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posted on | Mon, July 13th 2015

May 2,2015. I sent my family an update of the website. Hopefully they
have made the changes to the site for me. I don’t have access to
a computer or anything like that to see the site. So, I really have
to rely on what others say. My concern is that I am missing things
that are very important. I just found out that the document showing
that the DNA chain of evidence may not even be posted. Its so important
because it snows the only evidence they used against me “disappeared”
for several years according to the chain of custody forms. It also
snows that the Detective who submitted it to the Lab to be examined
don’t tell where he got it from. The main thing is this evidence
was not shown to the jury ! The D.A. and Judge got in some kind of
an argument which resulted in me not being able to call these two
Detectives to answer to where they got the DNA evidence from ? The Jury
have got to see this since this was the only evidence they had.
I am going to try to make sure you all get to see everything so please
be patient. My Nephew is keeping my Site and he works and raises
is Kids. So, I really have to just wait until these things can be
done.. I was told by the Muslim brother who use to handle my Site
along time ago that he had placed the chain of custody document on
the Site but its obvious that he did not. My Lawyer will give it to my
Nephew to post.
Well, I am still at Salinas Valley State prison. The : situation I am in
is, its better then the Pelican Bay SHU. But, this place really don’t
run a program. They always shutting the program down. They really don’t
care about the Muslims here. They mess over our services and its basically
because the Imam (State Employer) is new and he don’t know how to represent
us to make sure we get our services. I kaimarte not had limumMain in a Month.
I only had it one time since I’ve been here.
You see, the Courts has ruled that Jumah is one of the main tenets of
Islam and that the Officials has to give it to us unless its reasonably
related to a Penological interest. The reason why they deny us must
be. But, the Imam says we get Jumah once every week because he has four
yards and can’t do Jumah on all of them every Friday. They said the
last Imam did it but this one says ne can’t. Once they take Jumah which
Allan says is mandatory upon the Muslim, they can take anything. Prisons
usually always give us Jummah. When they are not taking Jummah they are

not running anything here. They almost never run yard. Its always something

that causes them to not run program. Its obvious that they don’t care and I’ll be damn if I
am going to make an issue about it. You know, all someone has to do
is address it on an grievance and then move forward because they don’t
give us the medium amount of yard time which is ten(10) hours per week.
If they give us the amount of yard time they have scheduled per week
it don’t come out to the ten (10) hours they are required to give
I just have to remember that If I make an issue out of things y addressing
them legally. They will only retaliate against me and then things will
be the same when my ass is locked back down with a bunch of lies that
I can’t defend. So. I’m just staying out of everyone’s way. It’s a shame
because as a Muslim I don’t suppose to do nothing when a wrong is occurring
but I can’t defend people who wont defend themselves. The are just
getting frustrated from the lack of program. Like I said, I am just staying
out of the way. It is what it is feel me ?
I’ve been able to drink some hot coffee. They let me by a hot pot and
I’ve been cooking meals with all this cell time. I ordered a CD player
and I am getting ready to order the Quran in Arabic s o I can use it to
work on my tajweed (pronunciation). I am going to to buy some sounds
(music) to listen too. I’m just trying to be patient. You see, in the
SHU everything is on Schedule. Here nothings really on schedule, every
thing keeps changing for the worst. It’s not constant.
I’ve been able to use the phone to speak to some of my family and that’s
been a blessing. I have been getting Law Library access lately so I am
working on my Legal issues. I just submitted a motion for transcripts
of my sentencing in the 1991 California case. They will help me not
only with the defamation claim with the book but also I am appealing
the $10.000 restitution fine I was illegally accessed.
I also submitted a response to the District Court pertaining to my Civil
Rights case and the Validation suit pending. I am waiting for responses
to my Motions. I am keeping busy wit n my Legal issues and I am watching

