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"Valentine Underwood being denied medical care MCI Cedar Junction Jail in S. Walpole, Massachusetts."

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posted on | Wed, September 4th 2013

In a recent letter dated 8-27-13 written by Valentine Underwood, who is currently housed in Massachusetts’ MCI Cedar Junction at Walpole Jail stated:

“I was hurt on 8-15-13, my birthday. I have not been able to get medical care. I was jumped on by 10-12 C.O’s (Correctional Officers). They dislocated my left shoulder. They re-injured my right elbow and they injured my left leg (Knee, Ankle & Foot). I’ve been locked in the cell since 8-17-13 without a shower or medical care since my injuries won’t let me be able to be handcuffed behind my back!!! They said if I can’t put on one pair of hand cuffs behind my back I can’t leave the cell! I’ve been denied medical care, showers, some meals and all out of the cell time since 8-17-13.

On 8-21-13 the Superintendent Saba & Associate Commissioner Grant came through and saw my injuries. I explained to them I have been denied access to medical care due to them demanding I wear one pair of handcuffs behind my back. I showed them my leg which is swollen twice the size of the other one. They still have not given me medical care. I had two lawyers come see me and couldn’t see them because I couldn’t put on one hand cuff behind my back.”

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