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posted on | Fri, May 30th 2014


In a letter dated 5-27-14 Valentine Underwood stated the following:

“On May 19,2014 I was found guilty of all charges. I want to first say I feel I had a good jury and I was blessed to have my brother Shawn and my Nephew Damon and my cousin Diane and my Mom there at the trial for the week. I want to show you all five exhibits and each will speak for themselves. Please, go and look at these documents because they will show you where the District Attorneys case stood on and how I can show you what transpired at the trial as far as the evidence went.

The first exhibit is a document that shows on May 26,2009 a search of the Combined DNA Index System CODIS was performed and the DNA profile sample from this case is linked to the DNA profile from the following person. In them identifies me Valentine Underwood. This is how they concluded that I was a suspect in this case. This is how they filed charges and went before the grand jury to get the indictment. This is how I was brought here on a IAD.

The next exhibit is The Record of evidence Custody. This is very important because it shows the evidence (DNA) taken from the victim on May 20,1988 and who had possession of it until January 8, 2009 when it was taken and submitted into the Massachusetts Crime Lab for DNA testing. You See, they suppose to be able to show that the evidence taken from the victim was secured and was the evidence submitted to the Crime Lab that yielded a DNA profile that was submitted into the CODIS connecting me to this crime.

Please, look at this document that says a Market rape kit and all the victims’ clothes was taken on the day of the crime (May 20,1988). I want to take you through each transaction so you can see how it operates and what occured in this case. The first transaction occured on 5-20-1988 when an Exeter Police Officer named Valiquet relinquished the evidence to Detective WM Lally stating it was placed in the evidence room. Then on 5-23-1988 Detective WM Lally who had recieved the evidence from Valiquet relinquished it to Det. Sargent D.A. Barnard to be taken to the lab. Then SGT Barnnard who recieved the evidence from Det. Lally on 5-23-1988 relinquished it to Susan Gaurbrant on the same day (5-23-1988) To be analized by Susan Gaurbrant who is an Analysis in Concord New Hamsphire. This shows the chain of evidence is complete to this point.

Analysis Susan Gaurbrant shows on the evidence chain of custody form that on 5-31-1988 she placed “exhibit 1-9a & 1-9b and 2 all placed in freezer until futher notice”. Now, 1-9a was identified as a Swab from the victims’ virginal (vagina) and 1-9b as a cervical Swab taken from the victim and 2 is the victims’ panties. These was placed in the freezer on 5-31-1988 by Susan Guarbrant. Now on 6-10-88 Susan Gruabrant gave the evidence to Detective Russell. She relinquished it to Det Russell who became the reciever of the evidence. It’s been that way through the whole chain of evidence form. It’s the way you know where the evidence been, preserving the integrity of it.

Please look what happens now! Detective Russell don’t say what he did with the evidence. The evidence just disappears. Where did it go? Who did he relinquish it too? It was on 6-10-1988 when he got it from Susan Gaurbrant in Concord New Hamsphire and Detective Russell is employed at the Hampton Police Dept in Hampton,New Hampshire. Now it says the purpose was “Return except 1-9a”. Who did he return it too? We are going to come back to this form for the last entry.

The next exhibit I am posting on the Website for you to see is The Evidence Examination Request. It shows on 7-30-1996 Detective Russell of Hampton relinquished the evidence to Susan Witthey. First I want to tell you through testimony Susan Gaubrant was married four times and her names was Gaurbrant, Wittney and now its Susan Faith. Now we can conclude that Detective Russell either had the evidence in his possession from 6-10-88 until he relinquished it to Susan wittney on 7-31-96. Look if it’s not that then we have to say on 6-10-88 Detective Russell had possession of it and did not state what he did with it on the chain of evidence form. Please stay with me!

Lets go back to the Record of evidence Custody form. It states on 1-8-09 Detective C Gilroy Relinquished the evidence from Hampton N.H. to Detective Bill Wallace of Andover Massachusetts for DNA resubmission to the Massachusetts Crime Lab. Notice the first document which was the CODIS document is addressed to Detective Bill Wallace. The question is “Who gave the evidence to Detective Gilroy?” It says on the record of evidence custody form that on 1-8-09 he gave it to Bill Wallace but it do not say where he got it from. The chain of evidence has been broken!!!! This shows it was broken just before DNA resubmission.

Now naturally I wanted to ask both Detective Russell and Detective Gilroy these question but guess what? The District Attorney removed them from her witness list and argued against me being able to call them! Her and the Judge got in a big argument in the court and I know he realize what had occurred with the Chain of custody of the evidence. He even admitted it when I brought it up. The District Attorney knew damn well her case relied on the chain of custody of the evidence and as you all can see it is a mess. Now the whole time I am asking myself how in the Hell did they have my DNA in Massachusetts and the first time I have ever been to Massachusetts was 2011 when they brought me here for this matter. I knew it had to be some way they got to my DNA and I do not know all the answers but I can tell you they can not show that the evidence taken from the victim on May 20,1988 is the evidence submitted to the Massachusetts Crime Lab on 1-8-09 and Analyzed by Sherri Anderson and her results submitted into CODIS on May 26,2009 linking to me “.

The next exhibit is a Motion I submitted to the Court labeled “Defendants Motion to Suppress all DNA evidence and a Motion to dismiss all charges “. The court denied this Motion stating it was untimely and that its not cause to suppress. Look here not only was the Chain broke but Analysis Susan Faith who was Susan Guabrant an Wittney testified that the last time she saw the evidence it was in the freezer. She stated that she do not know how it got to Hampton. She is the one who looked at me and made sure I understood what she was saying and the importance of it. I regret not crossing her on the stand but it was suggested I don’t by the Attorney Collins who was the standby Attorney. I regret it but she did testify to that fact. Mr Collins also stated Susan Faith testified that she was not sure if she had signed her name.

