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"1st Amendment rights violation"

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posted on | Tue, November 4th 2014

Today is 10-26-14. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged something. I sent 3 pictures to be posted. Two of them were taken in 1991 prior to being incarcerated. As you can see tight shorts was in style in 1991 smile!

I’m still housed in Administrative Segregation here at Pelican Bay state prison (PBSP). Remember I was telling you all I was trying or waiting to get my legal materials that was shipped here from Donald Wyatt Detention Center (DWDC) in Rhode Island. Well, I kept writing all the mail departments in here (mailroom, property room, receiving and release (R&R) and no one knew nothing about my legal materials. I submitted a grievance trying to get assistance. The counselor called DWDC and was told they sent it here. Well come to find out DWDC sent the boxes here twice and this place returned them so DWDC sent them to my mother. My mother then sent them to me and that’s where the problem started. You see I wrote the warden before I found out they came here twice and was returned to DWDC. The warden delegated people to look into locating my legal materials. All the time the court was ordering me to respond to on of the defendant’s motions to dismiss the matter in Massachusetts. Well I get a letter saying my 2 boxes of legal materials are here and they are contraband since the address on it is from my mother’s address. They were informing me I must re-mail them at my cost back to the sender. I then find out that Investigative Services Unit (ISU) is searching the 2 boxes of legal materials. Now, I didn’t have anything to hide but this search is a violation of the 1st amendment and the prison rules. All legal material coming to a prisoner suppose to be searched in front of him. Then ISU brings me my legal materials that just so happens some are missing. They are acting like they are doing me a favor. What really bothers me is this guy tells me he called my mom!! Can you believe that! He said he called her and the attorney Collins whose address was on the box.

Since I have come back here I have been having problems with mail. I’m numbering my letters to my family so we will know that they are accounted for. Several of my letters I sent my mom never made it their. That’s why I’m now numbering them. I ordered the USA Today news paper and I received on paper dated 10-16-14 on 10-22-14 and have not received another! My package of food I’ve ordered that we can get once a year has been here over 30days. I’ve yet to receive my TV. I told the lieutenant and Sergeant I haven’t seen TV in years. That’s probably why I haven’t received it yet. These people are very vindictive!!

Since ISU searched my property and seen the law suits I have pending I have heard the comments from correctional officers about “my suing people” and other comments letting me know they know I’m suing C/O’s. I get a letter from a captain of ISU about the letter I wrote to the Warden basically telling me when I was issued my property and telling me to use the grievance process. The fact is I probably still wouldn’t have my property if I didn’t write the warden. It’s damn if you do, damn if you don’t!

You know I have always been a person who thought it was a weakness to seek mental health assistance in these places. Here it is, I have a degree in Psychology and I thought that way. Well yours truly is getting some counseling. I’ve been having anxiety! I have been having problems sleeping. That Massachusetts prison really was a stressful place to be under the conditions they had me under. I really felt I had to reach out for counseling because I felt so wired up and it felt unbearable at times. I’m not on any medicine but I know I needed to do something. They also took blood test and found out something was wrong with my thyroid. They said they could be the cause of my anxiety too. I’m mellowing out now. I’m meditating and doing breathing exercises.

The situation I was confronted with at MCI Cedar Junction has been filed in US District court, District of Massachusetts. The case number is 1:14- CV-11055-WGY. I’m suing 21 defendants on nine counts which are violations. This is a list of the counts I’m suing them on:

  1. Making me wear restraints while on exercise yard time.
  2. Denying me all publications such as news papers & magazines
  3. Denying me religious services
  4. Denying me my legal soft back books
  5. Denying, intercepting, obstructing my mail
  6. Denying me medically approved contact lenses
  7. Excessive force incidents
  8. Denying me medical care
  9. Holding me in 10 block under punitive conditions


You can go on the District Court Site and read the complaint. The defendants were served by the US Marshalls on July 20, 2014, 2 days after I was transferred from there. Those people would have killed me if they were served while I was there.

Well I am going to end this for now. I’m looking for someone I can pay to do some legal copying for me. If any of you know a service let me know.

Take care!


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