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"Celebrating Ramadan"

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posted on | Mon, July 11th 2016

June 12, 2016
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been working on a lot of things and I’ve been feeling kind of funny about posting on my site. I’ve been wondering is this worth it but I had to remind myself this is for me. Last week a prisoner was killed out on the yard here. He was stabbed by other white prisoners. I know it sounds very racist when I speak of things in terms as of there race but that’s the way it is in here and that’s the only way I can explain it to you. Please don’ think I think only in terms of race because I truly don’t care what color a person is but the reality of where I’m at is everything here from who you are celled with to who you bring into your circle is racial. Well they killed him and it was terrible as far as what I heard. They stabbed him for

a long time before the C/O’s saw them doing it. Not too long ago the Northern Mexicans killed one of their people on the yard. He was there shot caller (leader) but something must have went wrong for them to kill him. He had gotten released from the SHU as well as the guy who got killed last week. This is the reality of these places. One must stay on his square and always be prepared to protect himself in these places. There’s a saying you need to stay ready so you won’t have to get ready. I have been having problems with my knees. I’ve never had physical problems in here other than incidents I’ve had with C/O’s. My knees have been causing me a lot of pain. I went to see a specialist and he took a lot of blood to run test as well as have me take a MRI. I received good info on the blood test and I am waiting for the results of the MRI. The blood test showed I did not have a strain of Valley fever that the doctor was concerned with. This Valley fever has killed some prisoners and crippled others. I was worried about that until I got the results of the test.
I am celebrating Ramadan right now. It’s my eighth day of fasting. I am really enjoying this fast. I have been doing things different for this Ramadan. I’m eating very little when I break my fast. I’m not doing as I have done in the past and eat a lot of food. I want to feel the hunger and truly move closer to Allah. I am readying my (1/30) of the Quran daily and studying as much as I can. I was feeling very good until I woke up this morning and heard about the killing in Orlando yesterday. When I first heard it I said to myself, let it not be associated with Islam. I really hoped this clown was not claiming to be Muslim. From what I hear now it was a hate crime against the gay community. I don’t personally agree with homosexuality but I don’t agree with anyone hurting someone for being homosexual! I do not have any hatred towards gay people! The thing is I use to when I was a kid. It was not accepted in the Black community when I was young yet I grew out of the ignorance and now I just feel people are going to do what they are going to do. I’m not gay so why would I care what they do. I have learned to respect all people not just those who is as I am. This guy goes in this gay club and just start killing people and then he gets on the phone while in the club and claim to be ISIS. That’s bull and he is in Hell right now! Allah’s punishment (wrath) is on him and that’s forever. People are using this ISIS as a cop out now! This clown killed 50 people and wounded over 50 people. I heard one of the witnesses get interviewed and she said the police just stood outside while he gunned down people. She was yelling at them to go in and stop him and they wouldn’t go in. I don’t want to hear any of the hero stuff when we are speaking about the police. They got all this military equipment now days and the weapons they wanted and they could go in there and kill this bum. I am fasting so I can’t use the language I want to use.(Astaghfifullaah) Oh, Allah forgive me! I don’t want to hear how professional they handled the situation or how they was concerned that he had a bomb. I don’t want to hear that because there would be no way I could sit there and listen to this guy kill people when I got a weapon in my hand. They was scared and all the weapons in the world don not give you intestinal fortitude (when every bone in you tell you to run, you stay and fight)! It doesn’t help when you have presidential runners making all these racist bias statements that’s received by such strong support. I’m not saying he had anything to do with this incident and I don’t think he did but the World is watching and the message they are getting is bad. I just pray that this situation don’t benefit Trump in any way because that last incident in San Bernardino sure did.
Muhammad Ali’s death really affected me. Just to see what he stood for and the effects he had on all people really bought me to tears. That was one heck of a man! He was special and I know he is with Allah in Paradise. He left the Nation of Islam and became a Sunni and hearing him speak about the reasons for his helping all people is truly what this Deen (Islamic Life) is about. I’ll miss him!!!
I’m moving forward on my legal matters. I resolved the excessive force case that occurred in 2006 at Kern Valley State prison. I settled and it basically just cleared all my restitution I owed. I litigated that case since 2008 and I know I could have gotten more and would have been successful if I would hve wen to trial but a bad settlement is better then a loss. I did learn from this and they will never get me like that again. The deck was stacked and the so called impartial judge acting as the arbitrator don’t exist. People need to understand something and that’s that Hell is not full. We all are going to hvae to be held accountable! Especially those in authority!
I am waiting for my criminal lawyer in Mass to funish some issues he is confronted with so we can move forward with that matter. I have prepared a lot for the appeal so I am going to be heard on the issues and I found out the judge retired after my case. I am pushing for a motion for a new trial prior to the appeal. It’s going to address the DNA evidence and the fact that the chain of evidence was broken several times and the jury did not get to see this evidence. I am also appealing a ruling in my civil case there. The judge dismissed all the claims except the excessive force claim and I know I’m not just ging to be satisfied with the excessive force claim. The excessive force incident was video taped and its obvious that he went on that in his ruling but in the issues he dismissed he did not give a ruling explaining his reason. I am going to win that on appeal (God willing)! I also found out about the lawsuit that the victim in the California case I was convicted of against the United States. She stated a lot of incorrect information including what I was convicted of. She was friends with the Author of that book with all the lies in it. I’m sure she got this information from that author. I’m not mad at the mother of the victim. She is a victim too! Yet I am going to have to have the record corrected. She lost the suit due to it being dismissed on appeal but the record is incorrect.
I am waiting to be transferred from here. I have been waiting for my ticket since April. I’m going to a level 3 prison. They past a new rule allowing people senteced to LWOP to go to level 3 prison and I have very low points that allow me to leave level 4 and go to level 3. Prison is prison but I suppose it will be a better place. I sent my family some visiting forms so they can come visit me from the Washington D.C. Maryland areas. I am looking forward to seeing them. I’m going to end this for now so I can do my Salat (prayer). I will continue tomorrow, God willing.

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