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posted on | Sun, February 1st 2015

January 7,2015
First let me send the peace and blessing of Allah (GOD) to everyone
out there. Its been a while since I’ve been able to post on the
Slog due to me not having access to a typewriter. I was sending
my Blogg to my family member and he was typing the information for
me. He works and have a family and kids and is very active in their
lives so I did not feel comfortable asking him to do that for me.
But, now we are allowed to have typewriters in the Security Housing
Unit (SHU) and I just purchased one so I’ll be able to be more consistant
with my posting.

On November 6,2014 I was moved from Administrative Segregation Unit
(ASU) to tne SHU. So now I am housed in the SHU and my address is
Valentine Underwood K84486 Pelican Bay State Prison P.O. Box 7500
Cresent City, Calif 95532. Oh yeah, my cell is C7- 110 So please
feel free to write me directly if you want. I want to also tell
you all who has emailed me I’ll be geting back at you once I receive
tne emails from my Nephew. I was told in his last letter that I
nave some and he will be forwarding them as soon as he have something
repaired on his computer. Please don’t think I am not going to respond.

I’ve been doing a lot of exercising and putting my weight back on.
I am up to around 270 lbs. I was at 250 when I got here from Massachusetts.
We are allowed to buy more canteen items since the last time I was
in the SHU. You see, there was a hunger stike throughout all the
California prisons to contest the conditions of the SHU’s and the
manner they were implementing the prison validation process on the
inmates resulting in being housed in the SHU for no less then six
years and as long as fourty years for some inmates. One of the changes
was the canteen we are allowed to purchase. We are only allowed
to spend $55.00 a month but if you purchase the right items (Soups,
Rice) and other high Carbohydrates items alone with a lot or fish
and Makeral for protein you can actually put on some weight,with a good
workout routine.

I informed you all that I am going to be reviewed by the DRB Department
Review Board. They are the people who decide if your going to be
released from the SHU. You see, the Courts ruled that they must
review everyone and since that ruling they have released over five
hundred inmates from the SHU. I have already went through the steps by
being reviewed by the Institutional Gang Investigation (IGI)
and the Office Of Correctional Safety (OCS) and they have signed
off on me being released from the SHU but the DRB makes the final
call. I am not really worried about it to be honest with you. I don’t
care if they keep me here or let me out. The reason I feel this
way is I never should have been it cne SHU in the first plac. I
am not and have never been a gang member. Once they let you out
of the SHU they can put you back in for just about anything. I am
placing my trust in the Courts that has my suit against the process
used to validate me. Its been pending in Federal District Court
for a few years now and have a very strong claim that it was done
for retaliatory purposes. So I am going to go forward on that if
they let me out of the SHU or keep me in. It is what it is as far
as what they are going to do when they see me.
I have been doing alot of reading. I read this one book called
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and it was a hell of a book.
It takes place in India and its very knowlegable on the Indian language
and culture. Its so well written you start identifying with the characters.
The main character (Lindsey) who’s given the name
Shantaram had escape from a prison in Australia and ends up in Bombay.
Its based on a true story yet he state there is some fiction included
in the book. Please check this book out! Its so good and keeps
you wondering what going to happen next. You really learn so much
about the people of India as well the mixure of people in Bombay.
I also read this called wild seed by Octavia E Butler. Its a wild
book on several topics but it covers the relationship between a
man and a women. They can’t die and they meet up to each other. This
book takes you on so many turns and it’s so hard to explain but
its so entertaining. I also read The faithful Triangle, The United
States, Israel and the Palestinians by Noam Chemesky who is a very
known writer and activist. Its speaking on some very tough topics
pertaining to the conflicts between the Israel and the Palestinians.
I do not consider myself anti nothing when it comes to the Isreal
(Jews) and the Palistinians (Arabs). You might think I would lean
towards Arabs because I’m Muslim but being a Muslim do not have
anything to do with being a Arab!! I am not an Arab. I am a Muslim.
This way of life (Islam) is for all! Allah tells us in the Quran
” We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran so you may learn wisdom”.
The benefits of the Language as well as the people who was in worst
need of the final revelation was the Arabs. But, its not about being
an Arab. With that being said if you will take a look at the history of
whats going on between the Palestinians and the Jews it a damn shame
that we have supported the Jewish people. The thing is I have read a lot about
the history on how the U.S. utilized the Israeli people to do a lot of things
over there that was just wrong. If the people knew the extent
of the damage that the Palestinians has been subjected too while being
labeled terrorist, we would really demand that the U.S. stop their support
of the Jews.

The thing is our people are so damn naive and lack knowledge and information
about the situation over there. We place our trust in our Government
policies without knowing what we are supporting. The thing is the Jews
took that land and they are taking more and more of it. They feel the
Palestinians are squatters or Occupiers of that land and have no Rights.
So, with this being the basis of their position they feel they can do what
ever and be justified. The Land have religous significance to Muslims
and the Jews. When you look at the history of Jerusalem and all the wars
that has occured over many generations, you get lost in who’s right and
who’s wrong. But, the war that’s going on over there now which began
with the six day war when the Jewish people took Isreal by force has
become so much worst then war. Those people are unable to defend them
selves and we have set back and supported it. Just read some of the
Talmud which is the Jewish faith religous book that states ” God is
very sorry that he created the Ishmaelites and that the Gentiles are a
people like a donkey-“or their belief that you Must totally_conquer
people, and how they must serve their Jewish conquerers and be degraded
and low and must not raise their heads in Isreal and must be in complete
submission.The thing is to disagree with whats going over their do not
make you anti-semitic. The fact is the Arabs are just as semitic as the
Jews. We have been on the wrong end of this conflict. We should use our
influence and demand a end to this conflict by re-establishing the agreed
upon boarders and a two State solution!! The Jewish people has been
victims of victims of oppression before, so why are they now oppressing
the Palestinians?

