after 21 years of being unjustly incarcerated it´s time to tell my story...the true story

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The Purpose of This Site.

“The purpose of this website is to first and foremost to show the injustices that resulted in me being sentenced to two counts of life without a possibility of parole for murders I am innocent of. As a result, I’ve been incarcerated for over twenty three years and have been subjected to several forms of injustices within the corrections system and without.

You see, I don’t know anything about the internet since it didn’t exist when I was free. A friend of mine suggested I tell my story “The True Story”, since there are so many lies pertaining to me. That’s why I have decided to create this website”.

Valentine Underwood.

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"Violated my First and Eighth Amendment rights"

Fri, November 11th 2016

September 10, 2016
I received instructions from the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts instructing the District Judge in my civil matter to explain his ruling denying certain issues in my civil case against the Correctional officers there. The First Circuit also denied the defendants (correctional officers) appeal of the District Judges ruling allowing the excessive force claim to move forward on the ground they have appealed it on. So, this is good information for me because the judge did not base his denial on any law or give any form of reason for his denial. It’s as if he did not review my argument prior to denying certain claims. I presented evidence that’s please continue reading…

"Short timers to the house not prepared"

Fri, November 11th 2016

September 9, 2016
I hope all is well with you all out there in the free world. I’m writing you from Solano State Prison. I mentioned to you that I’m now in a level 3 prison and as such I’m afforded more freedom than I have had in the 25 + years I have been incarcerated. I’ve also come to the realization that this is the first time I’ve been around people who are short to the house. You see, I’ve only been around lifers or those who have so much time that they have come to the realization that they will never be released. I also see how unprepared people are to leave these places to the free world.
The fact is lifers take things more seriously. We know that these please continue reading…

"Transferred to Solano State Prison"

Mon, September 12th 2016

July 27,2016
Hello everybody, I hope and pray all is well out there in the free
world. It’s been a while since I’ve post on the blog but so much
has Happened since the last time.
I am no longer at Salinas Valley State prison. On July 21.2016 I transferred
to Solano State prison in Vacaville California. This is a level three
prison and its the first time in twenty five years I’ve been at a
level III prison. I’ve truly never had it this good since I’ve been
in prison. You see when I went before the Director of California Department
of Corrections and rehabilitation CDCr in January 2015 in the SHU. He
told me please continue reading…

"Intellectual Conversations"

Mon, July 11th 2016

June 13,2016
Ramadan Bubarak!! I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and if I explained myself correctly. I don’t know what I am so concerned about making sure I’m getting my message across. You see, I know I’m missing a lot of my communications skills due to being in here. I’m very limited in who I can really have a intellectual conversation with. Also being single cell limits the amount of conversation I have period. I’m not trying to put anyone down or trying to make myself better then anyone else. I’m just point out my own weaknesses and please continue reading…