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"Valentine introduces himself to the world in his first official UWood2 blog posting."

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posted on | Thu, November 28th 2013

Valentine Underwood stated in a letter dated 10-10-13.

“Please, bear with me. I just found out what a blog is. I have to get use to writing as if I am speaking to a group of people. Its almost scary thinking alot of people could be reading what I have to say and I am not the scary type.

You have to remember, I’ve been locked up in a cell the size of most people walk in closet for over twenty years. So I might say things out of context or I might seem too direct. I think its from being a lifer. Since I’ve been in Massachusetts, I’ve been around people who have dates. Some of them are geting out of prison in one, two, and three years or so. I am usually around nothing but lifers and I notice alot of differences. Lifers are ussually more serious and they know the do’s and don’ts. yet, the short timers function on their emotions and most of them are not really working on [or?] anything. They are just counting the days. Its as if they don’t realize the value of freedom.

The last two years I’ve been in Massachusetts I have not been under the gun. In California level four yards which is the only yards I’ve been on. I have always been under the gun. On just about every wall you see in red writings “No Warning shots” and believe me its true. The gunner is over you inside and outside the housing unit.

I never though that affected me until I came here and have been without them. It really do affect you. Its a form of relief that you never thought you need it until you received it. The main stress causes here is the bars on the cell doors. You see, they only close the solid door when they are punishing you for certain things. I’ve always been behind solid doors except at Pelican Bay and I’ve never been behind bars until now. Its too damn noisey! I asked them if they can close my solid door and they said you have to do something to get it closed. What they see as a form of punishment is a relief. I had my solid door closed one time after the incident and it was the best sleep I’ve had since I’ve been here.

Well, that’s enough prison talk.

I’ve been keeping up with the government shutdown and the fact that on October 17 the U.S. May not be able to pay their bills. The Republicans has really got it out for Obama Care. Its like they don’t want to give it a chance to see if it works. The extreme right (tea party) has really handcuffed this country! The house speaker Boehner is trying to cater to to many fashions within the republican party. Its obvious that there is going to be a third party soon and then the democratic party will dominate. The thing is, Obama pulled the government option back years ago to applease the Republicans.

I never understood why he did that. The government option would have brought the cost down. I think its a good thing for everyone to have affordable health care and people need to know that Affordable health care & Obama Care is the same thing!

I just hope the tea party don’t hate Obama enough to sink the economy by not raising the debt ceiling. I have’nt forgot how the tea Party members used to be holding up pictures of Obama with a hitlers mustache. The thing is some people can’t except a black man as president! The tea Party has been bought and paid for by big business. Look at the people who’s donating millions into their Pacs. I can’t wait until Hillary becomes the next president. I think she’s going to really attack the deficit. Remember Clinton left office with a surplus that Bush burnt up in wars.

Well, let me move on to something else.

I like the Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Drake new CD’s. I’ve been catching some songs here and there on the radio. I enjoy good music and its alot of junk out their now. I really like the new song by Mac lemore. For him to come out with a song addressing that topic is something else. I also found out that Wale is from Washington D.C my home town.

Well let me end this by saying I riding with the Redskins as always! I got the Dogers winning the World Series!

I hope you all take the time to post your comments and let me know whats going on out their. God willing, I’ll hear from You soon.”

Website Administrator Note: As of 11-28-13 we will be updating the Valentine Underwood Website as soon as we receive his letters, there has been a significant backup in processing the information in the past but have now made the appropriate adjustments to compensate for that and get the information uploaded to the web a.s.a.p. Thank you for your patience.

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