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posted on | Tue, March 11th 2014

Valentine Underwood recently stated in a letter dated 2-1-14:

February 1,2014 well I finally got sick. I have not been sick in a lot of years, but now I have a cold. I forgot how much of a sucker I am when it comes to getting sick (smile). All my ex’s use to tell me I became a baby when I get sick and they was not lying. Check this out, I went to see the Doctor about having to use the bathroom so much. She stated I have a high level of creatin and she wanted me to have this procedure to check my blatter. Well first she take a urine sample and check me for blood in the stool and I’m all good. Then she tells me she wants me to fill up on water and once I urinate they want me to let them give me a catheter which means they stick this rod in your penis to see if there is more urine in your blatter. This test will let them know if your blatter is or is not empty after you use the bathroom. Well, I agree to this test because she made it sound necessary.

Yesterday the nurse tells me to drink a lot of water and when I have to use the bathroom let the C/O’s know and they will take me to HSU which is where the medical examination rooms and offices is. Well, I let them know and the next thing I know there’s six c/o’s at my door with riot gear on (helmet, vest, shields) noe the Lt. Rego is with them and I asked him what’s up with this? He stated it per the superintendent. I say I am not on any status for this and it’s nothing he can do so I let them take me to the HSU. Now when I get a HSU they take me in the examination room and the nurses tell me what the process is going to consist of. Now I notice all these six or seven C/O’s are in the room with us. Now I forgot to tell you they also are filming the whole escort from my cell to the examination room on video. So I ask the two male nurses is they going to leave? They say they are going to be in there the whole time. So here I am with a waist chain on and leg shackles surrounded by six or so C/O’s one with a video and I am suppose to let someone pull down my pants and let someone stick a rod in my penis. These damn people are crazy!

I tell them theres no way I am going to let this happen like this so take me back to my cell!! Now, this is not on the C/O’s because they was just as surprised as I was. And later on when I mentioned the complete thing to the lieutenant he stated the video was of when they were in the examination room. The thing is I know damn well that’s not necessary and the chance of me being contaminated with all them standing around me with that filthy gear on and the fact that there is privacy issues. Here it is they denied me medical care when I was injuried on my birthday now they are denying me medical care again. The Superintendant and the Deputy Commissioner and the Associate Commissioner walked through our tier and I tried to stop them but only the Associate Commissioner Micheal Grant stopped and spoke to me. He was aware of what happen earlier with medical and he said that’s the way it’s going to be and my history proceeds me or whatever that mean. Now this is the same one who saw me injuried on 8-21-13 and told me I was going to see the doctor which I did not see until 9-11-13.

I told you all before I am not one of those people who is so quick to tell racism but these are the most racist bastards i’ve seen as far as the staff in these places go. Everyday these bastards get pleasure on seeing us freeze our asses off in these cells. It’s a cold as 20 degrees in these cells and these bastards are still opening the doors to the outside so we can freeze. The Captain and Lt. denied us an extra blanket and I asked the Deputy Superintendent Lawton for one and she made it happen and don’t you know these bastards do not like to see us even with an extra blanket. Just Remember this, its some fucked up people on both sides of these doors so when you hear about something happening to a C/O don’t be quick to think he did not have it coming. The restraint one many times has to have dealing with the people who work in these places is a lot. They would love nothing better than me doing something to one of them to justify this shit they are doing to me.

Excuse my profanity but I want you all to not only hear me but feel me! I am basically finished with the appeal. I sent it to the Lawyer Collins to get his opinion on it. I also told him to notify the court I am appealing the judges denying me my motion to compel I submitted asking the Assistant District Attorney to tell me where the discovery (document) she have been using against me and the papers have printed came from? Hey, if I am repeating things its because I don’t have any access to a computer so I don’t get to read whats on there already. That’s why I am trying to find someone I can hire who will keep me up to date on my posting and all. I need someone to take over the website for me. Well I’m going to end this for now and I’ll get at you all in a couple of days. Inshallah (God willing) I’ll feel better then and I’ll let you all know whats going on. I have not heard From Kevin who went to college with me. I sent him another card just in case he did not get the last one I sent him and his family.

Take care may God Bless you all!”

