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"Getting released from the SHU"

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posted on | Thu, March 12th 2015

January 25,2015
On 1-22-2015 I went before the Department Review Board (DRB) which was chaired by the Director of the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (CDCR) ; to see if I qualify to be released from SHU. They released me from the SHU and put me up for transfer to a facility where I will be housed as a General Population Prisoner. The transfer won’t go through for about three to four months so I’ll be housed here until the bus come.I was very surprised by the Director. I am not saying this because he let me out but he seemed to be a straight up person. He really let me talk and address certain issues. I also did not feel he was looking down at me. I got the feeling that he is in a situation where he has to correct a lot of things that was done wrong over the years. Not once did he try to justify the validation. I truly think he knew my validation was bull yet he had to go through the process which he was good at. I really think this man is doing whats right for a lot of people that was done wrong. He gave me some advice and I heard him loud and clear. He told me he has no biases against religion and then suggested I be careful how I associate with others as far as my religion. I can’t remember word for word but he said it very respectfully and an understandable way. In other words I heard him loud and clear. He was speaking from what he saw in my prison file. You see, if I stay out of any kind of situation for one year I’ll be transferred to a level three facility. I have never been to a level three prison and up until last year or so prisoners with life without possibility of parole could not go to level three institutions. The thing is I know how to stay out of trouble. My disciplinary history shows that I stay out of things but I’m even going to have to be even out of the way. I really don’t get involved in the prison politics or any of that stuff. Its straight up stupid and it don’t benefit
no one. That’s not who I am. I don’t want to hear nothing about no one period, and can’t no one make me in no way be apart of whats going on. Some people don’t have a life and that how they do their time. I am always doing something constructive. I am either working out or reading or studying. The thing is I am going to have to be a lot more on my own. I am not going to except any kind of position in the Muslim comm unity. You see, In Islam you are obligated to form a community to worship as well as establish the responsibilities of those on the Majalis committee. There is no way I am going to do any of that and I am going to shoot that down real quick if they come at me with that. Its not happening , period! The last time I wrote I think I spoke about the incidents that’s common between the Blacks and Whites when it comes to the police. I was addressing it since all a sudden it has raised some attention. The thing I hope I stressed is its very understandable due to the perceptions that has been formed due to the history of this country. This is not an attack on the White man. Its addressing the fact that his perceptions has been formed as well as the Black mans perceptions has been formed in part through the history of this country. Now there is always exceptions of the rule. We are individuals yet one can conclude that not only has the conditions of over two hundred years of slavery affected the African Americans of today but it has also affected the White Americans as well. The result of these affects has lead this country to where it is today. The thing is this can not be seen as I’m trying to justify the actions
of all African Americans. What I want you to consider is that the African Americans in this country do not have a culture. When you are in a society such as America you are faced with the White American European culture. Now this don’t apply to other races such as the Asians, Spanish, or other races that’s in this country. You see, the conditions that brought them here allowed them to bring their culture with them. That is not the case with the African Americans. Slavery took our culture and our identities. We don’t even identify with the Africans that come here from Africa with their culture. That’s due to our perceptions that formed as a result of affects of the environments and teaching rather conscious or unconscious we was subjected to. How was Africa presented to us in this society as slaves? How was it presented to us during the Jim crow days? How is it presented to us today? So not only do we not have a culture we don’t identify with the culture of our ancestors. Lets look at the education system here since I am referring to the way we were taught and is being taught. First we have to face the fact that as slaves we were not allowed to learn. We not only was not allowed to use our language during the early slavery days but we were not allowed to learn to read or write as slaves. Then years later after slavery we was in conditions that segregation was the law. During this time the conditions of the schools was different between the Blacks and the Whites with the Whites receiving better of everything. Then along came Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954. Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote ” We conclude that in the field of public education, the separate but equal has no place”. Keep in mind that the Whites at that time began to attempt to appear to be bringing
