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posted on | Fri, November 11th 2016

September 10, 2016
I received instructions from the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts instructing the District Judge in my civil matter to explain his ruling denying certain issues in my civil case against the Correctional officers there. The First Circuit also denied the defendants (correctional officers) appeal of the District Judges ruling allowing the excessive force claim to move forward on the ground they have appealed it on. So, this is good information for me because the judge did not base his denial on any law or give any form of reason for his denial. It’s as if he did not review my argument prior to denying certain claims. I presented evidence that’s

undisputed showing not only did they subject me to unconstitutional conditions violating my Eighth and First Amendment rights but there reasons was fund to be lies through the evidence some in the form of emails as well as there own policies and procedures. All I want is for my evidence to be examined and I am sure all of my issues will be allowed to be presented before a jury in a civil trial.
As far as the criminal matter is concerned my attorney feels we should not request a new trial based on the fact that the chain of evidence issues (breaks) goes to the weight of the evidence and not the admissibility of the evidence. That’s true and I have read the case law on the fact yet the complete case against me was based on the DNA evidence period! I had never been in the state of Massachusetts prior to be extradited there and no evidence disputed that fact other than an alleged DNA match that came from evidence that was unaccounted for several years as well as the detectives who did not reflect where they had the evidence on the evidence forms not only was removed from the states witness list and never testified but never was cross examined by myself on the manner in which the evidence was handled or kept. So, to not present this in a motion for a new trial so it can go before the appeals court will be a big mistake.
I was not successful in my law suit against the gang validation which resulted in the SHU term. The court ruled I did not show certain defendants was aware of the law suit I settled pertaining to the excessive force claim that occurred in 2006 at Kern Valley State prison. You see they used 3 source items to validate me. The court ruled that 2 of these items were invalid yet they accepted one as being a valid item. Even though they needed three to validate me they only need one in the courts eye to show there intent was justified. Now, my claim was not only the sources items but they did it for retaliatory purposes in violation of the First amendment. The court ruled I did not show a connection with certain defendants knowledge of my law suit which I claimed was the reason for the validation. I could have appealed it or applied to appeal it to the United States Supreme court yet I never did this process and decided not to. I suppose I will have to find relief in the fact that the class action law suit was successful that got us out of the SHU and changed the policy.
I’m presently reading a book I ordered called the Risala which is on the principles of Islamic jurisprudence from the perspective of Imam Al-Shafiis school of thought. I am also from the perspective of Imam Al-Shafiis school of thought. I’m also reading the 5 school of Islamic law and it covers the 5 Sunni schools as well as the Shi’a school of Al-Jafari. These are all very good books and I am taking my time with them to get a clear understanding.
Well that is enough for now. I might add on to this tomorrow but I’m looking forward to seeing some NFL on opening day tomorrow. I don’t know what to expect from the Redskins this year but we did get rid of RG3 which I think is a good thing. Now Kirk Cousins need to step up and show he can lead a team. Take care and may Allah reward the believers. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

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