speaks for itself. She lied to get me indicted and brought here from california. I am working on the appeal as we speak and I am going to post the prosecutors response and the judges response denying it and my appeal to the supreme judicial court seeking relief from the judges deniel. I hope you all look at it and you will see what is really going on. Todat the lawyer mr collins came to see me and I showed him what I have completed so far on the appeal. I am disappointed because they explain that the supreme judicial court don’t ussualy get involved unless its after a trail. They ussually deny you the right to have it reviewed at this point until theres an conviction. Yet, my issues is very strong and its obvious these are appealable issues. Please take the time to read them once i have posted them as exhibits.

They scheduled me for trail in may of this year. This will be the date for sure. I am having an expert re test the dna evidence. I am also hiring a private investigator to investigate some things for me pertaining to the case. I am looking at a couple of them right now and hoprfully I will find a good one because what I want the to check is important. Once I have finished with my legal peticians I am preparing I will write you all again and post them. Oh, by the way I heard from my friend alana and she sent me a nice card with some bad information leting me know my wife or should I say the women I am still married to but have not seen or heard from since 2008 nolonger have my transcripts. I was told she had them in her cousins possession and she threw them out. I am going to tell you all don’t nothing surprise me with dee anymore. I am going to make sure I get a divorce and I am going to use the court to get what I have coming! I never did anything wrong to this women. I treated her like a queen! I did not used her or anything like that! I trully loved that women but it do not surprise me because its always been about dee! Now I had to ask my brother to get in touch with the court in victorville and get a docket of the case back there so I can let them know what transcripts I need. I am going to do what I have to do to have them posted on the websit so you all can see the testimony I have spoken of on the site. Its going to cost me money to get the transcripts but I will get them.

I have to find someone who manage my website for me. The brother who is doing it for me right now only builds them and if you all know someone who do this for a living and wont charge me a arm and a leg please let them get in touch with me so I can check them out. Well I am going to end this for now. I hope and pray you all are safe and recieving gods blessing. God willing I will hear from you. Take care and be strong and positive!!!”



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Valentine Underwood stated in a letter dated 11/4/13.

“Today is November 4, 2013. I an still waiting for the judge to rule on the Motion to dismiss I argued on 9/17/13. After arguing it I reminded the cour that the Asst District Attorney had not responded to my prior Motion for discovery (more…)

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The Truth(more…)

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Souls with Shoes(more…)

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Valentine Underwood stated in a letter dated 10-10-13.

“Please, bear with me. I just found out what a blog is. I have to get use to writing as if I am speaking to a group of people. Its almost scary thinking alot of people could be reading what I have to say and I am not the scary type. (more…)

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“On September 17, 2010 Assistant District Attorney Kate Mac Dougle convened a grand jury to indict me on the charges of Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Rape for a crime which allegedly occurred on May 20, 1988.

During the presentation of the rape charge she stated “said defendant having been previously convicted of said offense“. This information is incorrect and prejudicial and was used to obtain the indictment that was used to have me transferred from California to Massachusetts pursuant to a Interstate Agreement on Detainers (IAD).

After reviewing the Grand Jury minutes and researching the charges. I learned the Aggravating Kidnapping charge was not in existence when the alleged crime occurred in 1988. I also learned the incorrect prejudicial statement presented to the Grand Jury was used to apply Aggravating Rape charge, these acts is in violation of the Expost Facto.

On May 15, 2013 I had my lawyer Mr. Joseph Collins submit a motion to dismiss addressing the Assistant District Attorney knowingly presenting incorrect prejudicial information to the Grand Jury on September 17, 2010 and applying charges in violation of the Expost Facto.”

Please Read The Motion To Dismiss Below.


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On a recent letter dated 11-1-13 Valentine Underwood stated:

“…I’ve been trying to get in touch with a friend name Alana about getting my transcripts from my Wife so I can post them.”

Alana, on behalf of Valentine Underwood please feel free to contact him via his personal email address at All emails Valentine receives are forwarded to him within days.

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“My mom, cousin, nephew and brother is coming to town to visit me on 10-5-13 and 10-6-13. So I am very excited to get to see them! (more…)

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Well, I finally got to see the Doctor on 9-11-13. About seven C.O’s (Correctional Officers) came in helmets and vest and shields to take me to see a doctor. She so call examined me with them standing all around me. They also moved me to another cell #58.

I received a copy of my medical file. They charged me $40 for 50 pages of medical records. I have no choice but to file the excessive force allegations and the denying access to medical care to the federal courts for redress.

