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"Valentine Underwood Updates Regarding His Case, Prison Incidents & His Opinion on Donald Sterling’s Racial Comments."

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posted on | Fri, May 30th 2014

In a letter dated 5-2-14 Valentine Underwood stated the following:

“April 25,2014 First I want to say hello to everyone who takes the time to view my site. I understand you all might not agree with me or even like me for that fact and I can respect that too. I sent some other materials to be posted on the petition asking the Supreme Judicial Court to review the Superior Judge ruling denying my Motion to dismiss. I just finished the other one asking them to review the Judge order denying me my Motion to Compel. I am preparing for Trial on May 12,2014. I hope you all can come and see the trial. I am defending myself because I think its important that the Jury hear me and not just hear the terrible things that happened to the victim and take it for granted the I am the person who did it. I am very scared not because of the time they can give me but for the fact that they have the wrong person and they have placed me in a situation that it will be very hard to defend myself. The only thing they claim to have is a DNA match. There is no other than me having possession of a red truck in the year of 1988 and the victim stated that the person had a red truck. Now I am trying to get the people that I worked for at that time to show that I was never in the state of Massachusetts.

The police spoke to the company (ATEC) I use to work for and they stated I worked for them but they don’t remember me. Its so hard for me to get evidence that helps me since this is 1988 we are taking about. You see, if I did this and I was living in Massachusetts since 1988 they would not be able to charge me with this crime due to the statue of limitation being fifteen years for this crime. You see, the Courts realize after that many years one is placed in a bad position to defend oneself. Yet, it don’t apply to me because I have not been living in Massachusetts.

I don’t know if the trial is going to be in Salem or Lawrence Superior Court. I am suppose to argue the change of venue on the 8th but I am sure they are going to deny it even though I’ve supplied evidence that the media in Essex County has sensational and prejudicial. I still have to argue it and establish the record for purposes of appeal. I don’t know why they would not just send it to another County to assure a fair trial.

On April 23,2014 they came and searched my cell and they took and x-rayed all my property. I was in the recreation cage when this search occurred. They came prior to escorting me back to my cell and informed me that I am now placed on Extra Restraint Status ERS and now I am being escorted every where with the C/O’s in helmet, vest with the cuffs and shackles on. They did not give me a reason for this because they did not find anything in my cell. When I got escorted back to my cell and went to clean my cell and discovered they had taken all my Legal and Religious materials and “mixed them up together” and placed them in different envelopes. Some of my religious and Legal papers was torn and some missing. My stuff I was preparing for trial and everything else is all messed up. I am talking about thousands of papers and I had no choice but to throw away most of my religious materials due to them not having been numbered. I find out the sergeant and the C/O who searched my cell and I’ve never had a problem with anyone of them. Well I asked the Sergeant why he did my property like that, and he replied “You know me better than that“. I then asked the C/O Bergeron why he did my property like that and he stated “don’t take it personal, I was only following orders“.

They saw the copy of my complaint that the Federal District Court sent me identifying twenty one (21) DOC employees of violating several of my Constitutional Rights since I’ve been housed here in ten block. I addressed the excessive force incidents as well as the other violations from denying me religious services, publications via U.S mail and other violations. Now I am not allowed to have recreation without restraints due to being on this status. They are doing nothing but retaliating against me. One of the C/O’s said someone told them I said I was going to do something to some C/O’s and that I had a weapon. The thing is they really can not understand why I have not tried to do something to them after all the things they have done to me. They do not realize I am Muslim in acts and deeds and I refuse to let them take me off my Deen (Religion). Now, I have been tested and I’ve caught myself using language that I do not use. I really have to make a conscious effort to stay more God conscious. I am being tested from so many areas.

I heard about the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling on Affirmative Action in Michigan. They upheld allowing them to not take race into consideration when looking at admissions. We are now going to see a lot of States get on board with this ruling. The thing is Michigan can take into consideration thing like if your family members was graduates from their university or what organizations you was a part of and other things but not race. Now I heard Texas has a Law allowing the top ten percent in all high schools to be admitted and since their high schools are very racially divided their colleges is too. I can understand that working in Texas because when I went to college in Texas a lot of their towns has the Blacks living across the tracks and the whites living on the other side of the tracks. It is racially divided but also it was economically divided too since the Blacks side of the tracks many times had unpaved streets and other obvious disadvantages. Hey it was like that in Clarendon, Childress and several other places I been to.

May 2,2014 I’ve been hearing a lot about the Clippers owner and the comments he made. I told you all about the racial comments I’ve heard in this place and this suppose to be the most liberal State in the United States. I have mixed feelings about his situation. Their is a thing called the First Amendment and he said what he said in his home, Now, its obvious that he is a bigot but at least he was a known bigot who employed a lot of African Americans and other minorities. I do understand the sponsors withdrawing their support for the Clippers as well as other people expressing themselves within the law. But to take his team is a strong thing to do for what he said. People say racist things and do not always react on the things they say. If he lost his team due to the people withdrawing their money and support of the team and other things that people and companies did then I am all for that but to take his team. I am not sure if that was the right thing to do?

The fact is racism is very much alive in this Country and its going to be alive as long as people are different. Allah said he made us different so we can recognize each other. But with our free will and our pride we form biases and prejudices Look at my situation, if you do not think race has anything to do with my case then go and read those news articles. They have portrayed me as being a Black devil who’s racist and everything else. Yet it was their racist beliefs that formed
those false beliefs. Well. I have no more radio. The police had broke my radio ,during their search my property on the 23rd of April. Well I brought it to his attention and I really thought he was going to replace it since he made it clear that he did not try to break it. Well I was on an attorneys visit and one of the inmates who’s good at repairing radios was going to fix my ear buds. Well why I am on the visit he passed them to another inmate and the Sergeant came and took them. Not only did I lose them but these people gave me a disciplinary report for letting someone else have possession of my radio. I explained to the Sergeant how they was broke by the C/O and all that but they do not care about that. It’s all good because whenever you let someone have your stuff there’s a chance for that to happen. The guy they took them from offered to pay me for them but that would be wrong so I told him not worry about it. I use to find some kind of serenity to block out the noise and listen to the News, Sport and music. It takes at least two Months to get some new ones and I do not plan on being here that long.

My Mom and my nephew (Damon) and hopefully a few other people will be coming to my Trial. Damon is very sharp and intelligent. Every time I get one of his letters they pick me up. My brother should be so – proud of him, I know I am! You all take care of yourselves out there. I hope and pray I have some good news for you the next time I write. Gods will shall be done !!!”

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