the Black schools up to the level of the White schools in the South prior to the court reviewing the Brown case. Now Warren wrote To the effect of segregation itself, to separate Black children from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their states in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone. ” I Read this case and right here he is talking about the Black kids being conditioned due to the inferiority of the environment and resulting in a permanent state that affects their harts and minds! Now the Court also go’s on to state Education was perhaps the most important function of the State and local governments. ” This allowed them to push the implementation of the law to the District courts and two years after the Brown ruling not one Black kid attended school with White children in most of the former confederate States including Alabama. Now after all this that resulted in the integration of the educational system. What are we being taught? Are we being taught in ways that benefit us or shall I say the best ways that’s benefiting us as African Americans? The African Americans are presently being taught an Anglo Saxton education which furthers the cultural genocide of the African Americans. The fact is the White race had historically oppressed, exploited and killed Black people all in the name of Jesus Christ and with the sanction of their churches. The reason I’m pointing this out is not only was this legal but it was morally and spiritually acceptable. So, how and why should we learn from the Anglo perspective ? This is the reason the African American has been alienated from their culture and history eventually loosing their since of purpose and which comes from the African world view and conceptual framework, self worth and direction. Where is the African American education which comes from the African worldview and conceptual framework which is our culture. The Aglo Saxton interpretation of history as well as the way they teach clashes with the African culture that has eluded us as a people. The African American science of teaching comes from the East African origins of Cush, Nubia, Nile Valley civilization to the West African is its maintenance of a cultural world view. Read this book by Diop called “Cultural unity of Black Africa”. Moving from Segregation to Integration in the development of this country from the roots of slavery was a necessary and good thing but it was not and is not the solution to developing a society that all people are equals and judged as equals. It has damaged and continues to damage the African American. It like the best of two evils. Yes, we have progressed as people from slavery to where we are today. But,
we are still suffering not only due to slavery but due to the conditions we are presently in. When a person is sick the first thing a doctor do is examine him by looking at the symptoms. With the flu he ask him questions about how he is feeling? There’s a lot of symptoms that he can discover such
as his temperature, redness of the throat on his own. When he attacks the virus after getting his diagnosis he goes after it at the root as well as attacking the obvious symptoms. This country has seen the sicknesses that African Americans are suffering from. There are some very visible ones. Just look at the black on black crime, poverty, prison population, unemployment and other symptoms that is disproportionately affecting the African Americans in this country. We know there is something wrong. There is a sickness. So, we must look for the root of this problem so we can cure it.
This country has not done that. They have tried to repair the damage by doing things like affirmative actions for the Jobs, affordable housing, welfare and other social programs to address the obvious symptoms. Yet, they have not addressed the root of the sickness and that must be addressed or their will be a continuation of the same sickness. I truly believe we have a right and this country has a responsibility to assist the African Americans in being taught their true African American culture from childhood. Not only will this be attacking the problem at the root to discontinue the cycle of oppression but all of society will benefit from the African American learning from an African perspective. This is not about the Black teacher who has been taught the Anglo way of teaching to teach African Americans. That has not and will not work. This is about finding a way of getting those qualified to teach the African Americans education in the public schools to teach the children through all ages of development. This is the only way
we can truly begin to attack the root of the problem African Americans. Later I’ll discuss the differences in the teaching of the Anglo education and the African education. Pointing out that the Anglo Western society targets the development and maintenance of the left hemisphere of the brain
(the intellectual, logical, articulate, concrete brain) This is the brain that differentiates between things separating wholes in to parts, analyzing and enabling us to deal only with sequential phenomena such as mathematics and logic. Yet, the right hemisphere of the brain (historically facilitated and heavily relied upon for the educational development of our African ancestors) mediates spiritual, abstract, creative, aesthetic,artistic, athletic and rhythmic phenomena. This is the brain that notes similarities between things and relates them to each other and the whole. They are two different methods that directly affect one’s learning. Before I close this I wanted to stress that I never wanted to be perceived like I am attacking anyone’s race, religion or ideas. I have my beliefs yet I respect others beliefs. I am not a racist! I can’t stand people who lump people of a group together and claim hatred for that group. I am in prison and racism is very strong in these places. I refuse to become a product of this environment. I always remind myself that I go before my lord (Allah) at least five times a day in prayer and beg for his compassion. How can I not show compassion? So I hope no one feels something I said is an attack on them. Take care and I’ll always continue to ask God’s will to be done.

Take Care

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