as many Sports as I can. I’m not studying as much as I use too. I realize
being locked down the last seven plus years and then coming out here
that I have been affected. I find its hard to focus and my sleep is
not normal. I just don’t feel comfortable right now. Well I figured
everything I’ve been through I shouldn’t feel comfortable. I have to
make sure I’m tolerable of others. People out here do things such as
make noise when they shouldn’t and just things that could be disrespectful.
So, I can’t take it personal because its not.
I’m working out whenever I get to go outside. I’m not in the best of
shape. I am having problems doing exercise routines that I use to do
so easy. I’m trying to get back in shape but its harder then its ever
been. Maybe its because I am not getting to workout daily. Its like I
don’t workout in the cell since I’ve been able to workout in the sun
whenever they do run yard. But its not enough to get back in the kind
of conditioning I’m use to. It might be I am just getting old. Boy I
hate to say that ! People tell me I am in good shape but I don’t feel it.
So now its Baltimore. It really don’t surprise me because this has been
going on in our society period ! I was surprised that the States Attorney
responded so fast the way she did. Now the Police Union is going to
go after her. They had the opportunity to say let the Law run its course
but they went on the attack against the States Attorney who usually
supports them in the majority of the situations. Its frustration on
so many levels out their as well as in these places. People just can’t
care for each other. People are always using their positions to oppress
people for one reason or the other.
A lot of it goes to the way the wealth is divided in this country. Just
think the top one percent has eighty percent of the wealth being generated.
That really makes no damn sense that people are struggling to make ends
meet while others has so much for doing less. The thing is they want more.
They are attacking the social programs they are out sourcing the jobs
to other country’s to save money. They are not caring about the society
as a whole because the think most people don’t care not knowing that
people are just responding to their situations. They are a product of

their environments. Just look at the way the mother responded when her
son was throwing rocks. She has six kids and no job and she’s out their
trying her best to fight the environment that’s pulling her son into
the cycle that destroyed so many kids.
You called her a_hero, for doing what mothers are out their doing every
day. Shes going to loose the war like so many have. Her son will most
likely be in jail in a couple of years and it wont be because of the
mother. Its a damn shame because I see them in here everyday. So many
of these kids in here are from the environments of despair. Then they
come in here and are just housed until they can get out and continue
the same old snit that got them in here. There’s no learning in these
places so ignore that rehabilitation word in CDCR. They use to give
the prisoners a status called AlA when they went to school for their
GED. That way they could get more yard and be able to purchase more
canteen. I found out they stopped all that, they don’t give them nothing
anymore. They really don’t care whether they are educating themselves
or not. They want you in these cells as much as possible. As far as
Baltimore is concern, I know Baltimore real good and its straight up
Ghetto in most areas.
I was once in love with this girl name Sherry who lived in Baltimore.
Her brother was a Baltimore Police officer. I think of her some times
and I sure regret a lot. She was very special and sweet and country-and
a Women. I think of her allot and they are always thoughts of regret.
I don’t know why I mentioned that but I did. I hope she is okay.
They gave me a urinalysis test last week. I laugh at that kind of stuff
because I don’t do no drugs period ! I got to smoke me a cigarette the
other day and I enjoyed that. It was the first cigarette I had in years.
I can’t belief I still enjoy smoking after all these years but it made
me relax. Its not like I’m thinking about the next one but I enjoyed
it while I had it. But, that’s as far as it goes when it comes to putting
things in my system. Now to be truthful to you I really don’t think
there is nothing wrong with weed. I just stopped it in 2005 and really
don’t miss it. Now it getting ready to be legal everywhere.

Floyd Mayweather against Manny Pacquio.. Let it be known I got Mayweather
to win in the tenth-round. I also got the _Capitals beating New York in
the NHL playoffs and I got the Wizards beating Atlanta in six games
in the NBA playoffs. Yes I am always going for the Washington teams.
I really think we are going to beat these playoff series. I just want
Mayweather to win since everyone all a sudden want to see him loose.
I’ve been keeping up with the presidential race. I laughed when I found
out that Hillary Clinton is separating herself from a lot of the policies
that Bill started as president as far as the prison system (Laws) that
has directly affected the minority population. I found out along time
ago that Bill did a lot of things that affected the African Americans.
His passing of the PLRA and the affects on inmates law suits and on top
of that the sentencing disparities between crimes and drugs used by
the Blacks compared to the crimes and drugs used by the whites. Yeah
Bill had a lot of Black people fooled. Don’t take me wrong he was the
less of two evils but he was not all that when it came to the policies
he pushed. I laugh when they say he was the first Black president.
Now I do hope Hillary win but they all are just saying what people
want to hear. She said she is going to work for the lower and middle
income. I think we heard all that before. Then they want to talk about
taking all the money out of the races. At the present pace spending
will be over four (4) Billion dollars in the 20016 race. Come on who
are they fooling. They even got the Koch brothers talking about changing
the prison system. They are talking about the laws and how they unfairly
affect certain people. I even read where the Koch brothers stated they
will no longer ask applicants in their company’s if they have ever been
incarcerated prior to the interviews, Wow !
As far as Hillary and the donations to the Clinton’s organizations.
Its doing what everyone else do. She sure did make sure no one got
to see her e-mail sever. The Clinton’s are very smart and they know
how to play the system and the Republicans can’t stand that ! I’m glad
to see them get played because they are bought and paid for just as
Hillary is with all the money Billionaire Tow Steyer and others give

