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"Massachusetts Judge denies Valentine Underwood’s Motion to Dismiss."

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posted on | Fri, March 7th 2014

Valentine Underwood stated in a recent letter dated 1-22-14:

“January 22,2014 today I want to let you all know on 1-17-14 court denied my motion to compel a response to my motion submited asking the district attorney to tell me where she got the document that was identified in there discovery order 1 item 16 which was this document I have placed on my cite as an exhibit. This is the document that they used when I submited a motion on the atypical security mesures they have been using against me in the court room as well as in prison here in massachusetts. I am intitled to know where all discovery comes from pursuant to the rules of discovery, and -this judge denied me. The prosecutor said that the way they are treating me is due to my conduct not this document. Yet, I pointed out that this document is the only thing they used during the hearing as evidence and the judge ruling specificialy stated “due to the evidence presented” he was allowing them to use the security measures. Now they want to not tell me where this document came from that is full of lies and has been printed in several news papers and sometimes verbatim. Some damn body made up this stuff and they don’t want me to bring it to the surface. I have never heard of a case where the court denied someone the right to know where the chain of custody lies for any and all evidence! Well, i am going to appeal it to the supreme judicial court via interloc appeal.

I also found out the judge denied my motion to dismiss. Now, I have a copy of it in my exhibits on my website. Go and look at this motion and it speaks for itself. She lied to get me indicted and brought here from california. I am working on the appeal as we speak and I am going to post the prosecutors response and the judges response denying it and my appeal to the supreme judicial court seeking relief from the judges deniel. I hope you all look at it and you will see what is really going on. Todat the lawyer mr collins came to see me and I showed him what I have completed so far on the appeal. I am disappointed because they explain that the supreme judicial court don’t ussualy get involved unless its after a trail. They ussually deny you the right to have it reviewed at this point until theres an conviction. Yet, my issues is very strong and its obvious these are appealable issues. Please take the time to read them once i have posted them as exhibits.

They scheduled me for trail in may of this year. This will be the date for sure. I am having an expert re test the dna evidence. I am also hiring a private investigator to investigate some things for me pertaining to the case. I am looking at a couple of them right now and hoprfully I will find a good one because what I want the to check is important. Once I have finished with my legal peticians I am preparing I will write you all again and post them. Oh, by the way I heard from my friend alana and she sent me a nice card with some bad information leting me know my wife or should I say the women I am still married to but have not seen or heard from since 2008 nolonger have my transcripts. I was told she had them in her cousins possession and she threw them out. I am going to tell you all don’t nothing surprise me with dee anymore. I am going to make sure I get a divorce and I am going to use the court to get what I have coming! I never did anything wrong to this women. I treated her like a queen! I did not used her or anything like that! I trully loved that women but it do not surprise me because its always been about dee! Now I had to ask my brother to get in touch with the court in victorville and get a docket of the case back there so I can let them know what transcripts I need. I am going to do what I have to do to have them posted on the websit so you all can see the testimony I have spoken of on the site. Its going to cost me money to get the transcripts but I will get them.

I have to find someone who manage my website for me. The brother who is doing it for me right now only builds them and if you all know someone who do this for a living and wont charge me a arm and a leg please let them get in touch with me so I can check them out. Well I am going to end this for now. I hope and pray you all are safe and recieving gods blessing. God willing I will hear from you. Take care and be strong and positive!!!”



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