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"Crips vs Bulldogs…Prison officials pitting gangs against each other to prove a point to the Courts in CA."

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posted on | Tue, September 22nd 2015

Sep 6, 2015 I hope you all are doing better then me. Well, you should
since your free and I’m not. The last time I posted I told you all
about the riot between the Blacks and the Mexicans here. Well they
ran a normal yard on 8-27-15 and there was another riot which I was
in due to my tier being on the yard at the time.
This riot has to do with a’fight that broke out between a Crip and
a Bulldog. As a result the whole yard started fighting since the Crip
was Black and the Bulldog was Mexican. Now, the Blacks agreed that
this thing

was over but someone took it upon themselves to take off
on one of the Bulldogs why we was on the yard and that started the
second riot.
It don’t matter who started the thing but I know who did that. Its
just messed up because most of us don’t want this thing to go on but
its racial and if someone comes at you you have no choice but to protect
yourself. The SHU kickouts such as myself has more to loose and don’t
want this thing to go further.
After the second riot they came and took all my property and told
me I was being placed in the hole. After two days they bought me my
property back minus some of my property they thew away. They threw
some of my religious books as well as other property away. They did
not take me because they stated they were only taking those who was
involved in both riots to the hole. On C/O stated they was considering
if the was going to take the SHU kickouts after one incident and that’s
why they took my property.
Let me explain to you all whats going on. You see, there was this
case in California that ruled that you must give inmates yard within
fourteen days once they are placed on lock down. Now common since would
say due to the riot you can not give us yard together within fourteen days.

But, that is just what the prison Officials here is doing. They are
doing this to try to prove a point to the Courts. I seen them do this
before over the years. So, every fourteen days they are going to place
the Blacks and Mexicans back out their on that yard to prove a point
to the Courts. They don’t care if someone gets killed or seriously
injured. All they have to do is give the Blacks yard together and
the Mexicans yard together and transfer one group out of here. In
the past they have always responded to riots by transferring one of the
races out of here to another institution. But, this place is going
to get someone killed, hatch what I tell you.
This shit is not a game. I was on that yard and I faced off with
five Bulldogs and three of them had knives in there hands. I did not
have nothing but my hands. Now, I train in my cell over the years to
be able to protect myself but if they would have worked together it
no way I could have defended myself as I did. I was lucky and that’s just
keeping it real. I don’t have a damn thing against nobody but that’s
not going to matter because if I am out there again and I don’t get
hurt these Officials is going to place me back in the SHU no matter what.
All I can do is pray to my Lord for his will to be done and continue
to work on me because that’s the only thing I can change is me. But,
I don’t need this in my life right now. I was hoping to some day make
it to a level three yard and get to see the sky at night. I just can’t
get a brake.
They just came past the cells with a form which is used for an interview
pertaining to the incident here. This thing asked if we are aware that
there is any tension between anyone on the yard. Can you believe that.
They think that will cover them if something happen. How in the heel
can they ask that and it was a riot on 8-12-15 and 8-27-15 and everyone

been on lock down since then. These people who work here is a joke and
someone going to get hurt and they are not going to be able to justify
what they are doing.
Well I’ve been keeping up with the news out there. It seems that
Obama got enough votes to get the Iran agreement past in Congress. Well,
he got enough votes to be able to veto an act by congress to stop it.
They had General Collen Powell on the Sunday political talk show speaking
about it and he stated it was a good agreement. He is a republican and
he usually speaks his’mind and is well verse on the matter. I don’t
know where to stand but Iran needs to stop making all the threatening statements
against us and Israel. But its good that we will have more communication
with them.
I don’t want to comment on the transcripts I received from the Lawyer
in Mass yet. I can’t believe what I see on them but nothing surprises
me anymore. Them people are going to fry in hell !!
I’m going to end this for now. I hope this thing here can be resolved
without anyone else getting hurt or without me being locked away in the
SHU again. There was a special on the news yesterday stating that the
Court ruled California can’t lock us away in the SHu for being classified
as a Gang member. I hope that can help me because if I’m out their and
it happens again they are going to lock me back up.
Please, pray for me! May God (Allah) look over and guide each of
you in all your good deeds.

Please share your thoughts with me.

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