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"POTUS refuses to be a puppet of Israel"

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posted on | Mon, March 16th 2015

March 5, 2015 I hope and pray this letter finds you all in the best health. As I sit here in this cell and write on this blog it’s important that my opinion don’t offend anyone yet I want to relay what I think and support it with as many facts as I can.
I realize the topics I most speak on relates to religion and social issues dealing with race. The true purpose of this Blog was to let people know the situations I’ve been subjected too and my attempts to find truth. It was not to criticize people because who in the hell am I to criticize someone! Yet I feel people are not seeing things that I see due to the many responsibilities you a11 have we in here don’t. I feel you are so much in to it that you don’t see it. So, I find myself wanting to share things with you that hopefully can help you see things from a different view.
As I sit in hear I’m really trying to continue to learn. I have a hunger that unfortunately I did not have when I was not in these places. As a Muslim I’ve learned that knowledge is my property that I don’t have to ask for it. It is mines for the taking so I strive to learn more beginning with myself and my responsibility to Allah. It’s through this that I’m learning my responsibilities in all aspects of my life. My goal is to be pleasing to Allah (God) knowing that if I am pleasing to him I am successful in this life and the next life!
You know, when I came to prison and realized these places function on racism due to the gang environments as well as the people who run these places. I made sure that I would not become a part of the environment as far as the Gangs go. I did not know nothing about Bloods and Crips or none of the other Gangs in prison. Being born and raised in Washington D.C. during my generation these things did not exist. So I made sure I did not become a part of any of that. I was very hesitant to become a Muslim due to the fact that it would make me have to become a part of something. But Allah is the best of planners and the Deen touched my Heart and Soul and truly answered all the questions that were never answered before. I had no choice when it came to Islam. So all my perspectives come from an Islamic view, or they should come from n Islamic view. I’m still learning daily and it’s a process that’s changing me for the better.
I’m missing my sister Collete. I caught myself thinking about writing her a letter the other day. I use to always write her once and awhile to just say I love you to her. She would always write me back and tell me what she had going on. I’ve lost my Grandma and my father and two sisters since I’ve been in prison. Someone in here lost his Mother yesterday and the thought brought tears to my eyes. I really could not sleep well last night thinking about that. You know, Islam has made me such compassionate person. I feel so much for others that I really don’t understand how people who say they are Muslim can do some of the things they are doing. That’s why I am always defending Islam because I’ve learned how truly beautiful and loving it is. There have been a lot of things being said about the president not using the term “Islamic extremist” I’ve even caught myself using the term to describe terrible things that people was doing who claim to be Muslims. The thing is anyone that is applying Islam in its extreme would be the example of the Prophet (BPUH). They would not do the things such as behead people or be human bombs and all the other things that are not Islamic that some would want you to think. Using this term would do just what those who are doing these things are trying to promote. The President knows this and that’s why he refuses to use that term. As far as the people some of who has been congressmen who think we can’t fight an enemy without first identifying them. We need to identify them by there acts not by what they claim justify their acts. Islam does not justify their acts! I’ve also been keeping up on the situation with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu breaking protocol addressing the Congress on the negotiations between the U.S. and Iran. It’s obvious that this is nothing but certain Congress members (Boehner) using him to exploit the partisan environment in this country. Also it’s Netanyahu who wants to take this opportunity to further his agenda of fear mongering and attempting to cause a war. Everyone knows Netanyahu has problems with President Obama. Obama refuses to be his puppet in ways that all other past presidents have been. When he made the statement that their needs to be a little space between the U.S and Israel, that comment was unheard of coming from any President of the U.S.
Don’t take me wrong the president has no choice but to continue to support Israel. But he has not let them dictate his policies when dealing with the negotiations with Iran. He notices that there have been some changes in Iran with this new president they have. This president has shown that he has the support of the religious leaders in Iran while speaking very liberal about their relationship with the United States and the rest of the world. Israel doesn’t want to hear none of that!
You know, I have to give Israel allot of credit on the approach they have taken since the Holocaust. They have owned that and used it and have never let it go! They will never let themselves or t heir people or others forget about the Holocaust. The Holocaust has been the central foundation of Israel. They have used that energy to get away with things that no other people could get away with. All the time receiving and demanding sympathy. They have never and will never let their kids forget about this. You see, that’s what we as African Americans failed to do. We have forgotten about slavery. We don’t want to remember that! We have either tried to convert to the ways of others who has an identity (culture) which do not fit who we are. Many of us function purely on feelings (emotions) bringing everything from that which results in violence rooted in self hatred. We don’t see ourselves as a victim who has been wronged. We just accept it as being apart of history not realizing that its his-story and not ours that has affected us and continue to affect us! We have not held on to it as the Jews have. You have to give the Jews their props when it comes to the way they have used the Holocaust. Remember when the Jews accepted the apologies from the Germans they made them pay financial restitution before establishing diplomatic relations. Right now Germany shows all kinds of support for Israel. They actually has regret for the things they subjected the Jews too. This was due to the Jews never letting anyone forget what they was subjected too. It’s been very effective and a tool used to further their agenda. They will tell you they will never walk freely to the gas chambers again! There’s a saying that’s commonly known by the Jews that “never again will Jews go like lambs to the slaughter “. I am not being condescending when I point this out. They have used it to benefit them. Just listen to the conversation of the Jewish people. They always lead the conversation to the Holocaust mixed with the fact that they are surrounded by their enemies. Why have we forgotten what this country subjected us to for hundreds of years? We even tricked ourselves into thinking that the North helped end slavery. All the time forgetting that many of the fifty five great gentlemen who created that great document called the United States Constitution was actually slave owners at the time they wrote it. When are we going to ask for restitution or reparations for the things that obviously continue to affect us as people? When are we going to admit that we do have a problem and stop biting into the impression that everyone has a chance for the American dream? Hey just now the Correctional office handed me a letter of my blog that I mailed January 23 to be posted March 5, 2015 and it’s just coming back stating that it has an unknown address on it. That’s bull because I know my Nephews address by memory. It’s these people playing with my mail. So, now I have to resend it with this information to be posted. Here I am thinking you all been seen this information and now I am finding out its not even posted. I’ll end this for now. There’s nothing I can do. Take care and I’m not going to post anything until I’ve left this place. I just can’t stand to be subjected to things like this for no other reason other than they can do it and get away with it.

God Bless You all!

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