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posted on | Tue, May 3rd 2016

March 17th 2016
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I have been very busy with a lot of legal matters as well as just staying out of the way from the madness. Today there was a riot between the Africans and the others. The others consist of the Asians, Islanders, and other races instead of Mexicans or Whites. I was in Law Library when it occurred and I’m glad I did not get caught up in this stupid stuff. I just found out what it was about and it’s petty and stupid as always. It’s a shame the way people keep making the same mistakes and no one is being held accountable. In these places when you let different races participate in this such as gambling or even play sports with each other you open doors for incidents to happen. It can never be a one on one situation. These people always pull everyone else into there problems. I’m so sick of this stuff! Well, I’ll be on lock down for a while and I’m not mad at that because

I really don’t have a problem being in the cell. There’s a lot of things I’m working on and it will just be taken care of sooner then later.
They had me scheduled for my civil trial in Massachusetts earlier this month but the judge postponed it until we finish with all the discovery. I feel good about this lawsuit because they are trying to lie themselves our of it and I’m catching them. There is a lot of stuff I’ll be able to show the court to support my claims. I’m also waiting to hear from my criminal Appeals lawyer. I wrote him and addressed several things for him to cover on my appeal. I’m going to make sure this is done correctly and I’m making sure he do just that. I was really disappointed when he mentioned that there was not any chain of custody issues. I mean it is so obvious and I had another lawyer review my transcripts and he agreed that it is obvious. He also showed me some other issues and I’m waiting to see if my appeal lawyer sees them. I do like my appeal lawyer but I can’t afford to put my trust into any lawyer. That’s why I have reached out to others as well as do my own research.
I am going to committee this month. I should be transferring real soon from this place. My level has changed and I qualify for level 3 institution. I’ve never been to a level 3 and I can’t wait to be able to have more programs. I have only been on level 4 yards for all these years but since 2012 prisoners with my sentence can now be housed on level 3. I qualify since my points is as low as they can go for someone with my sentence of life without possibility of parole LWOP.
I’m watching March Madness and loving it! I’m waiting for the games to come back on. There is nothing better than watching basketball all day. I’m waiting for the upsets to happen. Stoney Brook play Kentucky and that should be a good game.
I am having problems with my knees and I have never been injured like this before so it really is bothering me. When they messed my leg up in Massachusetts it has never healed. I really think I need an operation and I’m really not into trusting people enough to cut on me. I am in a lot of pain and it keeps me up at night because I don’t want to take a bunch of medication for it. I just don’t like not being 100% when it comes to my health. I’m waiting now to see a specialist and have a MRI done on my knees.
I really don’t know what to say about Donald Trump. I thought this was a joke but people are really supporting this man. This goes to show just what people really want to say is being said by him, no matter how racist and hate filled it is. Those Republicans are really hating him right now. He has taken over the Republican party and they really don’t have an alternative to him. That Cruz is disliked by them too so who do they really have? It’s going to put Hilary in the White House for sure unless something really dirty comes up on her with all the investigations they have going on. I really think the Republicans would prefer her rather than Trump right now.
Well my mom is doing well and I was worried because she fell down and no one told me. We are getting her one of those Life Alert signals so she can let someone know if she is in need of help. I worry about her and feel so helpless when I think of her getting old. I’m glad my sister is there to check on her.
March 18, 2016
Today I watched Michigan State lose to Middle Tenn state. It was the biggest upset of the tournament so far. It was a #2 loosing to a #15 seed. Man, I am really enjoying these games. there’s nothing I would rather be doing then this right now. The games will be coming on again at 5:00 pm and I’m going to work out in a couple of minutes.
One of my friends here has a lump (Mass) in his lungs and they think its cancer. He’s been down since the 1980’s and just did fifteen years in the SHU. We met on the bus on the way from Pelican Bay SHU and he’s really good people. He has strong family support and his wife has stayed down for him through all these years. I hate to see him going through this and I can tell he’s stressing and expecting the worst and I’m staying on him for thinking like that. He’s a thinker like myself as far as the way these places are being run by the kids in here. You see, the way we knew it to be was the older brothers kept everyone in line so stuff like this would never happen. But, our hands are tied by the prison officials because they will label you and lock you away for years.
I have not had time to keep up with my studying since I’ve been so focused on my legal matters. I’m always protecting my Salahs (prayers) but I’m not studying like I should be doing. It’s important that I keep on top of them but I’m falling short right now due to everything else going on. I really need to find the time because I don’t feel as grounded right now spiritually. I am going to end this for now. Hopefully, I will be able to hear from some of you out there. I hope and pray that you all find peace in everything good your doing. Take care!

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