after 21 years of being unjustly incarcerated it´s time to tell my story...the true story

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One of my brothers, who reviewed this website felt I should focus on the mistakes that occurred during the trial since that is the only thing that really counts. I understand what he is saying yet he hasn’t experienced the things I am finally being able to address with others rather than myself. This may sound strange to you but just the idea of someone hearing this makes me feel like I’ve been under water for years and I just got a breath of fresh air. I also feel it is important that people see evidence that show the possibilities of others being the perpetrators of this crime as well as the mishandling of evidence that supports my innocence.

The realization is not only am I innocent of these murders but someone or others have gotten away with murder. What I aw at that crime scene was the acts of an animal. As I stated the day of my sentence. If you think I did this then I should be put to death! So I felt it is important that you see these acts of occurrences that can point to the true perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime!

As I pointed out earlier I don’t think I will ever get out of prison. I had to come to that conclusion for purposes of keeping my sanity. I must strive to be successful even in these environments. My goal in life is not only to be successful in this life but in the hereafter which is greater for the believers.

I am going to now show  you some other things that occurred during the 1991 murders. A lot of these things was mentioned in that book and some of them wasn’t. The private investigator who worked for my lawyers is Mr. Lee Johnson.

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