(later addition to this same letter)

“February 4,2014 on the first when I last posted I was telling you all about the situation with the way they took me to see the doctor and my refusing to have a catheter inserted im penis under those conditions. There is something else that really bothered me and I decided to mention this as well. The thing is as I mentioned there was two male nurses there to perform this procedure on me. The thing is I am sure that a least one of them was gay. Now I am not trying to disrespect anyone yet I am not gay and I really don’t think I should have to be placed in that position. Now I am the first to say neither of them has ever been nothing but professional but the process consist of me letting someone handle my penis who’s gay. Am I wrong for feeling that way? You see, I’ve seen guys in here disrespect people who are gay. I myself am not going to do that!

Now I am a Muslim and my beliefs are well grounded yet respect should always be given and that’s deen (Islamic way of life). I was going to ask him but once I found out all those C/O’s was going to stay around why they did the procedure it was v67 moot so I did not ask them. What do you think? Am I wrong for feeling this way? I asked someone their thoughts and she said they are professionals and that it should not matter. I agree with that if the procedure did not involve my penis. I do know I am in prison and I don’t have the luxury of picking who my medical care is supplied by but I am not going to let a gay man touch my private area!

They also told me just now I have visits scheduled for Friday 2-8-14 and for Saturday 2-9-14. My mother, nephew and cousin is coming to see me. These people are only giving us one hour per day. That’s what they give regular visits and they know they are coming from the D.C. area. Even the C/O told me they can’t believe I am only getting one hour. Once I said remember this is me, I was told no shit Underwood! I am going to tell you something. If I was walking around with my pants hanging off my ass acting ignorant, I would have had no problem in these prisons. It’s a damn shame when people look at people in these places who try to use there time constructively to be a treat! If I sold drugs and went around taking shit from people I would be okay because they would know where I am coming from! But you dare be the person who stop this conduct from happening and spend your time to explain to the youngsters they are somebody and they have just as much right to be successful in life as anyone else, then your a person of influence and your a problem!!

I know sometimes I just need to let them crash and mind my own business. The thing is I’ve learned when you do that it always comes back to bite me in the ass. The problem only becomes worst and due to the environment that I am forced to be in, I am subjected to the results of the predatory acts. I just get so frustrated when I see people get manipulated and played for someone elses benefit. It’s hard for me to sit back and let that stuff go on with out pulling someone’s coat tail. My strength is not giving up to these environments! As a Muslim and as a man I can’t!! But, I have to pay the price too!!

I feel a lot better today as far as the cold I caught. It was really getting to me but I was able to sweat it out the last couple of days. Check this out, last time I told you about the freezing cold cells. Well a couple of guys asked me if I would write up a grievance for them to submit on these cells and the fact that they have been doing some construction in the building that causing these fumes that’s giving people headaches and red eyes. So I do the research and I write one for them to copy and The first thing these people do is come take all the extra blankets they gave us. I am serious as hell!! That was the way they responded to those grievances. I would say I could not believe it but it did not surprise me one bit. Now what I was surprised at is how some of these guys could not believe it.

Let me tell you all some good news. The Superintendent spoke to me about a week ago and I mentioned to him that when they found me guilty of that disciplinary report on my birthday they took my phone calls from October till March. I Explained they also took my yard time and then gave me credit for the days I’ve been in the hole towards my yard. I explained they are not allowed by law to take my yard so could he credit that time towards my phone sanctions. Well, he told me to write him a letter and he will consider it. I wrote him and he dropped the forty five day remaining on my phone sanctions and now I have the phone back. The next time I saw him I told him thank you because he still did not have to do that! Well, I can check on my mom now and that’s very important to me! I am going to end this for now and work on this change of venue motion I am preparing. My argument is the jury pool in Essex County is so presumptively prejudiced I cannot obtain a fair trial due to the media (news paper) coverage. This thing was planned from the beginning and they did everything they could to make sure I would not get a fair trial.

All these lies they have printed the time I’ve been here and the thing that cracks me up in the media was there when I argued my motion to dismiss and addressing all the lies in the media and the lies the Asst. District Attorney told the grand jury and when I saw the article they printed. They just stated what I told the court as if they have not been printing all these lies. It’s all a big joke the way people think they have the market sowed on whats right! They can do or say whatever they want because of my situation. Well, if they are going to screw me over I am going to make sure I use every avenue I can to get the truth out there. I am not going to sit by and let another lawyer play me like I am a damn fool. I will make sure that I’m establishing a record for an appeal if need be!

Well, you all take it easy and may Allah grant you relief for you difficulties. God willing I’ll hear from you soon. Thank you!!”

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