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"Facility on lockdown"

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posted on | Tue, September 22nd 2015

August 26.2015 Peace and blessings be upon you all ! Its been a while
since I’ve posted on the Blog. I’ve been working on a lot of things
in the Courts. The main thing I’m working on now is an appeal to the
Ninth Circuit Court of appeals. My validation Law suit was dismissed
by the District Court due to failure to State a claim. I’m sure that
the Ninth circuit will over turn the District Courts ruling. I’ve been
really preparing

the best brief I can. InM1Allah (God willing) I’ll
have a chance to move forward with this claim.
I am also preparing for the Court to set a date for trial in the excessive
force Law suit. I fought the Defendants Summary Judgment motion trying
to get it dismissed. The thing is the Court ruled my excessive force
claim can move forward yet he dropped my retaliation claim. I know without
a doubt the retaliation claim is very strong and I filed a motion to
Alter and Amend and the Court denied it but he misquoted the evidence
in his ruling. I was going to appeal the retaliation claim but I decided
to go forward with the excessive force claim. I have to pay $505.00
for every appeal and I just paid for the Validation appeal. I just
got a notice that the Judge just retired and I was given a new Judge.
I’ve been trying to find a Lawyer to do the Law suit against the Publisher
and the author of that book. I did all the research but I don’t have
any experience on filing Tort claims in State Court so I really need
a Lawyer for that. Its a matter of getting past the time restraints
and the book was just republished which I think gives us the opportunity
to beat the time restraints. Its no way we can loose it because there
only defense can be the truth and they don’t have that.
My Birthday was August 15th and we’ve been on lock down since August 12th
due to a riot between the Blacks and the Mexicans out on the yard.
I was in the cell when it happened and its best because no telling what they would

have done to any SHU kickouts such as myself if we
would have been involved. They would probably tried to say we had something
to do with starting it. Didn’t nobody no this was going to happen.
It was just one incident between a Black and Mexican that kicked the
whole yard off. That’s bound to happen whenever there’s an incident between
two races.
I can’t belief it but they are already slowly bring us back off lock down.
They started yesterday by letting two Mexicans and two Blacks out to
the yard. Today they added a couple more of each race including the
Asians. They told us the SHU kickouts will most likely be the last
ones they let out. Its only about eight Shu kickouts on this yard I’m
on. So, I’ll probably be on lock down for a few more weeks or whatever.
Today I heard about the news reporter and her camera man being killed
in Virginia. Man, that bad ! Its so much killing out there ! It should
be called bad news instead of news. All we can do is pray for their
I’ve been keeping up with the Iran agreement before the Congress. You
know Iran saying things like death to America and Israel ! I understand
what a lot of the Republicans mean when they say they don’t want to sign
off on it. The thing is if we don’t do something we are going to have
to go to war with them and this country don’t need anymore wars especially
over there. They are already trying to make it look like this country
has declared war against Islam. In a way I think we need to establish
a relationship with Iran and this agreement could be a beginning. A
high percentage of their people is young and they don’t like the direction
that Iran is going in. Hopefully something will workout and it will
be for the best. In a way I understand Israels dislike of this agreement
but Israel would not like any agreement between us and Iran. They are

calling in all there favors in Congress to try to put a stop to this
agreement. Iran shouldn’t be making the threats on us or Israel but
there’s so much hate between the Jews and the Arabs and we seem to be
supporting Israel no matter what. I really think Obama means well and
he has been the first President I’ve seen go against Israel on something
like this. I know Netinyahu and Obama hate each other but I think Obama
is going to win this one. I couldn’t believe the described some of
the Jews ” Jewish extremist” in the news paper. They caught some who
burned some of the homes of the Palestinians killing some little kids
and women. They are holding them in jail for six Months without charging
them. I don’t know what to say other than it bad and they all need
to realize the killing needs to stop and just establish a border and
a two State.
Donald Trump is really going against the grain. To keep it real I truly
respect some of the things he says because they are new to the old
way of doing things. One thing is he is not bought and paid for like
all the rest of the Republicans and Democrats are. I’ll take the crazy
things he says for the simple fact is he is saying what he really mean.
How many of us can say that about the rest of them clowns ? He just
took all the publicity and they’ve been trying to bring him down but
his approval ratings keep going up. I know he wont be the nomination
but it would be good if he was.
Hillary just don’t know how to make herself look good. Everybody wants
her to be the next President- and she just don’t know how to stay out
of the way. Everybody knows she was hiding something with those e-mails.
The fact is Biden can come and take it from her just like Obama did.
I hope Biden run and make it more interesting ) I really like him too.

