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"Valentine Underwood is finally allowed medical attention after a number of weeks."

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posted on | Wed, October 16th 2013

Well, I finally got to see the Doctor on 9-11-13. About seven C.O’s (Correctional Officers) came in helmets and vest and shields to take me to see a doctor. She so call examined me with them standing all around me. They also moved me to another cell #58.

I received a copy of my medical file. They charged me $40 for 50 pages of medical records. I have no choice but to file the excessive force allegations and the denying access to medical care to the federal courts for redress.

I am not one who goes around looking for things to sue people for. They not only used excessive force on me. They turned off all the water in my cell when I was covered with pepper spray. Then on top of that they played with my food! Then refused me medical care from 8-17-13 through 9-11-13.

Hell, I can even understand these things if I done something to them! But, damn they whipped on me!!

I argued my motion to dismiss the charges here in Massachusetts on 9-17-13. The court has yet to rule on it. The motion is one of the exhibits on the site. Go check it out. I’ll let you all know what the court’s ruling is. If he deny it I’ll be able to appeal his ruling to one judge who rules rather the three panel judges get to review it or he might rule it’s a post trial appeal to be taken up then.

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