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"Underwood gets transported back to California"

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posted on | Fri, August 22nd 2014

Hello, I hope and pray all is well with you all. At 3:30am on 7/18/14 while housed at MCI Cedar Junction Walpole, the c/o’s came to my cell in their riot gear plus a video camera. They had me strip and took me down stairs with only my boxer shorts and shower shoes on. They then notified me I was being transported back to California. I was taken to Providence Rhode Island (Donald Wyatt Correctional facility) and turned over to them until the bus came. While sitting at Wyatt this Major came to the holding cell I was in and told the c/o to open the door. He came in and sat down right next to me. Keep in mind I have no hand cuffs on!! This is the first time in years a c/o came and sat down and talked to me without me in restraints or without several other c/o’s present. This Major asked me how was everything going and he mentioned how he is retraining his staff. He spoke of the length of time and my Pelican Bay housing and so on. I really felt this Major was genuine! He was treating me as a man and after leaving the environment I left it was a blessing to see that some people in these places are good people doing a job that need to be done. We talk for a while and I told him about my website since we was speaking of the topic about convicts (prisoners) in these places helping keep kids out of these places. They have a program their where kids come in and the prisoners speak to them. I caught myself wishing I could stay there for a while and be of some use. All that time at MCI Cedar Junction dealing with all that unnecessary junk I could have been doing something constructive. That little time the Major spent speaking to me meant something and I needed that!!

The bus came and took me from their the same day and drove me to MDC Brooklyn which is a federal facility in Brooklyn, New York. I got to see the freedom Towers which was special as well as had a shower in the cell. I never took so many showers in my life. I was taking like three or four showers a day. I was taking one hour hot showers in the middle of the night. My body was looking like a prune from so many showers!

Now when I got at MDC Brooklyn I was amazed that the place was being run by African Americans! About 95% of the people running the place were black!! I was happy to see so many black people on that side of the bars. You don’t see that many people or shall I say very seldom I’ve seen people (black) working in these places in large numbers. So the case manager asked me why I was smiling and I told her, “I was glad to see all these black people working on that side of the bars”. She started laughing and we struck up a conversation. The thing was these were real down to earth brother and sisters! She seen that I’ve been in prison all these years and that I had been charged in Massachusetts and I told her some of the things that happened and I told her about my website.

I stayed in Brooklyn from 7/18/14 – 7/22/14 and they had the hottest goodest food I tasted in a while. Now, don’t take me wrong MCI Cedar Junction had some good food and the only time I complained is when I thought they was going to poison me but this place had good food and the only bad thing was they couldn’t put me on the Ramadan list so I had to break my fast for those four days. They also were nice enough to let me keep my tennis shoes (sneakers) instead of making me send them home or donate them. These two sisters and this brother called me in the office and gave them to me when I was leaving on 7/22/14. I truly think the case manager told them about my site and our conversation because they called me in the office before I got on the bus and gave me my shoes. It was just so different for me to see a prison where all the staff was African Americans or Latino.

On 7/22/14 I was flown from upstate New York to a Federal hold over in Oklahoma. Where as I saw all those African Americans working in Brooklyn, there were mostly Caucasians in Oklahoma. This place also housed me in their SHU and it also had a shower in their cell. They also put me right on the Ramadan list so I could get right back on my fast. This place was run very efficient. You didn’t have to ask for nothing! They made sure you got everything you had coming. The staff reminded me of people I know in my college days in Texas. They were very country, chewing tobacco with their accents. They were very respectful too! My wisdom tooth started hurting me so bad and once I told them the dentist was at my door the next day and prescribed me medicine for pain and pulled my teeth on 7/30/14. They flew me from here to Ontario, California Airport and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) correctional officers were waiting for me on 7/31/14.

They then drove me to California Institute for Men (CIM) in Chino, California where I am now housed. This is a reception center and I’m housed in the hole in Palm Hall. Remember the song by the Eagles called “Hotel California”, well it’s about (CIM). Remember the line “you can check in but you can never leave”J! This place was built in the 1940’s and it looks like it has not been cleaned since the 1960’s. They got roaches walking around like they own the place. They took me to the shower yesterday and its no way I’m going to get in that thing. Now, MCI Cedar Junction (Walpole) was built in the 1950’s but I give it to the c/o’s there. They did clean the showers. The food here is typical California food, terrible! They give us 1/3 of what they feed inmates in Massachusetts in the federal prisons. They don’t have clothes to fit me. No tooth paste, tooth powder, deodorant, envelopes! Nothing! They have nothing! I’m really scared to use the razor when I go to the shower. They might give you someone else’s razor to shave with. When I got here I had to stand in a cage that the top of my head touches and my shoulders almost touch from 12:00pm till 6:00pm. They walk people around naked like they are animals when they come here. I stood in that cage and watched the way they were treating all the prisoners when they got off the bus to be housed here to go to other places. Man, I’m back in California!

They gave me my lock up order and it mentions I’m coming back from court and due to my “indeterminate” SHU term as a result of your validation as a Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) St6-1* (see asterisk below for details) associate, I am deemed a threat to the safety and security of the institution. The thing that bothers me is it says my SHU term is “indeterminate”. That means indefinite! My minimum eligible release date (MERD) was March 2014. My 6 years was up! The out to court time do count towards my SHU but no telling what they will do with me. The thing is I don’t know a dam thing about the BGF! I really don’t so I don’t know how I can debrief or any of those other things to get out so I’ll end up living in the SHU indeterminate if that’s required to get out. I requested the administration of the polygraph test years ago even offered to pay for it and they denied me. I go to Committee here on Thursday 8/7/14. I’ll find out more then. I’m just going to expect the worst and go from there.

* St6-1 was the editor’s best attempt to interpret the writers intent on describing Black Guerrilla Family identification.

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