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"Valentine Underwood updates us on his Motion to Dismiss, Misconduct of ECCF Correctional Officers & wanting to communicate with visitors to his website."

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posted on | Sat, January 4th 2014

Valentine Underwood stated in a letter dated 11/4/13.

“Today is November 4, 2013. I an still waiting for the judge to rule on the Motion to dismiss I argued on 9/17/13. After arguing it I reminded the cour that the Asst District Attorney had not responded to my prior Motion for discovery of the orgin of the discovery response 1, item #16 information from Pelican Bay State Prison and notice of how the District Attorney came into possession of it filed on 1/29/13. Yuo can check this Motion out in my exhibits on this Site.

Basically I need to know where this document came from since it has been prented verbatim in the News Papers and was used during thr Hearing on the Motion to show cause regarding the Atypical Security treatment of me during Court. The Asst Director of Security of ECCF testified using this document during that hearing. Not only that but this document is in my file here in Massachusetts and continue to affect me.

Example I am being moved every thirty day from one cell to another. Now that may not seen like a big thing to you all but, just think of claening a cell from top to bottom and then being moved to a filthy cell that some times has feces and know telling what else all in them. Cleaness is very important to me and I have seen people catch all kinds of things in these places. I have been blessed and the chance of me catching somekind of decease increase with all this moving.

This document states “Central file reflects one escape attempt from County Jail, however specific circumstances are not noted”. I was also paraded around that county for over two years like some kind of animal. All this has done is harm my right to have an impartial Jury.

Now the Asst District Attorney claims this document is not the reason for my security measures but my conduct is. The judge seem to be leting her get out of responding to this Motion. I am going to file a motion to compel a response to it for the record. Check out exhibits 6 through 11 to see what I am talking about.

They said this came from Pelican Bay State Prison and Pelican Bay said they have never seen it befor and it is not a part of my Califonia Department of Corrections file period! This thing is full of lies and they act like I am not entitled to know where its from.

On friday this Lawyer came to see me that I never seen befor. She said she is representing someone who is being chrged with asaulting a Correctional officer at ECCF. She stated she has been searching everywhere for me since he said I was a witness to what really happened. Now, after asking her some questions I remembered the incident. The thing is I was at my cell door while at ECCF and I whatched the C/O’s acting strange. After beiing down as long as I have you can tell when somethings happening. I
don’t know how to explain it but I knew this C/O was up to something from his actions.

Then he put on his gloves and he go’s over and handcuff this youngster. He then started walking him to a cell on the top teir all the time talking to him. Then he took him to this cell and I have a perfect veiw of him taking the cuffs off and once the Kid put his blanket on the bed and turned around the C/O hit him with about six punches to the head. Then the other C/O’s that was down their including this Sgt ran up their and they all stated whiping on this kid. After all this happened I found out they gave him his Miranda Rights and he was due to be released the next day.

So, I told this C/O that I saw the whole thing and I know you are not going to try to file charges on him? He siad Naw, I am not going file any charges. He then stated that he wanted to see how tough he was since he wanted to talk junk at him. I told the Kid, if they file charges on you heres my name. Well, they filed on him and he’s going to court and want me to testify for him. I really do’nt have a choice because, he did nothing but get his ass whiped. He did not even fight back! At first I was mad at that fact! You see, I’ve seen alot of people get beat up by the C/O’s and some of them had it coming but alot of them did’nt. I am not and have not ever snitched on anyone ! But, they beat his ass and then try to give him two or three years for nothing! I have no choice.

I have seen C/O’s over the years who ran the drugs, phones and know telling what else. I have seen C/O’s get alot of people stabed over the years. But, I have not and will not speak on what a C/0 on inmate do ! But this is not snitching ! So, I will be going to Court to testify to what I saw. I was found guilty of my disciplinary report of the incident that on my Birthday. They hung me too ! They took the phone from me for 90 days and they took my radio for 60 days and they took my yard for 30 days and then credit me thirty days and gave it back!

The thing is the hearing was a Joke. Now I always plead guilty to something I did. It was no difference here. I told her I did refuse a direct order when I would not cuff up and I also interupted the operation of the Facility. But, I did not use offensive language or threaten any one.

They also told me the hearing was set for 9/25/13 but came to get me for in on 9/23/13 and I was trying to have one of the students from Harvard Law school represent me which common here in Massachusetts and allowed for disciplinary hearings. So, they did not want that to happen and they did not allow me to see the video of the incident which I requested and was entitled too.

They violate all my Due process rights. But, I expected it anyway. I just requested the Superintendent who upheld the sanctions take the thirty days they credited me on the yard and credit it to my phone privileges since I found out they are not allowed to take the yard from us period. I also pointed out that one of the sanctions for the offences they found me guilt of is Disciplinary Detention whch is the exact conditions they have me perminantly housed under since I have been housed at this Facility They did not take my visits since they know I do not know anyone in Massachusetts and do not get visits.

My only visits is from my family when they come in town. I am looking for them to come this month to see me. I do not think they can take the out of State visits but, know telling with this place. I am going to miss speaking to my Mom on the phone. I really should have went about it another way but If you don’t stand up for something you will except anything. I just wanted to speak to someone about being moved as a punitive act when I did not have it coming.

I have been trying to get intouch with a friend of mines and my wife who live in California and is in touch with my wife. I do not feel comfortable calling her my wife since we have been seperated since 2008. But, this friend name is Alana and the last time I spoke to her she said she spoke to my wife (Dee) who said she still have my trial transcripts. I am trying to get them so I can start having someone post them so you all can read them for youself to see each issue I pointed out and more
to show my innocence.

I have been having problems geting in touch with her and hopefully she will write me back. The thing is I have been having problems with my mail here and I hope she has not written me and they are holding my letters. I really don’t put anything past these people and I am not the paranoid type. They’ve done it befor and they will probably do it again. I really need those transcripts !!

I am back to being able to workout real hard again, Being hurt and being in this place is the worst. Exercising is so important to keeping my mental and physical self grounded. I been miserable due to being injuried and unable to workout. I have been reading alot of the Quran and anything else the Imam here brings me. I can believe my knee is doing okay without any surgery. I have never hurt my knee befor the way they hurt it and I just knew I needed surgery. It buckles once in a while but I think it’s geting better.

I am in the process of trying to find someone I can get to take over my Web Site for me. The brother who built it for me has been posting everything for me. I’ve been blessed to have him and manytimes I did’nt act like it. I finally got to see a copy he sent me and I did not know how difficult and the quality of the site he built me. I do not have access to an enternet. My Nephew might do it for me since he owns every thing needed and have some knowledge when it comes to the enternet. I do not want to take advantage of the brother (….) kindness who built it for me since I can not pay him what his services are worth to keep posting
everything for me.


I do not get much mail and if anyone want to write me please feel free to. I promise you I will write you back. All I ask is to keep it
real because thats the only way I’ll keep it. Next time I’ll tell you more.


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