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"Transferred to Solano State Prison"

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posted on | Mon, September 12th 2016

July 27,2016
Hello everybody, I hope and pray all is well out there in the free
world. It’s been a while since I’ve post on the blog but so much
has Happened since the last time.
I am no longer at Salinas Valley State prison. On July 21.2016 I transferred
to Solano State prison in Vacaville California. This is a level three
prison and its the first time in twenty five years I’ve been at a
level III prison. I’ve truly never had it this good since I’ve been
in prison. You see when I went before the Director of California Department
of Corrections and rehabilitation CDCr in January 2015 in the SHU. He
told me

I am level three as far as my points is concern. I explained
my sentence is LWOP so that really don’t matter but he explained that
in 2012 a new rule allows LWOp sentence Prisoners to go:-to level III
facilities. He explained I’ll be able to go to one in one year but first
I must go to a Level IV 180 ° for one year. Well that’s why I was sent
to Salina Valley. Well, I’m aware and I’ve never been given so much out
of the cell time.
You see, I get to walk to chow every morning and evening. I’v been cell
feed for the last ten plus years so I’m not use to walking to chow.
We also get so much yard time and even day room time every day. I can’t
believe all the different programs they nave here. It’s all kinds of
self help groups and other programs to either help yourself or others.
I really can’t believe the things they have going on here. As you can
notice I always place a small “r whenever I write CDCr because tree
the “r” stands for rehabilitation and these places make criminals before
they rehabilitate or attempt to. But, now I see these programs and they
really built towards rehabilitation. There’s a lot of things being changed
in CDCr due to the Governor Jerry Brown and all the activist bringing
attention to all the things that’s been going on in CDCr over the years.
There’s a lot of realignment going on as far as the Lifers are concerned.
You see, they realized that lifers are being given parole at about 401
when they get to level III prisons but only less then Z5 from level
IV prisons. Most of the lifers has been placed on these level IV prisons
and they are given these petty write ups to keep them there. The C/O’s
get a lot of over time on level IV yards so they keep things going to
keep job security and that over time coming.
The budget problems in California and the law suits brought light to
all these things and the Governor started making all these changes and
things are getting better. They made them kick over a thousand of us
out of the SHU. One of my friends was in the SHU for close to forty
years. Just think of being locked in a cell twenty two and a half hours
a day for close to forty years. I met him at Salinas Valley and he’s
Seventy years old and was working out with me better then some twenty
year olds. He should becoming this way in a year or so, (God willing).
The weather here today is 105• and its been over 100• sense I’ve been
here. I love this weather and I’m working out every day and drinking
water like crazy. I’m getting so dark from all the sun and my body is
also only going to benefit from these conditions. I just can’t believe
now much its different then what I’ve been use to.
I crack up Laughing when I here these guys complaining about such petty
things here. They just don’t realize how good they have it here because
a lot of them nave not been on real level IV yards where people are
dieing. I had a guy tell me this place is terrible, and all I could
do was laugh at him. He then asked me what do I think? I told him
he don’t know what terrible is if he thinks this is terrible. He then
asked me why do I say that and I told him about the conditions I’ve
been subjected to over the years and how I’ve truly see this place
as a blessing and he then stated he understood where I’m coming from.
I’ve ran into prisoners I have not seen since the 1990’s and they’ve
been on these level three yards since they’ve last seen me. They can’t
believe I’ve been locked up in the SHU for some gang validation. They
say the same thing, that they know I’ve never been a gang member and
I use to always get on them about being in a gang. I had this brother
tell me the other day that I’ve changed a lot sense the last time he
seen me. I asked him in what way, and he said I seem stand off ish
and not social like I use to. I told him straight up I don’t trust anyone
anymore. I explained now people have been used as confidential informants
against me and that nothing they stated was true! How I’ve seen guys
run in riots when they walk around acting all tough and stuff. I know
where I’m at and I know now to keep my circle real small. I speak to
all that speaks to me but I keep it moving !!
The other day I watch the Democratic Convention and I loved the speech
Michelle Obama gave. That is one special women. She gave one of the
best speeches in recent history as far as I’m concerned. She bought
tears to my eyes and made me so proud of her as a black women. When
she mentioned that she was living in a house built by slaves and the
fact that she has raised her kids under the light her situation has
afforded her. I wish I could get a copy of that speech.
I also heard Bernie Sanders speak and he really was necessary for the
party. He bought it more to the left and really bought attention to
a lot of issues that would not have been addressed without Aim. I really
don’t understand how one of his supporters could think of not voting
for Hillary. If they would vote for Trump they never was Sanders supporter,
if you ask me. I don’t agree with the email situation with the Democratic
party representatives showing support for Hillary when they suppose
to Pe neutral but that don’t nave nothing to do with Hillary. I really
do think tint the Russians what Trump to be president due to some of
the stupid statements he has made about Putin and Russia in general.
I’m going to tell you something else, there’s a lot of stupid middle income
White Americans out there. They are so stupid they will vote for individual.
In the Republic party that will not help there conditions based on the
fact that they will be voting for guns and against gays, period !! THEY
played and there biases and prejudices is the consistent tool used to
play them.
Well, I’m going to end this for now. I hope and pray you all are granted
relief for your difficulties. May the peace and blessings of God (Allan)
be upon you !!!
July 28,2016
Well I decided to add some more to the blog since I had yet to send
it to be posted. First I want to start by sending you all the peace
and blessing of Allah. Today is another 100• plus degree day. I’ve
been waking up though out the night at least three times a night due
to the heat. I woke up with sweat on my pillow. I’m not complaining
its just that I need to get use to it. The joke is just prior to coming
here my cell at Salinas Valley was freezing. The police use to open
my tray slot and mention now cold my cell was. I went from one extreme
to another so it is what it is.
I woke up this morning and begin to read this book called ” The five
schools of Islamic Law ” ‘ Al-Hanafi, Al Hauabali, Al Ja l fari, Al Maliki
and Al Shafi by Muhammad Jawed Maghniyyah. Its a very good book and very
informational about the schools or should I say their leaders mental
image of Islam focusing more on their similarities then there differences.
Its not a easy book to read but it is something I really need due to
the fact that where I’m at there’s Muslims from all schools in the community
The Imam here is Shi’a and its the first time I’ve ever had an Imam
who was Shi’a since I’ve been Muslim. I’m the type of person who really
don’t worry about what others doing but focus on myself as far as my
Deen (Islamic way of life) is concerned. I’m not a gang member and never
have been one so I’m not about to bang this Deen. I’ve seen so many
people who do that and I have to be real conscious of these around me
so I don’t slip and reinforce that behavior. I’ll really just listen
and learn in this community and avoid the fitna rooted in separatism.
I’m also focusing on memorizing the Quran. I’m working on Surah Ya sin
right now as well as certain ayats throughout the Quran. I’m just working
on being more rooted in the Deen.
The way I see it is I have my Faith and my health so I can’t complain.
A lot of people in here and out there don’t have that. All the things
going on out there shows that people are functioning as individuals with
their decisions made from emotions and not intelligence rooted in there
faith (religion) or love of God. There so much anger and bitterness
and the desire to act on it due to there feelings of desperation do
to there perceive conditions and lack of trust in society.
Well, I’m going to end this for now because they are getting ready to
run day room and I want to call my sister. She was in Florida on business
and shes back home in Maryland. I planed on speaking on so much more
but I’m just going alone with the things that comes to my mind at the
time and sharing them. You all take care of yourself and remember to
protect your peace. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you!!

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