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"The Terrorist attacks in Paris France"

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posted on | Sun, February 1st 2015

January 8, 2015
I wanted to speak about what happened yesterday in Paris France. I just
heard about the killings done by alleged Muslims. There was several people
murdered for the information they prented in the news paper pertaining
to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). They say these killings was
done because of some cartoons that made disrespectful depictions of the
Prophet (PBUH). Let me start by saying the Prophet (PBUH) is the example
of all Muslims. We love him as we love all of Allahs Prophets. Yet, we
have a deeper Love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) do to him being the seal
of the Prophets and the one who received the holy Quran from Angel Gabriel
who we believe sent revelations to all the Prophets of Allah. So our
Love for the Prophet comes through knowing him because to know him is
to Love him. So it do bother me when I hear someone say something bad
about the Prophet (PBUH). But, to kill someone for saying something
terrible about the Prophet is not only wrong but is not Islam !!!
What the Hell are these people reading to think that such actions are
Islamic? The Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) do not support
doing this kind of thing. They can not know the Prophet to do such a
thing. The thing is the Prophet is one of the most Loving and respectful
people I’ve ever known. He did not reserve his compassion for only Muslims.
He showed compassion to all of mankind. For anyone to say they follow
the example of the Prophet and Allah words (Quran) and do such things
is a lie!! I hate to see stuff like this because people really believe
that’s part of our faith.

Islam has made me so much more Loving. My Love for Allah
and the Prophet (PBUH) has made me first and foremost change myself to
be pleasing to Allah. It has also made me love humanity as well as the
animals and all other aspects of Allah creations. It has made me be
aware of all that I say, do, think. Don’t take me wrong. There is things
that people do that is against Islam that I don’t agree with. But, I
beg for compassion daily in prayer so how can I not show compassion.
Hey, Islam also don’t tell me to be anyone’s victim. I will not turn the
other cheek! Oppression is worst the slaughter! So I am not to be
oppressed,but the Sunnah (Path) shows me how to conduct myself under
any circumstance. But my rights are no special then others rights.
I just hate the way people do these things and then try to justify them
by using Islam. I said a prayer for the people who were killed and for
those who did it shall meet Allah on the day of judgement.

I just hope no one attacks us again because there’s a lot of animosity
towards this country because of our unconditional support of Israel.
That’s a fact and we need to be aware of that fact. I do not think
these acts that we have been subjected to was because of others
religious beliefs. Islam teaches religious tolerance. Its not because
of the social acceptable practices that go against the Islamic teachings.
They see this country as being in the role of attacking Islam due to
the support we have given Israel when they have done things that where
clearly wrong. Then they see things like the torturing we’ve done that
they further use to support their belief that we Ore attacking Islam.
This country was always perceived as being on the high road. We are not
seen that way anymore. Take care. may Allah (GOD) bless you all!!

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