They’ve been giving me urine test just about every Month since I’ve
been here. I’ve been here over five Months and been tested four times.
I’m not complaining because I don’t use drugs. You know, I use to use
drugs prior to coming to prison. Its something I never speak of because
I know what it has done to me in the past. Whenever I used drugs it
made me become something I wasn’t ! I’ve had all the opportunities
to use drugs in here over the years. I can’t stand that shit !!!
Now I haven’t smoked any weed in years and I wont say I will never
do it again. I really don’t see weed as a drug but I just have not
even wanted to do that. Weed makes me happy and smile a lot. It don’t
have the affect other drugs had on me when I used them.
I’m waiting for some new books and CD’s I ordered. I ordered the complete
Quran in Arabic on CD. I can’t wait to get that so I can improve my
tajweed (pronunciation) and memorizing Quran. Its this one book I really
want called Between the world with me by Ta’nahesi Coats. Man, this
is going to be a good book. I read a lot of his writings in the Atlantic
magazine and he is very sharp. We have a lot of similar ideas when
it comes to the past and present conditions facing the African Americans
in America. I saw him on the Charlie Rose show not to long ago and
he really impress me. You all really should check out some of his stuff.
Well, I’ll finish this tomorrow in mail it to be posted. Take care.
August 27,2015 I hope all is well. I am in this cell as always. I have
not had a celly since 2008 and sometimes I miss having one. When you
got a good celly you can read and workout together and conversate with
eachother. It just have to be someone who is compatible or it can easily
turn into a bad situation. My last celly name was Musa and that was
when they came in 2008 and placed me in the hole pending investigation

into the BGF and I have not had one since. I suppose to be able to got
to a level three prison after doing a year here. I have never been to
a level three prison and its so much better then level four prisons.
They just started letting people with Life without Possibility of Parole
LWOP go to level three yards in 2012. Once I get to one of them I’ll
find me a good celly (God Willing).
My brother don’t even talk to me anymore. The thing that people don’t
understand is how these places can affect a person. as I look back
when I was in Mass I was housed under conditions I would not wish
on anyone. When I got back to Pelican Bay I was glad to be back there.
I had lost over forty something pounds and those racist as C/O’s at
that place made the C/O’s in California look good. They messed with
my mail denied me canteen. Denied me all publications (Magazine News
paper) ect.. They did everything the could to try to break me. I can’t
believe I did not seriously hurt someone. With all that going on I
had a conversation with my brother and I spoke out of the conditions
I was in. I felt everything was coming apart. I don’t think many people
could have went through what I went through and keep it together. He
wont even answer my letters now. You know I love my brother and he
would be the last person I would think would turn his back on me. I
know some of the things he has been confronted with in life and under
no circumstances would I ever turn my back on him. It seems like once
I told him about a childhood situation he became distant with me. This
is the brother who is one year older then me and nothing could make
me think less of him. I’ve always been very proud of him and it was
not always good being his younger brother growing up ! Family is everything
to me but its not like that for everyone. I wish him the best ! My Mom

is doing good so I’m doing good !! That’s whats important
to me. I was able to send he some thing for her Birthday through this
company I found. She was so happy to get the gifts. I’m happy to be
able to do something for her because there’s nothing she wouldn’t do
for me. She’s okay and that’s what matter.
I’m going to end this for now. I hope and pray all of you find relief
for your difficulties. Value your freedom and do something important
in life while you still can. Remember either your digressing or progressing!

Strive to manifest something good build on a foundation of Love.
If the cycle is bad break it ! May Allah reward you !!

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