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"My neighbor has cancer"

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posted on | Fri, December 18th 2015

November 2, 2015

I decided to enclose more blog due to the fact that I forgot to mail this out last night. I spoke to my mom yesterday and she was not feeling well. It seems she has a stomach virus. I worry about her so much. Every time I hear of someone passing away I pray for my mom and just thinking about not having her scares me. My neighbor has cancer. I found out he had not ate in several days. You see, I am in C-section and he is in B-section Its a door between my cell (123) and his cell (122) so I

don’t see him every day I enter and exit my cell. Since I was given a job as the builder porter I get to go in all the sections to clean. Well, this guy has been getting radiation and was so sick he could not sit up. Well, I went in his cell and made him sit up and eat some soup I made. Me and his other neighbor changed his sheets and blankets. This guy was real sick and couldn’t do nothing for his self. Well I stopped at medical and told them of his condition and his not eating and his need to get medical attention. They took him to see the doctor and I was waiting to roll him back to his cell when they told me he was going to be taken to the medical place here called CTC to be housed. Now, when I got back to the building the C/O’s told me with smiles on there faces that he was not going to come back because the nurse told them he was going to die. They was actually smiling when they told me this and I felt so angry. I just went to my cell and thought how cold these places are on both sides of the cell doors. I remember hearing prisoners laugh when the news covered a policeman being killed. I always thought that was wrong and many times told others how I felt. But now I got to see that they many times feel the same way about prisoners dying. All this shit is stupid when we forget we are all people who have families who love us and we should never forget the humanism in our concern for all people. I think my daily prayers and my asking for compassion causes me to always be ready to give compassion to others. I think that’s why I have not become that cold and hateful person that a lot of people in these places has become. Yet they look at me as if I am the animal. Don’t take me wrong. I am not an Angel and I struggle to stay on the straight path yet I am one who do fight the battle and not surrender to my feelings or to what everyone else is doing. I am Muslim and that has to always be my foundation to stand on. That’s the difference between the believers and the non believers. The believers must continue to fight through our worshiping God. It is only through our deeds that we are measured to others. None of the other things matter. It is  our deeds which differentiate us from each other. Well I am going to end this for now. I hope you all take the time to do something good for another person out there. All we hear about is all the bad things ging on out their. Take care and I hope to hear from some of you.

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