Look here, I received to messages from people in the Courtroom who saw the trial. One was a Lawyer that I will let remain nameless and one was a women with some knowledge of the Law, who sent me some case Law reflecting errors which was made by the Court. They both stated I did a very good job representing myself and offered me assistance in the future. I am so glad my family saw what happened because they are Law biding people who’s eyes was opened to the real Just Them System!!!

During the Trial in which I was made to wear Leg shackles as well as have over eight Deputies in the Court at all time including at least five Court officers. A Jury member held out and once they was giving an instruction I objected too they came back with a Guilty verdict. May God bear witness to the truth!!! Take care God Bless!!!!!!

May 27,2014 The next exhibit I want you all to view is a Motion in Limine (Mugshots). The Court allowed the Asst. District Attorney to show the Jury a sanitized front view and side view of a booking photo (mugshot) taken in 1988
of mine a matter that was dismissed. The Court ruled the probative value out weighed the prejudicial value. The victim in all her interviews in 1988 stated the Assailant had a “Pointy nose”. The thing is the mugshot do not show I had a pointy nose! There was no probative value, it was only prejudicial value. I mentioned to the court that the nose is a part of the body that do not change. I was even willing to let a doctor examine me to show I have not had any type of cosmetic work performed on my nose. This was denied and the Court gave the Jury instructions trying to convince them that it was not a booking photo. It is obvious the side view photo was a booking photo.

The Court also let the D.A. keep two detectives in the Courtroom who was also going to testify during the Courtroom testimony. The Asst District Attorney said she needs their help due to the amount of discovery. Here I am acting Pro Se and she needs help. I had already submitted a Motion of Limine asking the Court not to do this exact thing which was denied. The D.A. witness list consisted of seventeen witnesses and nine of them was Detectives. So naturally she wanted the help in orchestrating their testimony. Don’t forget Detectives Russell and Gilroy was taken of the list on the last day of testimony.

The Victim testified and her testimony change from the interviews in 1988. She now states the Assailant was 6’7″ instead of 6’4″ and now he was huge compared to slim. He also carried her while her feet walked on air instead of dragging her. There was other differences but I did not cross examine her. I felt it would not be good and I did not attack her then and I was not going to attack her now! She is a victim and its obvious that the D.A, prepared her testimony towards the person in the Courtroom (Me). The D.A. played on the emotions of the Jury and there is a lot of innocent people in prison because of them doing just that when the evidence do not stand on its own.

I had a P.I. find the Boss I had in 1988. I use to work as a Engineer Consultant for Atech. I had access to a Company truck back then which was different then the one the Victim identified in 1988. My old Boss did not remember me which was good. I wanted him to testify that Atech had no work in Massachusetts or New Hamphire. He already told the P.I. that! I wanted to also get him to explain how I was on a schedule at all times and that the mileage is recorded. I tried to get him to Massachusetts and my family was even going to pay for his travel but the Court would not order him by subpeona from Balimore, Maryland.

Their was a lot of other suspects in 1988 including one that was a Police and went on to be convicted of two Rapes and Murders. His name is David Middleton. There was an interview conducted that his family stated that he was in the area which was two miles from where the Victim was Kidnapped during the time of the Kidnapping. I tried to get the FBI Investigator who interviewed him which the P.I. found in Virginia. But the Court stated that it could not order him in time to keep the Trial going. The P.I’s Mother had just died and that affected a lot to. David Middleton’s father lived two miles from where the Victim was Kidnapped and they stated he was there due to his Mothers death. There was also other witnesses that had a Red truck and fit the description of the photo (Composite) the Victim prepared in 1988. By the way there was two composites the Victim prepared with the help of the Detectives. I am sure you all seen one of them but there is now another one that I was told by the prior Attorney that it was not part of discovery due to it not having the numbers on it that all other discovery had. I argued this in the Court also but was denied. Now these composites do not look like each other but they will naturally resemble any light skinned African American. I am going to get both of them and post them.

During this Trial there was no evidence of me being in Massachusetts period other than the DNA evidence which suppose to have been in the freezer for over twenty years and went through a chain that’s obviously broken beyond repair! They had evidence of me being in Binghamton, New York two weeks after the crime here in Massachusetts. That’s over three hundred miles away.

The Assistand District Attorney Kate Mac Dougall who prosecuted this case works the Sex Crime Victims Unit. I can’t imagine some of the thing she has seen and it only natural for that to affect anyone. But, she decided to cover
up the fact that the thing her case stood on is flawed. She removed the those two Detectives knowing they was the cause of the DNA evidence now being questioned. She can not stand on whats right and mix it with wrong and still claim to be standing on the right! It all became wrong now!! Judge Whitehead who I think is a very likeable man let it happen! I trully prayed for both of them. I will also pray for the others who assisted them indirectly against me.

I truly do not have any hate for them or anyone else. I can not take that to my Lord in prayer.

I think something bigger has happened in this case and someone needs to investigate what really happened. How did my DNA get in Massachusetts when I have never been in the State until 2011? They stated 1 in 74.02 Quadrillion that the source of the male DNA identified on the sperm fraction of the Swab submitted for testing was from me. Something is Wrong!!! Every day I beg Allah (GOD) for understanding and to make my life beneficial to the purpose he see fit. I strive to be confronted with the test that Allah has stated we all will be confronted with as those before us was. I strive to have the patience of Yaqub (Job). I refuse to be the animal that these people has made me out to be! My Love for Country, Family and most important Allah (God) will not make me become anything other than his servant.

I only pray that you all find the strength that I have found in my Lord!

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