I also read some materials by the Sankor which is an Institute of Islamic
African studies. The piece I read is on the Islamic slave revolts of
Bahia, Brazil. Its by Abu Alfa Muhammad Shereef bin Farid. It speaks
of the revolts of 1807, 1809, 1814, 1822 and 1835. You see, I knew that
the slaves that was brought to this country was practicing Muslims. I’v
read several books and articles on this topic. I know that the areas that
the slaves was taken from (West Africa) was and is the home of Muslims,
during the time from when the Portuguese took slaves until several years
later when slaves was brought here. This is something that has been kept
a secret from the African Americans. Hey I am not one who dwells on being
the product of slaves but we need to realize allot of the problems we
are having as a society is rooted in the fact that that do exist when
you look at our history as African Americans.

Lets talk about whats in the media right now with the deaths of Michael
Brown and Eric Gardner. lets first agree that a DA can get an indictment
on just about anyone for any allegation. That’s a fact! Look at the case
they gave me in Massachusetts. The Grand Jury indicted me on a case that
I had never been to Massachusetts and the only evidence presented was
an allege DNA match on a case that was over twenty two years old at the
time. Now she did lie and say I had prior conviction that I did not
have but she got the indictment. For someone to not be able to get indicted
for straight out choking someone on video is a shame. But I do understand
this. We (black people) are not perceived as equals to white people!
When you look at the fact that we have only been out of being enslaved since 1865,
you tend to understand why we view ourselves the way we do and why many white
people view us the way they do. Come on people Jim Crow times was right around the corner.
It was during my life time. Lets keep it real, you can’t blame white
police officers who are working in the most crime affected areas for being
prejudice against Blacks who dominate those areas. But, that don’t mean
you don’t hold them accountable for their actions when they react on
those understandable prejudices. Not knowing some group rather its race,
religion or whatever causes prejudice. You put that in the context that
most African Americans has adopted certain characteristic that viewed
as aggressive to none black people. Its understandable to see why these
facts as well as the affects of slavery on the black as slaves and whites
as slave owners can cause certain conscious and unconscious prejudices.
Whats wrong is the way the society has excepted these prejudices and
has excepted them as being the norm. But to say we don’t understand why
our society is prejudice against Blacks is a lie.
Think of it this way and check the numbers if you think I am wrong.
Blacks was in slavery for over 250. We was then subjected to 90 years
of Jim Crow. Then we was subjected to 60 years of separate but equal.
Then came 35 years of State sanctioned redlining. What do you expect
when you are by-products to all these forms of legally allowed oppression.
Remember, this all was legal.
This country has to first realize that the ” freedom ” and ” Democracy ”
that this country was built on came from the rewards of slavery of the
black people. The fact is we can look at the 1860’s and understand that
its been estimated that the assets gained from slavery was more than all
other productive forms of generating assets in the United States. I mean
more than all the manufacturing, railroads an all other means used to
generate monies that this country was built on. Not only was all these
forms of oppression legal and acceptable but done with a justification
that’s never been address.The worst thing is that slavery and the implementation
of slavery affected the family of Blacks that has continued due to the affects (psychosis)
of over two hundred years of slavery. Dividing the family was a tool
that was used doing the sale of people as property. It was very common
to take and sell off the kids to different families as well as the spouses.
Just sit back and imagine that for a minute then you will understand why
the African American families are in the state they are in today. Hey,
This is not about disliking white people. That’s stupid because there
is good in all races of people but, to not face the facts of our history
and the affects of our history on where we are today is to not be ignorant
but to be in a state of ignorance. Until the debts are paid America will
never heal and be complete. Some say it needs to be paid in reparations
and some claim the educational changes will repair the damages. Who knows
where to begin but this country must first acknowledge the problems with
the cause of the problem. Until then there’s going to keep on being incident:
that result in the conditions we are now confronted with. The Brown
and Garner incidents happen every day in this world. I crack up laughing
when I see people who is surprised by these acts and the lack of justice.

I’ve been working on several legal issues. I just finish preparing an
Opposition to a Motion to dismiss filed by one of the Defendants in the
Massachusetts law suit. They have this big time Legal firm representing
them and they must really think I am not prepared. The thing I got in
my favor is the truth and I know that don’t always win but I am prepared
to present it. _I am also working on the California criminal conviction.
The case law I was giving showing the AEDPA time restraints don’t apply
to me was wrong. I am confronted with the only avenue to the courts being
an actual innocent petition. So, I am doing the research on that. I am
staying busy and I am staying positive. I refuse to sit in here an be stagnant
and just exist. I am going to keep on growing and Loving Allah (God) and
striving to be better in all aspects of myself! I am spending a lot of time
on me because I am the one thing that I can change in any given situation.
Sometimes we have the tendency to focus on others and not look at ourselves
and I am not being one of them. I still got Love in my heart and I beg
God to help the world. I’m going to end this for now. I hope hear from
you all real soon. Take care and God Bless!!

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