after 21 years of being unjustly incarcerated it´s time to tell my story...the true story

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Arrested in August 1991 and charged with two counts of murder, I spent the next six and a half years housed at West Valley Detention Center in San Bernardino California. During which time my ignorance of the law and faith that my innocence would be revealed, somewhere between the hearings and the trial that followed. I placed so much trust in the lawyers and the system in which truth is not an essential element to their justice. So even after being convicted over 17 years ago in December 1997 and incarcerated for over the last 23 years in total, I still cannot help but to ask “why” and/or “how” it was possible to convict an innocent man in an age of so called truth?

I am in the process of obtaining the transcripts to share with you the testimonies from the hearing and trial so you can see and experience them personally to form your own opinions of this great injustice first hand. In the meantime, it is my intent to list certain key events and points as they happen to help you experience it as I have lived it. Once i receive my transcripts I will show you them verbatim so you can read the testimony addressing each key event. There are so many more issues I will address since these are the ones I  remember by memory over the years with the help of my notes taken years ago.