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posted on | Mon, July 11th 2016

June 13,2016
Ramadan Bubarak!! I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and if I explained myself correctly. I don’t know what I am so concerned about making sure I’m getting my message across. You see, I know I’m missing a lot of my communications skills due to being in here. I’m very limited in who I can really have a intellectual conversation with. Also being single cell limits the amount of conversation I have period. I’m not trying to put anyone down or trying to make myself better then anyone else. I’m just point out my own weaknesses and

the affects they have on me. I know the only thing that makes any of us better than the other is our deeds, period! I just know I really have a desire to have some good conversation. I miss that so much and some day I’ll be blessed to have someone in my life who I can engage on several levels. I’m not saying the conversation with family isn’t constructive but family’s main concern is each others health and things like that. We don’t really speak about our views on things pertaining to life.
I realized how proud I was of Muhammad Ali and how the next day I hoped the incident in Orlando was not done by one who alleges to be a Muslim. Once I heard it was I felt like it was another step in the wrong direction for all of us. I just don’t understand why people feel they have to do things to people because they are different. It is important that people don’t look at this act and once again associate it with Islam because it is not Islam!
I have been having problems getting my mail out. It’s obvious that the gang unit here is holding up my mail for some reason. I could send this information to my lawyer and have him legal review it prior to sending it to my family to post. I may have to result to that if they continue to hold it for a long time here at the institution. I hope you get this in a reasonable time. Well I am going to end this for now. I hope and pray we all protect our peace and respect others while doing so. I pray that you all find relief for your difficulties. May Allah reward those who believe and work righteousness.

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