I am not one who goes around looking for things to sue people for. They not only used excessive force on me. They turned off all the water in my cell when I was covered with pepper spray. Then on top of that they played with my food! Then refused me medical care from 8-17-13 through 9-11-13.

Hell, I can even understand these things if I done something to them! But, damn they whipped on me!!

I argued my motion to dismiss the charges here in Massachusetts on 9-17-13. The court has yet to rule on it. The motion is one of the exhibits on the site. Go check it out. I’ll let you all know what the court’s ruling is. If he deny it I’ll be able to appeal his ruling to one judge who rules rather the three panel judges get to review it or he might rule it’s a post trial appeal to be taken up then.

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UPDATE 9-4-13: Valentine Underwoods’ court date has been changed. We will update the information as soon as we learn of the new date.

Valentine Underwood stated in a recent letter:

“I am arguing a motion to dismiss the charges and I would welcome anyone who wants to come and see the proceedings at Salem Superior Court.”

For directions to Salem Superior Court in Salem, Massachusetts please use the map below.

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In a recent letter dated 8-27-13 written by Valentine Underwood, who is currently housed in Massachusetts’ MCI Cedar Junction at Walpole Jail stated:

“I was hurt on 8-15-13, my birthday. I have not been able to get medical care. I was jumped on by 10-12 C.O’s (Correctional Officers). They dislocated my left shoulder. They re-injured my right elbow and they injured my left leg (Knee, Ankle & Foot). I’ve been locked in the cell since 8-17-13 without a shower or medical care since my injuries won’t let me be able to be handcuffed behind my back!!! They said if I can’t put on one pair of hand cuffs behind my back I can’t leave the cell! I’ve been denied medical care, showers, some meals and all out of the cell time since 8-17-13.

On 8-21-13 the Superintendent Saba & Associate Commissioner Grant came through and saw my injuries. I explained to them I have been denied access to medical care due to them demanding I wear one pair of handcuffs behind my back. I showed them my leg which is swollen twice the size of the other one. They still have not given me medical care. I had two lawyers come see me and couldn’t see them because I couldn’t put on one hand cuff behind my back.”

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Please check back soon for the UWood2 Blog. We are in the process of organizing a lot of information for this website and hope you come back to see what’s new regarding me and my case.

Thank You.

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After quite sometime of designing & developing the website we are pleased to announce that the full website is finally launched and live on the net.

We are currently in the process of uploading all of the information for the site. We estimate that it will take about a week or two from the date above to get all of the information up and running.Once the initial information is up we will be updating the website on a weekly to bi-weekly basis God willing.

Thank you all for your time and for visiting the website. Please check back soon or subscribe to the RSS Feed by clicking here and see all the latest updates as they’re posted on this website via your preferred internet web browser.

-Website Administrator.

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Fri, November 11th 2016

September 10, 2016
I received instructions from the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts instructing the District Judge in my civil matter to explain his ruling denying certain issues in my civil case against the Correctional officers there. The First Circuit also denied the defendants (correctional officers) appeal of the District Judges ruling allowing the excessive force claim to move forward on the ground they have appealed it on. So, this is good information for me because the judge did not base his denial on any law or give any form of reason for his denial. It’s as if he did not review my argument prior to denying certain claims. I presented evidence that’s please continue reading…

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September 9, 2016
I hope all is well with you all out there in the free world. I’m writing you from Solano State Prison. I mentioned to you that I’m now in a level 3 prison and as such I’m afforded more freedom than I have had in the 25 + years I have been incarcerated. I’ve also come to the realization that this is the first time I’ve been around people who are short to the house. You see, I’ve only been around lifers or those who have so much time that they have come to the realization that they will never be released. I also see how unprepared people are to leave these places to the free world.
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July 27,2016
Hello everybody, I hope and pray all is well out there in the free
world. It’s been a while since I’ve post on the blog but so much
has Happened since the last time.
I am no longer at Salinas Valley State prison. On July 21.2016 I transferred
to Solano State prison in Vacaville California. This is a level three
prison and its the first time in twenty five years I’ve been at a
level III prison. I’ve truly never had it this good since I’ve been
in prison. You see when I went before the Director of California Department
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Mon, July 11th 2016

June 13,2016
Ramadan Bubarak!! I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and if I explained myself correctly. I don’t know what I am so concerned about making sure I’m getting my message across. You see, I know I’m missing a lot of my communications skills due to being in here. I’m very limited in who I can really have a intellectual conversation with. Also being single cell limits the amount of conversation I have period. I’m not trying to put anyone down or trying to make myself better then anyone else. I’m just point out my own weaknesses and please continue reading…