I’ll be damn if I’m going to be one of them who just say the Republicans
are the only ones bought and paid for. Its all about who pumps their
money into someones race to get the favors at the end. Most of the
money is coming from that one percent so who do you think they are
going to look out for ? Its just the system that’s broke but everyone
already know this but what can be done ?
May 4,2015. Well Its Monday morning and I found out yesterday that my
family did get the changes for the website and will be updating it soon.
I am glad to hear about that and hopefully it will assist those who are
viewing the Site and will get interest in my Legal matters. I am preparing
several letters to organizations to have them review the Site. I really
need to get more interest in whats happening: That’s the main purpose
of the site. I think I need to do a better job. Hopefully you all will
send me your ideas because as I told you I don’t get to see the site
since I don’t have internet access.
Well, Mayweather beat Pacquio. I heard it was not a good fight from the
spectators point of view. The Wizards beat the Hawks and the Capitols
are up two games to one against New York. People find it hard to believe
that I enjoy Hockey and other Sport like Golf. I know they say that because
I am Black and people don’t see those as being Sports tailored towards
Blacks. I don’ t know about all that but I like those Sorts and I keep
up with them as much as I can. I just like all sports and I really appreciate
the hard work put into them.
you know I received a letter from someone and they express their surprise
in me putting these things on the internet due to their topics and me
being in prison. I understand what they were talking about. But, I want
the truth out their and I’ll be damn if I am going to worry about what
me trying to get the truth can cause me due to where I’m at. I did not
kill them !! That’s what this is about !! I’ve been in here going on
twenty four years for a crime that I did not do and I am not capable
of doing.!! So. I don’t give a damn about all the other stuff !! I want
to know where is the truth at ? You can paint me as a monster and all
that but where is the truth ! I just want the truth that’s all and people
has said and done things that are wrong and I want them to be held

accountable too. How would you fell if you found out someone wrote a
book about you saying you was convicted of rape and murder when you
was not ? How would you feel ? I mean this is bullshit and its like
everything is alright because he’s a convicted murder ! Come on man,
you started off with a lie and it lead to a series of lies ! Where is
the damn truth !!
You know, I never make myself out to be some kind of victim. A man
and I feel its not in me to be weak. But, some nights I’m up in the
middle of the night and I question God. I’m hurting and the one person
I can go to I question. I’m not an animal l I’ve always been one who
truly hurts for others more then myself. If people knew my heart then
they will know what I could and couldn’t have done . So, that’s why
I’m doing this. Someone has to bear witness to the truth !!
I found out that not only have the writer of that book lied and defamed
me but, there was a brief submitted by the victim mother in a suit
against the Marine Core that also lied and said I was convicted of
Murder and rape and further lied about me being questioned in 1991
for a rape and all kinds of lies. How in the hell can people just say
anything ! I always make sure I don’t speak ill of people and here
it is People are just saying anything about me without it being addressed.
I know without a doubt that the writer of this book also had her hand
in the mother of the victims submitting a brief full of incorrect info.
She stated she became close friends with the victim mother so I don’t
put it past her. Now did she know what she was saying was wrong 7 I
don’t know but it seems like you should at least know what a person
was convicted of if your writing a book on them pertaining to there
I don’t think I would be the person I am under these conditions if
I did not have a way of putting the truth out there. I caught myself
becoming bitter and thinking of giving them a reason for all these
years they’ve taken from me. I use to wake up sweating coming out of
a nightmare and the things in those nightmares was nothing nice. I
had to increase my prayers and I begged Allah for relief !! I was scared

for the first time in my life for what I was becoming. Yet I kept telling
myself or reminding myself that God tells the believers that its through
our test in this life that brings us closer to Allah and we must continue
to believe and work righteousness. I use to get on myself because its no
way I could be righteous ! I’ve done a lot of wrong in life so how could
I be righteous. But I learned we all can be righteous if we work at
doing what God tells us to do and abstain from what he tells us not
to do. That and having this out let has made me continue to be a good
man. I am going to end this for now. I hope you all understand what
I am saying. Take care of yourselves. I hope to hear from you soon.
May Allah or whatever name you call him guide your actions towards peace
and understanding and love !!

Please share your thoughts with me.

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